Legend : A Covidium denier photographed at four hospitals claiming to have been fined (Hannah Dean).

Covida, a resistance fighter who went to hospitals to film seemingly empty hallways and posted the images on social media, was fined by police.

A 30-year-old woman has been fined 200 pounds after downloading photos and videos from several hospitals, causing public outrage, Portsmouth police said.

Hannah Dean, who describes herself as a registered journalist from Portsmouth, posted photos of hospitals in south-east England on Facebook to prove the virus was a hoax.

Photos of the corridor were taken at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Southampton General Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital near Bromley, Kent, and St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex.

Alongside a post with photos allegedly taken at Queen Alexandra Hospital, she wrote The hospital is the quietest I’ve ever seen! I’ve been all over the hospital, including the emergency room!

I know it’s hard to understand, but the government is lying to us! And the reason they’re lying to us….. is very disturbing!

Hannah Dean.

Dean is one of many people walking around hospitals denying the NHS is overwhelmed (Photo: Hannah Dean/Facebook)

Police in Hampshire and Portsmouth did not identify the woman on fine notice but said she had visited local hospitals, including Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

Dean shared an article about a woman who had been fined and suggested referring to her, but said Hampshire police were not investigating her. Metro contacted Ms. Dean for comment.

In addition to the screenshot of the article, she wrote There is no warrant for my arrest! And I didn’t get a fine, !!!!. I am a living woman, not a constitution…. #mainstreammediapropaganda #thelosttruth”.

A spokesman for NHS Foundation Trust, which runs hospitals in West Sussex, criticised the claims: This is wrong and extremely disrespectful to all the patients and families affected by Covid, as well as our employees who work very hard under very difficult circumstances.

We must stress that pictures of empty corridors do not mean that our wards and intensive care units are empty.

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Ms Dean even encouraged others to go to the hospital and do the same (Photo: Hannah Dean).

Portsmouth police said in a Facebook post: Some of you have seen reports of people visiting local hospitals, taking pictures of parts of the hospital that are not on the front lines in the fight against Covid-19, and using those pictures to suggest that hospitals are underutilized.

These actions caused community dissatisfaction and prompted us to issue several calls for reports.

The fine was imposed after security staff had to evacuate several people from Colchester Hospital in Essex, where the intensive care unit was full, after filming the seemingly quiet corridors for posting on social media.

The chief executive of East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, Nick Hulme, said the hospital’s intensive care unit was at full capacity and said the individual’s behaviour was incredible.

He stated that the number of elective and outpatient appointments has been reduced for safety reasons to reduce attendance at Colchester Hospital.


Ms Dean posted a series of photos and videos at various hospitals (Photo: Hannah Dean/Facebook).

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, three men filmed themselves in hospitals without masks, boasting of their bravery while calling themselves warriors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference last week: People who stand up for hospitals like that and say Covid is a scam and things like that, I really think they need to grow up.

And Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said those who claim the pandemic is a hoax are responsible for potential behavioural changes that could kill people and offend staff working long hours in the most difficult conditions.

added Sir Simon: Let’s face it. When people say [Covid is a hoax], it’s a lie.

Hampshire police told the Met: Officers investigating reports of individuals visiting local hospitals, including Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, taking photographs in breach of current Covid 19 rules, have issued a Notice of Breach.

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A 30-year-old woman was fined £200 under current health and safety legislation.

We would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the hard work of our NHS colleagues who have worked extremely hard during the current pandemic, she added.

We are incredibly grateful for their tireless efforts in fighting Covid-19 and protecting us all.

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