The Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer has just been released by Netflix. For fans of Netflix Cobra Kai, January 8, 2021, can’t come early enough. Fans of the series would have sat on the edge of their seat with a cliffhanger in the second season.

Netflix has made the right choice with the Cobra Kai series. The popularity of the streaming network exploded at the beginning of 2020 and new Cobra Kai/Karate Kid fans appeared from all parts of the company. The Season 3 trailer seems as intense and exciting as the two previous seasons.

For Cobra Kai, things got out of hand in the second season.

The rumbling of the school’s karate has done a lot of damage to the grades. The fight between Robbie and Miguel ended badly. Robbie’s shovel revealed that Michael had fallen down the stairs and landed on the ground, and Robbie was arrested.

Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) are accused of harming Crease (Martin Cove) and themselves and their years of enmity. The only way to end this situation is to cooperate, begs Daniel Johnny, twisting his inevitable Big Bad Crease face.

Daniel and Johnny are in the team that Crease will shoot down in season 3 of.

Johnny is in charge of helping rehabilitate Michael and getting him back on his feet. It’s gonna be a tough trip for Michael. Zanka, played by Johnny, also points to the return of Ali and the possible revival of school romance.

But it won’t be that easy. Johnny never recovered from his first love, which was at the centre of the triangular relationship. Fans will remember that this wasn’t Ali Johnny’s first love, but Daniel’s.

Ali’s eventual return could cause serious family problems for Daniel. According to the trailer, Daniel also seems to be returning to Japan.

This could also be a big problem for Daniel. However, the two stars of Karate Kid 2, Tamlin Tomita and Yuji Okumoto, have rearranged their roles as Kumiko and Jose in season 3.

Huge secrets are revealed when Daniel seeks the truth.

Crease continues his plans to regain control of the Cobra Kai dojo by exiling Johnny. An interesting twist: Johnny Lawrence is one of the good guys.

For each character there will be many actions and twists and turns in every corner. Netflix has already declared season 4. We don’t know how long the fans have to wait between seasons.

Cobra Kai fans attract Johnny Lawrence.

It is known that Netflix has a number of successful monsters in its hands, and this could not have come at a better time. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone because of the COWID 19 pandemic. It also seems that this is not the end, as cases continue to increase and the danger of a new blockade looms on the horizon. Netflix fans will be happy to find lots of new content for their intoxicating pleasure in passing the time.

The first of the third season of Cobra Kai’s Series 10 will take place in January.

8, 2021.

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