The death of Dick Allen, a terrible striker who was seven times world champion, the debutant of the year 1964 and the top scorer of AL MVP in 1972. He was 78 years old.

The Philadelphia Phyllis, with whom the Allen team started, announced his death on Monday.

Phyllis’ statement on the death of Dick Allen:

– 6. Philadelphia Phyllis (@Phyllis) 7. Philadelphia Phyllis (@Phyllis) December 2020

The White Sox extend their condolences to the family and friends of the seven members of the A.L. All-Star and 1972 A.L. MVP, Dick Allen, who died today.

– 7. Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) December 2020.

In September, Phyllis retired with No. 15 Allen – an honour long overdue for one of the franchise’s biggest players, who fought against racism during a turbulent period with the team in the 1960s.

The team said that Phyllis was broken by the grief of our dear friend and colleague Dick Allen who died today.

Dick will be remembered not only as one of the greatest and most popular players in the history of our franchise, but also as a brave warrior who had to overcome too many obstacles to reach his level. Dick’s iconic status will inspire generations of baseball fans to take up one of the greatest American hobbies of all time, Phyllis said.


John Middleton, Philippe’s managing partner, broke with the team’s unwritten policy of only removing the number of players from the Hall of Fame, in honour of Allen.

I thank the city of Philadelphia. Even though it was difficult, I made friends, said Allen at the moving ceremony on a warm, sunny day.

Mike Schmidt, the Hall of Fame third baseman who helped lure Allen out of retirement to return to Philadelphia in 1975 for the team’s second place, was one of the former players who attended the ceremony. They wore masks and were several meters apart during the coronavirus pandemic, which shortened the top flight season to 60 races. In 2021 Phyllis plans to celebrate Allen again in front of the fans.

Schmidt called Allen an extraordinary mentor, and wrongly called him a bad teammate and a troublemaker.

Dick was a sensitive black man who refused to be treated as a second-class citizen, Schmidt said in his speech. He played for local fans, who were the product of that racist era, [with] racist teammates and different rules for whites and blacks. Fans threw things at him, so Dick wore his boxing helmet throughout the match. They shouted contemptuous racial mixing. They threw garbage in the garden of his house. Anyway, he was tortured and it came from all sides. And Dick got up.

Schmidt pointed out that Allen does not have a negative reputation when he plays for the Cardinals of St. Louis. Louis, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox. He also lobbied for Allen to be included in the Hall of Fame.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Dick Allen played seven seasons in Philadelphia, where he became famous by kicking balls over the Coca-Cola board and leaving Connie Mack Stadium for a practice game. George Gojkovic/Getty Pictures

My friends, those [negative] labels kept Dick Allen out of the Hall of Fame, Schmidt said. Imagine what Dick as a player could achieve in another time, in another team, if he left himself alone to hone his skills, build his confidence, come to the stadium every day and play baseball.

Allen was Middleton’s favorite player when he was a kid. He described Allen’s insults as terrible and noted that his performance was even more important in light of the racism to which he had been exposed.

For 15 seasons, Allen .292 baseball cartridge with 351 Homers, 1,119 RBI and .912 OPS. He played first base, third base and left field.

After seven seasons in Philadelphia, in which he made a name for himself by scoring goals above the Coca-Cola mark and leaving Connie Mack Stadium to train for baseball, Allen played the season with the Cardinals and Dodgers.

In 1972 he joined the White Sox and became vice president of the AL. He ended his 15-year career in Oakland in 1977.

Allen won the fifth biggest homerun (319) in eleven years (1964-74), behind four Dutch halls: Hank Aaron (391), Harmon Killebrew (336), Willie Stargell (335) and Willie McCawy (327). His .940 OPS was lower than Aaron’s .941 at the time.

Allen was not elected to the Hall of Fame by the American Association of Baseball Writers and had no vote in the 2014 Golden Age Committee. The Golden Day Committee and the Early Day Committee did not vote this year because of the VIDOC-19 and will meet in the winter of 2021.

He’s now reunited with his beloved daughter Terry. Phyllis expressed her condolences to Dick Willa’s widow, his family, friends and fans across the country, Phyllis said.

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