East Rutgerford, New Jersey – New York City receiver Giantz Golden Tate apologized to the team last week and took full responsibility for the inappropriate behavior that put him on the bench last week in a game against Washington.

Tate was Friday for the first time since he scored a late touchdown in the eighth minute. Week of defeat for the Pirates of Tampa Bay and a loving tweeter who told the Giants to cut it off screamed in camera: Throw me the ball! He said he didn’t want to try to sell himself before last week’s deadline because his role on the team was decreasing.

If you know me, if you know my game, I play with a lot of feeling, a lot of passion, Tate said. I’m just stuck in this moment. It was a mistake to draw attention to me. I take full responsibility. I’ve done it wrong and once again I’ve paid negative attention to our organization. It was something that would never happen again.

Coach Joe Judge let Tate work with the scout team because of his actions last week. He didn’t go to Washington with the crew.


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Last week they met in a productive meeting, according to Tate, where they developed solutions to improve the team. Apparently, a bank was part of it.

I was really disappointed, but your actions have consequences, Tate said. My behavior was unacceptable and I apologized to the team, the grandmaster, the coaches for the attack and I am happy to continue.

But I had fun on the scouting team. That was fun. I enjoyed it. I have the ability to play games and prepare the defense. I enjoyed it.

Last year, Tate, 32, signed a $37 million, four-year deal that made the front page of the Giants Agent’s Off-season Free Purchase as he tried to fill the void left by Odell Beckham Jr.’s contract with Cleveland Brownes.

Tate has 22 targets at 226 meters with two touchdowns this season in a reduced role. He played just over 50% of the attacking dreams in the last few weeks before he got on the couch.

The Giants were open in time for Tate’s trade, but now he’s not going anywhere, and he has two years left on his contract.

I intend to perform my contract to the best of my ability, Tate said. Like I said, I want to be here. I love this organization, what it stands for and the direction we’re going in, and I hope I’m part of it.

The judge said earlier this week that Tate was scheduled to return to the field on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. That was before he appeared on Thursday’s injury report with a knee injury.

Tate trained on Friday and the judge said before training that he was optimistic about the prospects of a big receiver this week. The former professional bowler seems to have developed well.

It’s been an eventful season for the Tate. He missed opening a can due to a hamstring injury at training camp, saw Jalen Ramsey (the father of his cousin) in midfield after the fourth round and earlier this month expressed his displeasure about his role against the Buccaneers in front of a national crowd.

The situation was exacerbated by the fact that his wife published an Instagram article in which she talked about her lack of possibilities. Later the message was deleted.

I didn’t know she said anything at the time, Tate. But in my wife’s defense: She was and always will be my biggest fan. I don’t agree with her making this public, but it’s one thing: I will always find her, and I know she was protecting me in my mind, and she called him the way she saw him then, without speaking to me or understanding what had happened before.

It’s a pity that we collectively drew so much attention to our organization when we try to win a baseball game. In return, I felt the need to apologize to the entire organization for bringing me and my body language to such negative attention on the spot. From now on, we’ll never have to worry about it again.

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