Garage in full transformation (Photo: Press)

If you have a garage, attic, basement or summer house, chances are you will use it as extra storage space instead of workspace.

Brian Thompson’s garage was like this until he decided to make it a place worthy of any witch or sorcerer worthy of the name.

As the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan, he has transformed a boring garage into a Hogwarts-like shelter with products and items designed for charity.

Thirty-year-old second-hand items were taken from charity shops, Amazon and eBay to create an image, for a total of almost 500 pounds.

He shared his story with the commercial website, Brian said: I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was a kid. I love the way you can feel that you’re entering a new world that’s entirely out of human imagination.

On my first visit to the Harry Potter studio tour I fell in love with the Harry Potter world at first sight when I saw the sets and the way they were designed, it was an incredible experience.

Brian says the project has helped to get his mental health beyond the confinement stage (Photo: Press).

When we came to the divorce department, I knew this was my chance to try and recreate the same experience at home.

I hated waking up in the same old places in my house, so I went to work and created my own little magical hideaway.

An incredible room that looks exactly like Hogwarts (Photo: Press)

I started with the stars on the ceiling and couldn’t stop, two months later I had my own Hogwarts.

Clever Brian used many everyday items that were usually thrown away, including the foam packaging that came with the goods he ordered.

He mainly used objects that were meant to be ejected (Photo: Press).

he said: To build a structure for my wood, I painted polar noodles to create details for the walls.

I saw a lot of new things in the charity shops, people had to clean up a lot of unwanted things, which was good news for me.

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I bought real discounts, all frames cost 1 pound each, and my display case costs 3 pounds each.

Instead of buying a new clock for hundreds, I used my grandfather’s old clock for £8 from a charity shop, and then used the clock I got from Amazon for £46 to put a mobile 3D puzzle on it.

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To anyone considering starting the DIY project, Brian said that I would encourage anyone who has a dream project to use this time indoors to get it up and running!

I promise it’ll be worth it. Working on the do-it-yourself project is great for mental health, it gives you something to work on and so much joy when you finish it.

How much did it cost?

Photo frame – Charity Shop – 16 books
Clock – Charity Shop – 8 books
3D Clock – Amazon – 46 books
Fake Candle Lights – Amazon – 12 books
Moonlight – Charity Shop – 5 books
Harry Potter Chess Set – Charity Shop – 12 books
Display case – Charity Shop – 3 cups
– Amazon – 7 books
Harry Potter Book – Charity Shop – 1 book.50
Harry Potter Sorting Hat – £33
Mirror – eBay – £30
Black and White Fake Tiles – Amazon – £57
Electric Fireplace – Amazon – £74
– Charity Shop – £32
Dark grey colour – Amazon – 35 pounds
Sand of Time Lights – Charity Shop – 14 pounds
Brick Wallpaper – Amazon – 28 pounds
Hogwarts Scarf – eBay – 11 pounds
Dresser – eBay – 48 pounds
Carpet – Charity Shop – 22 pounds

Total value – £495.

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