Future State’s second week in Washington was marked by a thick list of new books, and with them a variety of changes and reinterpretations of beloved characters. This also applies to the future state: Green Lantern, which has a new status quo for the Lanterns after the main battery mysteriously died out. Without their powers, the Lanterns find themselves in many difficult situations, and the need to adapt has brought about major changes for some of them, including favorite fan Jessica Cruz, who may not be a Green Lantern for long after the events of this issue. Spoilers will come in the future state: Green Lantern #1, so only continue if you’ve read this issue, although you can read our full review without spoilers here.

Jessica Cruz currently lives on Lantern Station in space sector 0123, and as we learned in this issue, she has been working alone for thirteen months without any communication with the rest of the Corps. We then see several Sinestro lanterns come forward to take the base on their own, including Lyssa Dark, Low and Ugg-I, but Cruz isn’t going down without a fight.

We see Cruz manage to destroy each lantern one by one without having the power to do so, relying on his intelligence and knowledge of the station. If she can reach Lyssa Dark, she will have to use more direct means with the Atomic Axe. During the fight, she is able to take a battery of yellow lantern type energy and hit Dark in the face.

This stops the integration of the battery into the station and also causes Dark to fall to the ground, after which the yellow battery extends to Cruz. One of the yellow power rings she took from Low and Ugg-I floats in her hand, then Battery tells Jessica Cruz Earth. They have the ability to create great fear. Welcome to Sinestrop Corps.

Spoiler (Photo: DC)

We can see that Cruz is more scared than I’ve ever felt in my life. More than I can overcome. But I don’t need it the first time. It’s all mine. Overflowing like a light. All I have to do is reach out… and take it.

It looks like Cruz is now a member of Sinestro, as the green energy ring falls from his collar to the ground, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Future Condition: Green Lantern #1 is written by Jeffrey Thorne, Ryan Cady and Ernie Altbecker and drawn by Tom Rainey, Sami Basri and Clayton Henry. The official description can be found below.

Jon Stewart and an elite Lantern team, tasked with mapping and contacting new life forms outside the 3,600 known space areas protected by the Green Lantern Corps, find themselves trapped behind enemy lines, fighting for their lives when the central power battery fails, leaving the entire corps defenseless. Meanwhile, on the other side of space, Jessica Cruz, the green lantern, finds herself helpless and forced to fight the encroaching yellow lanterns of the Sinestro Corps, while Guy Gardner, trapped in a distant light, decides to reopen the Warrior Bar.

Future Condition: Green Lantern is currently the number one comic.

What do you think about Cruz becoming a yellow lantern? Let us know in the comments or, as always, feel free to discuss any comics with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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