From the inauguration of President Franklin Roosevelt to the dark days of the Great Depression in 1933, the first 100 days mark the culmination of the new American leader’s power and often the most fruitful time for political victories.

In an interview Thursday, Biden discussed the difficult challenges Roosevelt faced in his first election and noted that today’s circumstances are no different from those of 1932.

Biden told Tapper that fundamental changes have taken place not only here in the United States, but all over the world. We’re in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, he said. With all the technological changes, he said, Americans are wondering if there’s going to be a middle class? What are people going to do? … There’s a real, real alarm.

In his inaugural address, Roosevelt told Americans that all we have to fear is the fear that keeps demoralized citizens afloat in the face of a banking crisis that threatens to destroy an already devastated economy.

Biden will take office under the most extreme internal presidential conditions since Roosevelt, with widespread illness and death, and millions of Americans will be unemployed, starving or at risk of losing their homes.

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Like his democratic patience, he will use the steps of his investiture to call on the exhausted to unite in a common cause – with new vaccines – this time to defeat the virus and save the economy.

However, the question is whether Biden’s calls for national unity will be received by those who did not vote for him after Tromp’s ruthless attacks on the legitimacy of his victory in the presidential elections. But Biden’s call to action may be more urgent now that the virus is spreading in rural central Afghanistan, where relatively primitive health care systems have prevented the first wave of infection, which is concentrated in many cities that tend to vote Democratically.

Biden’s interview – his first since the election, in which Harris also participated – underlined Trump’s complete correction of his attitude to the virus. The pandemic has never been as serious as in the United States. Every 30 seconds, an American dies from a record number of deaths and hospitalizations. Doctors and nurses get tired after a few months in Kovid’s overcrowded wards.

More than 276,000 people died in the United States from the coronavirus, and the country set a new record for hospitalizations on Thursday: more than 100,667 people were treated with Covida-19.

However, the current president is ignoring the massacre by continuing his fantastic lies and claiming that the elections he lost by a comfortable margin were stolen from him.

Trump often made jokes about wearing masks. Contrary to his government’s health recommendations, he organizes parties in the White House. When he came home after a fight in a military hospital with Covid-19, he turned to the cameras and tore off his mask.

On the contrary, and if behaviour in the past is a guideline, we can assume that one of Biden’s first actions after the opening speech in 47 days will be to put the mask back on.

Biden asks Fauci to stay in his current position

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Another sign of a new approach to the pandemic is that in an interview Biden asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, who had marginalized and insulted Trump, to continue his current role as the country’s leading infectious disease expert in the Biden government and announced the effective promotion of a globally respected expert.

I have asked him to stay in the same role he has held for several presidents in the past and have asked him to be my chief medical advisor and also to be part of the Covid team, said Biden Tupper, a gesture that implies a return to continuity and science-based policy development after Trump’s wild presidency.

Biden said he and Fauci talked about not shutting down the economy if Americans follow other security protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. And he noted that Fauci had spoken regularly with Ron Clayne, Biden’s new chief of staff, before their meeting and that the two had built up a close working relationship during the Ebola outbreak. The president-elect also said during the interview that he would receive the vaccine publicly to show public confidence in the vaccine.

If Dr. Fauci says we have a safe vaccine, I’m going to make it public, Biden said. People have lost confidence in the viability of the vaccine. The figures are already terribly low and it is important that the president and vice president act.

Earlier this week, former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama promised to publicly display the vaccine to combat skepticism about it. Biden said his three predecessors set an example of what needs to be done.

Support for U.S. States and combatants

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The President-elect said he has already realized, through talks with governors across the country and 50 Democratic and Republican mayors, that they will need a substantial amount of money to get the vaccine where it is needed.

It is one thing to provide the vaccine – in cases where some are frozen and others are not – and another to carry the vaccine from one case to another in someone’s hand. It’s a really difficult part, Biden said, noting that governors and mayors have told him they need much more financial help to get the vaccine, which he called an incredibly expensive offer.

