Los Angeles is still the title city.

It is rare for a sports city or mega-city to win one of the titles and win the next major sports championship – not to mention the fact that three teams from the same city have taken them out of the league.

With the victory of the Los Angeles Lakers at the Miami Heat in the NBA finals and the victory of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series on Tuesday night in Arlington, Texas, Los Angeles in 2020, the team joins the elite list.

Let’s go back to the rare cases where this happened during the Super Bowl era, which began in 1966.

2018-19 Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots

In October 2018, the Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series to win their fourth title in 15 seasons. Boston won 108 regular season games against a club record and 11-3 in the off-season, including a 4-1 win in the World Series. In the Red Sox series, he defeated the Dodgers 28-16 and Steve Pierce, who hit three homeruns, was named MVP. David Price was the winning pitcher on 2. and 5. Playing in Boston.

The Patriots followed the Red Sox Championship and won another title by beating the Los Angeles Rams on the third hole. February 2019 at the LIII Super Bowl in Atlanta with 13:3. Julian Edelman was named MVP with 10 catches at 141 meters when New England won the sixth Super Bowl with a record number of catches. Sonia Michel’s 2-yard run in the fourth quarter was the only touchdown for the lowest Super Bowl result ever. Tom Brady threw 262 yards and was the first player to win six Super Bowls.

Pittsburgh Steelworks 2008 and Pittsburgh Penguins 2009

Fault! The file name is not specified. Steelersreceiver Santonio Holmes scored a winning touchdown with 35 seconds to go in the Super Bowl XLIII. Matt Cashor/USA Today Sport

Ben Retlisberger’s 6-yard touchdown against Santonio Holmes in 35 seconds beat Stillers at the XLIII Super Bowl in Arizona at 1. February 2009 in Tampa, Florida at 27:23. Holmes, who shot 131 yards out of nine catches, was named MVP because Pittsburgh won his sixth Super Bowl and the second win in four seasons. The Steelers were also the first team to win three Super Bowls in one state. Before that they won the Super Cups X and XIII in Miami.

On the 12th. In June 2009, the Penguins continued the success of Pittsburgh and won 7th place in the Stanley Cup finals. Play the Detroit Red Wings. After this victory Pittsburgh was the only city to win the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup in a row. Eugene Malkin was named MVP with two goals and six assists during the series as the Penguins forced revenge for losing the Red Wings in last season’s Stanley Cup final.

2004 Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots

Fault! The file name is not specified. Manny Ramirez and Boston defeated the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series and gave the Red Sox their first title since 1918. Ron Fun/MLB photos on Getty Images

In 2004, after 86 years of despair, the Red Sox organized the first world championship for the St. Louis Cardinals since 1918. Boston had to overcome a 3-0 deficit in the American Championship against the New York Yankees to advance to the World Series. But one day the Red Sox left no doubt and defeated the Cardinals 24-12 in four games. Manny Ramirez was named MVP after four seven-shot games, including a home run.

The Patriots supported the Boston party by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in the XXXIX World Cup. Super Bowl on the sixth. February 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida. With 11 receptions over 133 yards, Deion won the MVP of Honour title in his third Patriots Super Bowl victory in four years. Rodney Harrison made two interceptions, one with nine seconds to go, hoping the Eagles would come back at the last second.

2002 Los Angeles Lakers and Anaheim Angels*

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kobe Bryant and Shakeel O’Neill led the Lakers to the NBA title for the third time in a row in 2002. Andrew D. Bernstein / NBA / Getty Images.

The Lakers won their third consecutive NBA finals in 2002 and gave head coach Phil Jackson his ninth ring, with network distribution. For Kobe Bryant and Shakeel O’Neill, who averaged 36 points and 12 rebounds in the final and were named MVP, the Lakers took 14th place. NBA Franchise Award.

Four months after the Lakers finished their next title game, the Angels participated in the very first World Franchise Series. The 2002 series was the first game between two teams using jokers. The Angels were in the 6th century after the fall of the Giants. They played eight times, but after being in the lead five times in the break, they managed to win and force a decisive seventh match. The three-year doubles by Garrett Anderson to the right gave the Angels, who won 4-1, their first world championship title.

* The Stanley Cup final ended the day after the 2002 NBA final. The titles of the Lakers and Angels may not be technically consistent, but we decided that they were close enough to each other to be worth mentioning.

1989 Auckland and San Francisco Athletics 49ers

Fault! The file name is not specified. Joe Montana lost five touchdowns and was named MVP by Super Bowl XXIV. Rich shelling and message portals by Getty Images.

Athletics has conquered the Giants of the World Series, but this will be one of the most memorable classic autumn games in history. For the game on the third. On October 17 in San Francisco, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 on the Richter scale shook the bay, damaged the candle park and cut off the power supply. The race was postponed and finally on the 27th. October. The series ended the next day when A defeated the Giants 32-14 in four games.

San Francisco also celebrated the 1989 sports championship season. 49 players took part in two Super Bowls in a row and the fourth in the history of the franchise. Round 55-10 of the Denver Broncos took place on the 28th. January 1990 ended. 55 points were the highest points in the history of the Super Bowl and 45 points were the highest points in the history of the Super Bowl. Joe Montana was named MVP Super Bowl for the third time after 22 of 29 passes over 297 yards and the Super Bowl record of five touchdowns. The 49 players were also the first team to win the Super Bowls in a row under several head coaches, while George Seifert took the place of Bill Walsh, who was eliminated after last season’s championship.

