Star Ray Fisher of the League of Justice wants to bring clarity to his fight with leaders Warner Brothers and Joss Wheedon. Fisher focuses in particular on the racist accusations made during the shooting led by Whedon. The removal of people of color from the theater version of the Justice League of 2017 was neither an accident nor a coincidence, according to Fischer in a new interview. However, an unnamed Whedon spokesman said all the accusations were false. The cyborg actor has been in a frenzy against Widon and Warner Brothers since this summer. He’ll explain.

What ignited my soul and made me talk about Joss Widon that summer was the news that Joss had ordered me to change the color of the actor’s face to post-production because he didn’t like the color of his skin.
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Ray Fisher further stated that Warner Bros. executives are also involved in racism. Prior to the resumption of the Justice League trial, openly racist conversations were repeatedly conducted by former and current senior Warner Bros. images executives, Fisher said. The people who took part in these racist discussions were Jeff Jones, John Berg and the current chairman of the Warner Bros. photo group, Toby Emmerich. It’s the first time Fisher’s ever mentioned Emmerich in public. Warner Brothers had not responded at the time of writing.

While Warner Bros. has not yet responded to Ray Fisher’s statements, Joss Wadeon, an anonymous representative, has approached CinemaBlend. The man wanted to speak anonymously, referring to the Justice League complexion Ray Fisher mentioned earlier. You can read the statement of Whedon’s representative below.

The person making the statement admitted that it was just something they had heard from someone else and accepted it as the truth, although simple research will in fact prove that it was a lie. As with almost every film, many people were involved in mixing the final product for this film, including an editor, a special effects specialist, a composer, and so on. The process was further complicated by the fact that Zack was filming while Joss was filming digitally, requiring a team led by the same senior colorist who had worked on previous films for Zack to coordinate them.

As for Joss Whedon’s eulogy at Comic Con in San Diego in 2017, Ray Fisher claims he came out of the studio. First of all, the actors and crew learned that Zack Joss had chosen to finish the film for him. It wasn’t until I was admitted again that I discovered it was a complete lie. That’s what Fisher said. Even Zack Snyder talked about it when he left the Justice League to join his family. You can read what else Fisher said below.

I heard whispering and buzzing about how things were going behind the scenes, but much later something concrete happened. They forced us to go to Comic-Con in San Diego in 2017 and say that Zack chose Joss and that Joss was a great guy. I have another letter with these statements.

This summer, Ray Fisher argued that Joss Whedon’s treatment of the cast and crew of the Justice League was rude, insulting, unprofessional and totally unacceptable. Fisher moved on, and Jeff Jones and John Berg helped him a lot. The actor in the cyborg also claims that I realized that the footage I got while filming John was just a coded version of the racist remarks he made behind closed doors while the other one was being executed. Since then, Warner Brothers has started investigating Fisher’s accusations, but they claim that he is not cooperating, that the actor vehemently denies it.

Ray Fisher believes that much of the pressure exerted on the Justice League during the shooting was related to the merger of Warner Bros. and AT&T. The race was just one of the problems of the shoot. There were huge explosions, threats, coercion, mockery, dangerous working conditions, humiliation and gaslighting like you wouldn’t believe, he says. These conversations were reported to me by the people in the room. And I didn’t know anything about it until I told you about joss whedon. Fisher wants the world to know he’s not the only one who survived every disagreement on the set.

After all, Ray Fisher has a goal with everything he wants to achieve. According to Fisher, my goal is to make sure these people don’t make decisions about the content that affects our world. These guys have been in Hollywood a long time. Your problematic behavior didn’t start with the AT&T merger, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t stop. It’s still unclear what’s going to happen with all this, but Fisher is still fighting for what he believes in. The interview with Ray Fisher was originally conducted by Forbes.

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