The moment that Tyler Tyler-1 Steinkamp left Central Methodist University, where he played as a backrunner for the varsity football team, was the moment that really determined his career. This proved that Tyler1 was a high-risk man, a person he embodied throughout his streaming career. He didn’t care that people hated him because he was a poison god of the League of Legends. This is a Tyler Motereffin 1 spare part. Even when he was banished by the Riot Games because of his extreme behaviour, Tyler1 made no compromises. He accepted the accident that awaited him and thus proved his status as Twitch’s alpha male number one.

When he started building his channel on YouTube in 2014, he mentioned his desire to become a big sensation in the online community. Two years later he fulfilled his dream when he was persecuted by a sect. In 2020, Tyler1 reached 3.8 million followers on Twitch and 2.5 million on YouTube. A month ago, one of the most dominant export teams in the LoL scene acquired T1 (formerly known as SKT T1), Tyler1 as the organisation’s content maker.


When Tyler1 last looked at the estimated cost of its network in 2018, it stated that it earned about $300,000 in creating content. Tyler1 described his value as a slander in one of his currents, stirring up laughter in society. 2018 was also a pivotal year when he announced he had succeeded in recruiting 30,000 followers on Twitter, making about $75,000 a month ($900,000 a year). Based on these calculations, Tyler1 has the right to be insulted by the $300,000 imposed on him.

The network is estimated to quadruple to $1 million by 2020. Recently he watched him in his streams, where he reacted with disbelief and even went so far as to ridicule the author of the article and noticed inaccuracies in the games he played. It doesn’t matter that at some point in 2020 he experienced a decrease of 15,000 subscribers due to inactivity, because he can easily get these numbers back with his talent.

The huge audience he had built up on Twitch and YouTube meant that Tyler1 not only earned on his subscribers’ accounts, but also control over the ads placed on his feeds. The audience of his YouTube channel on YouTube ranges from 500,000 to 3 million, and there are cases where he goes beyond that brand and finds a steady stream of revenue.

Finally, the question arises as to how Tyler1 came to this point in his career.


One of the most admired and hated properties is toxicity. That is what distinguishes him from other League of Legends content creators, because Tyler1 is not afraid to enter the dark path of the games. The constant delay and willingness to launch matches by throwing in the middle and deliberately feeding – this is what entertains the audience and involves others in the analysis of their processes. Some of his escapades have raised the eyebrows of other influential members of the community, including screamer and rioter David Phreak Turley and professional player Yiliang Peter Doublelift Pan.

The choice of his character underscores his toxicity as he loves Spam Ancient, a character that fits Tyler1 perfectly, both known for their selfish and arrogant behavior.

Oh, and didn’t I tell you there’s also an inner monster in Tyler1? Surprisingly, his headset and microphone have stood the test of time, given his constant screams that can be heard all over the world.

Given its current identity, Riot Games immediately decided to definitively exclude Tyler1 from the game in 2016, further strengthening Tyler1’s identity as the flexibility of Tyler1 allowed it to stay on course. Surprisingly, the number of his fans increased after this infamous incident. Later, in 2018, Roth lifted the ban on him and allowed him to reform, as did the figures for the amateur LoL tournament, which attracted a million spectators.

Tyler1 is always persevering in his current and says he has never been poisonous in his life and laughs at the sarcasm shown.


Just as Tyler1 paid tribute to the American artist and television presenter Bob Ross, who wore a blue polo shirt, his afro and beard, combined with Tyler1’s distinctive bicep accent, revealed the other side of his personality. Tyler1 is willing to try out new absurd ideas and this was very clear at the time when Riot Games considered him an enemy of the people number one. The comedy that emerged from his failed attempt to rehearse Bob Ross’ masterpiece showed that, contrary to popular belief, Tyler1 was more than just a Traven pony in a farce.

He tried other methods, including demonstrating his magic tricks that would make Houdini laugh in his own grave. He also has his own cooking program, making him an ideal candidate for Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

But it’s the clumsy back that makes you spill water directly on your keyboard without paying attention to the amount of repair work needed. Given his masculinity, charisma and obsession with improving backflips, it can be said that Tyler1 is on his way to the blockbuster West La Mania.

Clutch points games

Fnatic, Gabrielle Rau, Bvipo.

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