1988 Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kirk Gibson, who could hardly walk because of injuries in the NLCS, took a picture and returned home from the first match of the 1988 World Cup. AP Photo / Rusty Kennedy

The Lakers finished the 1987-88 season in 11th place. NBA, defeated the Detroit Pistons in seven finals and became the first NBA champion since the Boston Celtics in 1968-69. This was the final title for the Showtime Lakers team, which included Magic Johnson, James Worty and Karim Abdul-Jabbar, as well as head coach Pat Riley, who gloriously guaranteed a repeat performance.

The most memorable moment after the victory of the Dodgers on the A-team in the World Series came surprisingly in the first race. MVP Kirk Gibson, who could barely walk because of injuries he sustained during NLCS, got into trouble and walked home from the future Hall of Fame, closer to Dennis Eckersley. Just four months after the recovery, the Lakers Dodgers won the series in five games thanks to Eagle Herschier, who had an effortless 59-set regular season run. In the decisive five. The game was used by Herschizer in the 2nd and full game as a barrier to win the MVP honorary titles.

1986 New York Mets and New York Giants

Fault! The file name is not specified. Giant quarterback Phil Simms () fell at Super Bowl XXI against the Broncos with 268 yards and three touchdowns. Gene Ellis/Getty pictures

In 1986, the Mets entered the poster season, with 108 victories in the regular season and conquering the eastern part of the NL in 21½’s games against Philadelphia Phyllis. They defeated the NLCS in six races against Houston Astros, but it looks like the Mets World Series 6 race against Boston ended disappointingly. Boston led the series 3-2 and finished second in the top-10 in Game 6. Les Mets, before the finals… Then the unbelievable happened. The Mets scored three times in a row, reducing the gap with the corners to 5-4. The wild field drew and put the winning run on second base. Mookie Wilson then sat down on the waltz to let Bill Buckner go under the gloves first so Ray Knight could go home with a winning race. The Mets won the 7th on their own soil and took Boston’s first world championship title since 1918.

The 86 Giants remained in the same state of mind in New York and dominated the competition on their way to the Super Bowl. The Giants entered the regular season with a 14-2 draw and then 49 Pitmen and Redskins came together in the NFC 66-3 playoffs. In the 21st century. The Super Bowl led Phil Simms to a 39:20 victory over the Broncos with a 22:25 final at 268 meters and three touchdowns. But the conspiracy for the Giants was their defense, which ended with the NFL No. 2, with shots and yards allowed. Linebacker Lawrence Taylor, one of eight Giants Pro Bowlers this season, was a unanimous favorite in the MVP league after 20.5 sacks, and Bill Parcells was named NFL Coach of the Year.

1979 Pirates of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Steel Mills

Fault! The file name is not specified. 1979 World Seriesstar Willie Stargell scored four goals in Game 7, including two gays in Game 6 that put Pittsburgh on track for good. Pillage and purchase of rich imagery

Throughout the 1979 season, the pirate song was aptly called We – Family. They had to unite to conquer the World Series. After the victory over Cincinnati Red in the NLCS, the Pirates were on hole 3-1 against the Baltimore Orioles in the fall classics. But the Pirates, led by senior vice president of the Netherlands Willie Stargell, won the 5th round. He played at home, then went to Baltimore and won two finals. Stargell was 39 years old and was named MVP of the World Series to the .400. In the 7th. The game ended 4-5 with two doubles and two gays in the sixth set, which put Pittsburgh on the map forever.

The dominance of steel producers in the 1970s continued into the 79th century. Winning the Los Angeles Rams on the 20th. In January 1980 (31-19) they won the second Super Bowl in a row and the fourth title in the history of the franchise system. That experience probably helped the Stalkers to win the Pink Bowl, which was part of the home market of the Rams in Pasadena, California. Ramsey led by 19-17 points in the fourth quarter, but Stillers, led by Terry Bradshaw, scored 14 points in the fourth quarter to secure the victory. Bradshaw was named after the MVP Super Bowl, which plays 14 of 21 passes for 309 yards and two touchdowns, overcoming three steals.

1970: Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore foals

Fault! The file name is not specified. Brooks Robinson and Mike Quellar, MVP, celebrate the victory of the Orioles on the Reds in the 1970 World Series Focus on Sports/Getty Footage.

The Orioles defeated the Reds in five games to win the 1970 World Cup. Both teams have won more than 100 games in the regular championship, which will not be repeated until 2017. MVP Brooks Robinson put on a show after scoring six sets of nine goals, including two at home, to put Baltimore ahead of Johnny Bench and the Big Red Machine. The World Series 1970 was the second of three series for the Orioles, but the only one they won.

The Colts went seven rounds in 16-13 victories over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V on the 17th. January 1971 in Miami. The game is called Blunder Bowl, because of the many turns and penalty kicks. Teams set the Super Bowl record for 11 laps. Cowboy linebacker Chuck Hawley, who made two interceptions, was named MVP, the only time a member of the losing team won the prize. It wasn’t pretty, but the Colts had a great time in Baltimore.

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