Therefore, we continue to hope that the Senate will take action and respond to the urgency of providing funding. But we’re going to need a lot more time at the office, Biden said. It will cost literally billions of dollars. We can keep the schools open. We can keep the company open. But you have to be able to spread the vaccine.

Trump’s policy has recently worked with us and interfered with plans to deliver the vaccine, but no help has come, he said.

Look at all the companies that have suffered so much, he said. No money to help them. At Christmas, millions of people will see the end of their unemployment. So there are a number of things that need to be done.

Biden called the $900 billion aid package proposed by a bipartisan group of members of Congress a good start, but said more help is needed and called on members of Congress to focus on what Americans in trouble need most.

According to Mr. Biden, immediate help is needed for people receiving unemployment benefits; help for people who are expelled from their homes after Christmas because they can no longer pay their rent; help with paying the mortgage; help with everything provided for in the original law adopted by Biden House. People are in a lot of pain. You’re terrified.

Biden’s diametrically different strategy towards Covid, particularly his call for Americans to dress up for the first 100 days, has already been applauded by medical experts who are appalled to see Covid’s daily death toll of more than 2,500 victims rise before fear of an escalation of infection after the Thanksgiving trip.

President-elect Biden, with his leadership and listening to scientists, said that if we had all worn masks for 100 days, we would have had a significant reduction in transmission, said Bright Rick, a former vaccine expert in Trump’s administration who resigned after the administration ignored warnings about the early spread of Covid-19.

Science shows that wearing a face mask reduces proliferation. I think this will have a big impact, said Bright, who now serves on CNN’s Biden Wolf Blitzer Coronavirus Advisory Board.

In California’s intensive care hospitals, 2,066 patients were treated with Covid-19, breaking the record for Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The Democratic government of California, Gavin Newsome, has warned that most areas of the state will soon exceed the three-week homecare threshold, which will work once IC beds are reduced to 15 percent of their capacity in the area.

Biden states that Harris will be a full partner in.

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Although Biden and Harris differed on a number of issues when they went for president – from their health care plans to their desire for the Justice Department to prosecute Trump after he resigned – he and Biden showed their political consistency in interviews, which also gave an indication of their role and portfolio as vice presidents.

We’re full partners in this process, Harris says.

From the first day Biden asked her to go with him on the map, she said he made it clear he wanted me to be the first and last one in the main room. Therefore, I will be a full partner of the President-elect and the President in all matters that concern the American people.

For example, she thought about Biden’s position on how the administration would deal with possible research into Trump’s behaviour after his dismissal, even if it was different from the tone she had set for Trump during the campaign.

Biden told Tupper that his Ministry of Justice would work independently and that he would not tell them how or against whom to investigate: I’m not gonna tell them to go hunting for A, B or C – I’m not gonna tell them, Biden said. It’s not about the role, it’s not about the Ministry of Justice, it’s about the Ministry of Justice of the people.

Harris, a former California Attorney General, reiterated this call for independence for the Department of Justice, drawing a clear line between the approach of the Biden administration and that of Trump.

We’re not going to tell the Justice Department how to do its job. And we will assume, and I say this as a former attorney general elected in California – and I ran the second largest U.S. Department of Justice – that any decision by the Department of Justice, particularly the U.S. Department of Justice, must be based on facts, it must be based on law, it must not depend on politics, period, period, Harris Tupperu said.

When Tapper asked Harris what his department would look like as vice president – if, for example, vice president Mike Penns were to lead the Covid 19 task force – Biden interrupted him and said he would answer that question. He said he plans to engage Harris for urgent work right now, as well as President Barack Obama as vice president.

What is the most pressing need that I can’t answer, I’m sure I’ll answer it, said Biden, noting that this approach is different from that of former Vice President Al Gore, who deals with a portfolio of issues and the environment. Look, I haven’t made any personnel or action decisions that I haven’t discussed with Kamala before.

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