Fans have baked a new line of Kirk Cousins flakes.

This season, the quarterback of Viking Kirk’s nephews and nieces is going the wrong way at a historic pace. His 10 interceptions lead the league as he has made 27 shots in one season, a series of misses since 2000 has been made by just three quarterbacks.

Nevertheless, this season his performance ended up more or less on a cereal box, because his cousins worked together with the local grocery chain to create their own cereal brand. All profits are donated to boys and girls clubs in the twin towns.

The collaboration was for a good cause, but the fans never missed an opportunity to make a move with the quarterback, who set the Vikings’ record at 1-5, their worst start since 2013.

I’m not sure Mr. Cousins will live up to expectations this season.

– Aaron Lavinsky (@ADLavinsky) 19. October 2020.

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cousins of SinnaMinn quit? Must be called Fumble Snaps

The name of the cousins of the Cinnaminn Snaps Flakes was destroyed by Twitter fans who decided to play the name for something more appropriate for the 2020 season of cousins so far.

We should call them Falling Clicks.

– Johnny Kush✌ (@JohnnyPCouch) 17. October 2020.

Carry on: Cousins break fruit

– Crabby Jeff (@MNistheworst) 17. October 2020.

It certainly doesn’t fit the box, but should appreciate the creativity of the next tweet.

Kirk’s cousins throw 6 feet on 4th and 9th Streets, while 4th Street 17th doesn’t fit in’s box to maintain this percentage of completion.

– 16. The Ghosts of Jesse (@MyNameIsJesseG) 17. The Ghosts of Jesse (@MyNameIsJesseG) October 2020.

The comment also questioned the integrity of the grains, because they seemed to be at the game of their cousins.

I bought a box from HyVee today. He was pretty good when he was surrounded by the perfect amount of milk, but he was really expensive and in the end he just collapsed.

– Eric Thompson (@eric_j_thompson) 14. October 2020.

The grain crumbles immediately under pressure?

– Burch (@pilthy21) 17. October 2020

However, some remarks were very sharp, because it is a charity and the cousins of the first cereal have a picture of his two sons with their own boxes.

Here are some comments collected by sports writer Chris Shad.

Can any of them play the Buy More?

Try to win the game before you announce anything.

They hold the box better than our current Buy More.

Some fans remained loyal to their cousins, despite his fight at the beginning of the season.

It’s great to have your dad on a cereal box! I have to go get boxes.

– Beth (@BethAnnK18) 17. October 2020

Can somebody send me a box of Kirk Cousin’s cereal? I’ll pay for everything.

– 17. Tewikingsfan (@thatvikingsfan8) October 2020.

Dalvin is up, his cousin supports.

Vikings walking backwards, Dalvin Cook took the opportunity to talk about how the locker room has mastered the fight this season.

While the nephews and nieces are responsible for the ball each time it is brought into the game, he has chosen the Hail Mary and deflected the ball from the hands of his recipients on several occasions.

There’s nothing you can do, just let your quarterback know you’re with him a thousand percent, Cook said. He’s our brother, he’s our leader… Interception is part of football, but that’s how we get through it, and I trust Kirk so much.

The cousins contacted Interceptions in three interceptions two weeks ago after his second game with the Falcons and said he wouldn’t finish the season if the problem persisted.

He will have the opportunity to redefine his season from Sunday against the Packers.


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