In week 8, the Chicago Bears receive 4-2 New Orleans Saints at the Soldiers’ Field.

Bears suffer an unpleasant loss in week 7 for the Los Angeles Rams in California. Chicago’s offense failed to score a touchdown and quarterback Nick Falls made two interceptions, including one in the red zone.

The only touchdown the Bears scored was the return of Eddie Jackson’s safe. Chicago lost 24-10 to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the saints are already on their way. They enter the bear game in a triple winning series. New Orleans defeated the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers and Carolina Panthers by losing to the Green Bay Packers in week 3.

Now that the Bear Saints are almost there, let’s look at four bold predictions for the game from a Chicago perspective.

1. Nick Falls throws a touchdown, aintercept.

After Mitchell Trubisky defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the second half of the third round of Bear Week, Falls scored six touchdowns and six steals. He intercepts at every game and Chicago’s offense doesn’t look as good as Falls controls Trubsky.

The Bears could have the worst offense in the NFL, and the Foles could be robbed of the Cody White Hair vs. Saints center. Although the Saints allow 29.0 points per game, the Bears are not an explosive attack and Allen Robinson doubts if he can play because of a concussion.

With this in mind we have the waterfalls with a touchdown and an interception against the saints. He may be a little better pocket passer than the trumpeter, but Falls’ lack of mobility makes it difficult for Chicago to carry out his crime, because the O-line is terrible.

2. David Montgomery continues his fight

The Bears have the fiercest attack in the NFL. They average 84 yards per game, mainly because the O-line is rotten.

So keep an eye out for bears that run to David Montgomery to continue the fight against the saints. He has carried the ball 96 times this season for a total of 353 yards and one touchdown. Although he can’t do much because his O-line doesn’t create race tracks, Montgomery doesn’t have the speed and explosiveness that good teams take out of their racing backs.

The bears miss Tarik Cohen very much, who got lost for the season in the third week after his ACL break. He’s a pacemaker and a tempo changer that Chicago needs at Montgomery.

Except for a miracle, Montgomery will not enter the endzone and reach the 100-yard mark against the saints. He’s just not fast enough to dodge defenders, and Chicago Online doesn’t give him the stripes to attack.

3. Bear’s tusk registers zero speed

The Bears have one of the best defenses in the NFL. This season, however, they have struggled to get out of the race and fight with the runners in the field.

While the Bears forced a friendly round in three straight games against Tampa Bay, Carolina Panthers and Rams, we don’t expect Chicago to get a straight game against Drew Brice and the Saints in week 8. In New Orleans, 5-0 against the Bears in the last five games, and Bree is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, despite her weaker hand.

The bears may have a few sacks against Bree because he’s not mobile at all, but don’t expect Khalil Mack and Co. to force the sale because they’ll be out in less than a week, Mac and Jackson will be out and the defense will probably be too much on the field because Falls and Co. are terrible for the attack.

4. The bears lose 5-3 in season.

Before bears were beaten by rams, most wise men called bears suitors despite their 5 to 1 score. The only good Chicago team to be beaten this season is Bax. While the Bears are playing at home and it will probably be cold in Chicago, the attack of the Bears will not be able to keep up with the pace of Bree and Alvin Camara.

This means that the defense of the bears will probably be tired, as the offensive will probably be carried out three times against the saints. It doesn’t matter who the Bears’ quarterback is. If the alarm doesn’t go off in time, it’s a lost cause. Chicago General Manager Ryan Pace did a bad job setting up the O-Line, and this season is proof of that.

Head coach Matt Nagy and Pace are already under fire from the Bears fans after the loss to the Rams. That noise goes away after week eight. week, if Chicago can’t win somehow, which we won’t see.

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