Charlotte, N.C.. DJ Moore couldn’t help himself.

The Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver knew it was all about hitting targets and scoring points, but he didn’t know if he would ever get another chance to hit a golf ball at Bank of America Stadium.

So he tore it up.

Some cracks.

I got him on the other side of the stadium wall, Moore said with a laugh after participating in Stadium 2021’s Topgolf Live Tour in late March. I couldn’t get him to the other side of the bleachers.

That includes Brandt Bronico, a member of the Charlotte MLS soccer team that will play at the stadium starting in 2022.

I really tried, he said. I was able to get to the back, the lower level. Maybe if I had a 6-iron or 7-iron, I could do it. ….

Panthers backup quarterback Will Grier admitted he didn’t try it because he thought of the consequences, such as a pass that could be intercepted.

I didn’t want to go to Mr. David] Taper and tell him I had broken his scoreboard, he said, referring to the Panthers’ owner.

Will Grier is an avid golfer who has had the opportunity to play the club in interesting places. Taylor Banner/Tepper Sports and Entertainment

Tiger Woods in his youth probably couldn’t have done that. A maximum of one 8-iron was allowed and the balls were designed to make it virtually impossible to travel more than 160-170 yards from the tee in the creek on the west side of the area below the owners’ homes to the east side of the parking lot.

There are also safety nets for the windows of the video screen and the seating area.

That’s not to say that some of the 4,300 participants in the four-day event, like Moore, weren’t tempted to land the ball on the coin-operated tree to demonstrate their height.

In 2017, Seattle’s Safeco Field, home of Mariners baseball, hosted its first stadium game. Since then, it has grown and expanded to new stadiums across the country, such as. B. the iconic Chicago Soldier and Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Grier, an avid golfer, understands the temptation to hit the ball out of the park. This is a unique opportunity.

If you get it in shape, you can hit it, he said, referring to the big hook or big play that should come out of the ballpark on the side.

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draft – Niners keep Jimmy G for another year?
– Panthers DJ Moore swings his
golf club – Have the Cowboys gotten better after Free Agency?

And even then, the shot should be accurate.

I cut one towards the bleachers, Bronico said. Other than that, I was pretty accurate.

Grier, Moore and Bronico appreciated being able to participate in the event. But for Grier, a Topgolf representative, the view of the stadium wall and Charlotte skyline was not as exciting as other moments he has experienced.

I hosted an event in San Diego where we shot golf balls from the USS Midway at a floating target in the Gulf, he said of the aircraft carrier. It was very cool.

For Moore, who owns no clubs and has limited his golf to the best courses, the event is the equivalent of a touchdown catch at BOA.

They’re close, he said.

It was definitely the highlight of Moore’s day, and he also threw an informal pitch with Grier to stay in shape. That’s what he thought as he got ready for his first shot.

Like I’m really going to hit a golf ball at Bank of America Stadium, he said, his voice an octave higher. It was unique to us… We have to do things that others can’t tell us to do.

Can you reach the bleachers on the other side of the 8-man area? The only reward you get in this situation is pride points. Taylor Banner/Tepper Sports and Entertainment

The aim of Topgolf is to hit one of six targets from 60 to 140 yards off the tee. You get the most points when you hit blues at 110-140 yards. The yellow ones are 55 to 85 meters and the red ones are 40 to 60 meters.

The maximum you can get is 4,000 points, and you need five holes in one.

It never happened, Tomasik said.

Grier liked the 450 he picked up, considering he pitched most of the day.

It hurt a little, he said. So I shot mostly at shorter targets.

In any case, the score was not a priority. It was the visual impact in the stadium with the breathtaking backdrop of the city that made the event special and made questions about the upcoming season secondary.

It was especially spectacular at night, when the targets lit up like the office buildings a few blocks away.

Grier’s wife, Jeanne, is having as much fun as the others and sends a few balls into the stands.

It’s hard to take your eyes off the skyline, Grier says. It’s really quite picturesque. My strategy was good and flexible, try to hit the shortest targets. My wife’s strategy was to just hit the ball.

Then there were Moore and Bronico trying to do what a lot of people wanted to do.

There was real competition, Moore said. I have seen people buy laurels, and I have seen their backs against the wall, and so have I: That’s it. I can do that.

So I was competing with people who didn’t even know I was competing with them ….. It was a unique experience.

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