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The game plan for 9. NFL week is a week of big games. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the end result.

In addition, ESPN provides Stats & Information statistics for each event and the Football Power Index (FPI) is displayed in the halls with the score of the match (on a scale from 1 to 100) and the screening of the match. ESPN Fantasy Kyle Soppe and ESPN Chalk Dave Bearman also provide useful nuggets. It’s all designed to prepare you for a busy weekend of NFL football games.

Let’s look at the complete list of the 9. weeks, including Tom Brady and Drew Brice, who fought for NFC South.

Play the game:

It’s Thursday: GB 34, SF 17

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 78.5 | Distribution : BAL -3 (47.5)

What you should see: This game is about the early attack of the Ravens and the defense of the Colts. The Ravens lead the NFL with 178.7 meters per game while Indianapolis D is second in the league with 79.9 meters per game. The Ravens should have an advantage in this area on Sunday as they are healthy in defending, while the Ravens won’t start a tackle against Ronnie Stanley (ankle) on the left side. — Mike Wells

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A bold prophecy: J. К. Dobbins will be the first Ravens to go back two years and make a storm of more than 100 metres in backgammon competitions. The Colts are the NFL’s second best defense, but Dobbins went 113 yards in his career against the Steelers, who had the best defense at the time. — Jamison Hensley.

Find out now: The Colts are one of the five unbeaten teams at home this season (3-0). But the Ravens are one of the three units that didn’t lose on the road (3-0).

Injuries: Raven | Colt

What a fantasy to know: Raven quarterback Lamar Jackson has played four games this season with less fantastic points than last season. There is a strong tendency to limit QB points in a game with the upper line of defense. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: Indianapolis 0-3 against Spread (ATS) as the home loser under coach Frank Reich. Details.

Hensley’s choice: Raven 34, Colts 23, Wells: Column 27, Crows 23
REIT Forecast : BAL, 59.8% (average 3.4 points)

The equation should be read: The Ravens need Lamar’s return as MVP Colts two, the defense respects Jackson Raven. Jackson takes the blame for Brown’s lack of goals… Are these foals real? The next four games will probably determine the NFL Safety Officer Scars KB: How the rivers and other people got their wounds

1:00 ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 76.2 | distribution : ESA -3(55)

What you should see: The Sea Hawks allow 358.7 meters per race; no team has even allowed 300 meters per race throughout the season. It could be a clean game for the Beals, who have not traveled more than 210.5 meters on average in the last four games, compared to 316.3 in the first four weeks of the season. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

A bold prophecy: Seattle security, Jamal Adams gets two bags. The return of the All-Pro after missing four games comes a week after the Seahawks, led by Pete Carroll, had one of the fastest programs in 11 seasons without the pressure of their top four players. The inclusion of Carlos Dunlap in the defence line of the Sichawkes would ideally make them less dependent on flash teams, but they expect this to be a big part of their defence strategy now that Adams is back in the line. — Brady Henderson

Find out now: Seahawks DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are the first pair in NFL history with 500 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in his team’s first seven games.

Injuries: Seahawks | Accounts

What a fantasy to know: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson starts the season with 4900 passing yards and nearly 600 fast yards. There has only been one case in NFL history where the quarterback threw 4,500 yards and ran 400 yards: Downte Culpepper in 2004. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: For four consecutive matches the accounts could not be covered. Details.

Henderson’s choice: Sea Hawks 30, Accounts 27
, by choice of Louis-Jacques : Accounts 35, forecasts Seahawks 31
REIT : ESE, 54.8% (average 1.7 points)

The equation should be read: How can the Blitzkrieg be the key to restarting the Seahawks Pass? The accounting department runs the game, gives the necessary impetus for a strong attack… Metcalf pulls out a Lockett to give the Seahawks two #1 wide receivers.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Mike Clay loves the game of Stephon Diggs and John Brown against the Sichawkes in the background.

1:00 ET | Fox
Corresponding estimate: 65.8 | Distribution : KK -10.5 (52.5)

What you should see: Can the Panthers come up with a strategy to keep the game tight? If the bosses score a goal like last time – an average of 39 in the last two games – Carolina won’t be able to follow them. Whether it’s throwing the ball around to eat the clock, or finding a defensive plan to piss off quarterback Patrick Mahomez, the Panthers need to find a plan that will work – something the Chiefs’ last two opponents, who are also under .500, haven’t done. – Adam Thacher

A bold prophecy: The Panthers’ fullback, Christian McCaffrey, will have 150 meters before the fight after missing six games due to a sprain of the ankle. He returns to the defense of the 29th. The return of the competition (142.8 yards per game) and his performance will keep Mahomez off the track with a steady swing. — David Newton

Find out now: Mahomez has 21 touchdowns and an interception this season. According to the Elias Sports Office, this is the highest touchdown pass score in the first eight games in NFL history.

