Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Who spends the next four years in the Oval Office? (Photo: Getty)

The first round of polls ended when U.S. voters chose between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Both candidates stated that the other was totally incapable of tackling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and ensuring economic and racial justice throughout the country.

The polls are in Biden’s favour, but can Trump defy the odds again and keep its place in the Oval Office for another term?

These are the results when launched at national level.

These graphs are continuously updated as soon as the results are available.

U.S. Election results – Advantage over auction

U.S.A. Election results – by state

The night began with predictable victories for all candidates – Donald Trump in Kentucky and Joe Biden in Vermont.

Biden took the initiative – but since the polls are still open in most states, it’s still someone’s game.

It is still too early to say that Georgia is a changing state with a very early closing time.

The results for all 50 states will be available in the next few hours, and either Biden or Trump will be declared the winner once they have received 270 votes in the election.

Millions of voters put aside their concerns about Covid-19 – and some long queues – to personally join the 102 million Americans who had voted days or weeks earlier – a record 73 percent of the 2016 presidential election.

American presidential candidate Joe Biden...

Democrat Joe Biden took the lead (Photo: AP).

During his lunchtime visit to his campaign headquarters, Trump told reporters “it’s easy to win. Losing is never easy, not for me, no.

The President left open the possibility of addressing the people on Tuesday evening, even if the winner is not known.

Biden had planned an evening speech from his home town of Delaware, but a few hours earlier, he said, he was expected: If there’s anything to say tonight, I’ll say it. Otherwise, I’ll wait until the votes are counted the next day.

He moved on: I’m superstitious about predicting the outcome until it happens. …but I hope…

It’s so insecure… You can’t think of the recent elections where so many states were ready to be captured.

MORE… Donald Trump is holding South Carolina in an election campaign in the United States.

MORE… Joe Biden wins the race for the U.S. presidential election in Virginia.

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