Injuries: Panthers.

What a fantasy to know: Touching the ball is the best way to earn fantasy points, which makes Curtis Samuel a free agent as he is in eighth place among the wide receivers with 6.9 strokes per match. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: Carolina’s quarterback Teddy Bridgewater – 20:4 ATS in her losing career, including the playoffs. Details.

Newton’s choice: Chiefs 35, Panthers 28hacher: Chiefs 33, Panthers 16
FPI Forecast : COP, 84.1% (average 13.5 points)

The equation should be read: Why is McCaffrey becoming a panther workhorse… …immediately… Mahomez has some advice for young Patrick The Panthers will have to fight as the schedule tightens… Mahomez puts a deep ball back in the bag of tricks.

1:00 ET | Fox
Corresponding assessment : 48.2 | Distribution : TEN -6.5 (47.5)

What you should see: Who loses the left corner of Tennessee? Adori Jackson missed Thursday’s practice and is not yet on the list of 53 competitors, who spent most of the season in the injury pool. If Jackson is activated, he’s unlikely to see many clicks, so someone will have to turn around. The Titans released veteran Jonathan Joseph, leaving Ty Smith and Braon on the left as an opportunity. — Thurron Davenport

– Game choose from our experts
NFL – PickCenter | ESPN chalk
More NFL coverage.

A bold prophecy: The quarterback bear, Nick Falls, has been shot at least four times. Chicago could stay on the offensive line against the Titans without four weeks 1 – and at best there would be two left. The declines have been under tremendous pressure since taking over Mitchell Trubisky in Week Three when the Bears lost 20 bags (ninth in the NFL) and came in 21st for the number of passing blocks won, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Falls is in for a long day. — Jeff Dickerson.

Find out now: Tennessee is the last in the NFL in terms of permitted conversion rate, the third lowest with 61.9%. Last season the team was in eighth place with 36.3%. But fortunately for the Titans, the bears finished in 31st place with a conversion rate of 34.9%. Place, which means it would be interesting to finish in third place on Sunday.

Injuries: Bear | Titans

What a fantasy to know: Titan’s Running Back Derrick Henry has five games in a row with at least 15 fantasy points, but three shots or less. It is the longest track of its kind since Arian Foster in 2012, and it can continue to run against the Bears defense, which is worse than one might think (below the league average in both high-speed running and carrier stations). See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: When Titan quarterback Ryan Tannehill starts Tennessee’s regular season, the odds are 15-2, 6-1 this season. Details.

Dickerson’s choice: Titans 21, Gate 13Davenport: Titans 21, Gate 17
REIT prediction: RTE, 62.0% (average 4.2 points)

The equation should be read: That’s the worst: The bears in line are traumatized… Davis is proving his worth to the Titans for the critical off-season… Bears can’t perform another miracle… The Titans freed D.B. Joseph after he became king.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 40.8 | Distribution : MIN -4 (52.5)

What you should see: Who will be Lviv’s quarterback after Matthew Stafford is placed on the reserve list/COVID-19 on Tuesday? Although Coach Matt Patricia does not speculate on the status of the QB, it is possible that Stafford will play in week 9 if he continues to test negative every day of the week. Otherwise it’s Chase Daniel or David Bluff in the middle. Since the recruitment of Stafford by Detroit in 2009, the Lions are at 5-22 (.185) if they don’t start, including 0-8 last season. — Courtney Cronin

A bold prophecy: Kirk’s cousins at the Viking QB continue to dominate Patricia’s Lions from 275 yards, three touchdowns on the day he makes 75% of his passes. Last year, the cousins threw for 580 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions against Detroit. Since Patricia took over the game with the Lions in 2018, he has not been able to finish the game with the Lions with less than 70%. — Michael Rothstein

Find out now: This will be the third game of Adrian Peterson’s career against Minnesota, with whom he spent ten seasons at the beginning of his career. Peterson plays a 2-0 game against his old club.

Injuries: Lions | Vikings

What a fantasy to know: Kenny Golday’s Lions video won’t be active this week. Interestingly, Marvin Jones Jr. averaged 22.2 points per game during his career at the Lions when he saw at least 10 goals. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: Minnesota has reported on each of the last five meetings between these teams. Details.

Rothstein’s choice: Viking 31, Lions 23
Cronin Election : Vikings 28, Lions 20
FPI Forecast : MIN, 66.5% (average 5.8 points)

The equation should be read: If Galladay continues, Hawkson could become a man… The key to the success of the Vikings: You keep the ball away from your cousins? … What happens to the Lion Game? … Stafford’s back on the COVID list.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 39,4 | distribution : ATL -4 (50)

What you should see: Secondary Falcons improves in part by the sound of passing that has resulted in 20 of the 47 QB hits and six of the 13 bags in the last three games. And Bronco’s QB Drew Lock makes 58% of its passes in the NFL and ranks fifth in the failure rate according to ESPN statistics and information. — Mike DiRocco

– Air Allen to follow the Seahawks?
– Chance for Cowboys QBs Gilbert, Rush
– Why doesn’t Julio Jones score more TD?
– The Raiders are on a critical path to AFC West
– Reid : It’s stupid not to hire Rudy.

A bold prophecy: The Broncos will throw at least 140 meters, although coach Vick Fangio has been asked several times to throw more this week after the team scored 21 points in the fourth quarter in the victory over the Chargers on Sunday. The Broncos have to hold the ball to beat Atlanta. — Jeff Legold.

Find out now: Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan has done 72.3% of the work and 89.3 total QBR with Julio Jones’ wide receiver on the field this season, but Ryan’s numbers drop to 59.1% of the work done and 45.1 total QBR without him. Jones is the leader among all NFL players with 123.7 meters per game in the last three games.

Injuries: Broncos | Falcons

What a fantasy to know: Denver newcomer Jerry Gedi led the NFL last week with 159 yards but only 11.3 fantastic points. By comparison: The other 12 players who had at least 100 airports the week before scored an average of 21.6 fantasy points. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: This season Atlanta is the favorite, with a score of 0-4. Since the start of last season Atlanta has also become the favorite 2 to 7 times. Details.

Legold’s choice: Broncos 27, Falcons 24
DiRocco: Falcons 31, Broncos 21
REIT Forecast : ATL, 62.7% (average 4.4 points)

The equation should be read: Dream killer Reid gives the broncos hope to pass… The falcon defense changed the story to end the game. Can they go on like this? … The 499-yard action of the former Broncos Buy More Plummer against the Falcons: I remember we lost… Coach Sokolov: McKinley will be held responsible after a tweet about commercial offers… Callahan Broncos rewards Fangio’s faith through production.

1:00 ET | Fox
Corresponding assessment : 26.1 | Distribution : WSH -1 (42.5)

What you should see: How’s Washington coping with QB giant Daniel Jones? Jones 3-0 against Washington and 1:16 against everyone else. He scored seven touchdowns with three shots and had a 75.0 QBR in all three games – his best result of any team in the Eastern NFC. Washington only shot Jones twice, and in week six he withdrew only 112 yards, but walked to 74. — John Kame

A bold prophecy: The RB Wayne Gallman of the Giants will run over 100 meters, making him the first 100-yard runner in New York this season. There’s no team that can defend the material better than Washington. He only allows 185.9 yards per game. So how do you attack him? Run! Run! In recent weeks, the giants have been hunted more effectively. That goes on Sunday against Washington, with New York’s best efforts this season. — Jordan Ranan

Find out now: Washington has averaged 292.7 yards per game this season, the third lowest offensive volume in the NFL (Jets 259.0, Giants 291.8). The team also has the second largest CBI this season – 41.0.

Injuries: Giants | Washington

What a fantasy to know: Sterling Shepherd, a high-speed receiver from New York City, came back from a fantastic 15-point injury in both games with a season average of 18.3 points against Washington. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: Since 2018 the Giants have driven seven straights and 16 out of 20 on the road. Details.

Raanan’s choice: Giants 22, Washington 17
Cam’s election: Washington 20, Giants 19
FPI Forecast : WSH, 65.4% (average 5.4 points)

The equation should be read: Disappointed that Tate missed Wednesday’s Giants practice… Washington Rivera’s coach doesn’t speculate on Kerrigan’s trade negotiations… Ryan says the coach’s advice saved his wife’s life.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Field Yates and Mike Clay agree that Evan Engram is back on track with a large number of goals.

p.m. ET | CBS
Appropriate assessment: 10,5 | distribution : HOW -7 (50.5)

What you should see: Don’t be surprised that the Texas flash tournaments are bigger than they already are, even with Whitney Mercylus’ external linebacker. The Texas Blitz takes place an average of 12 times per match, according to ESPN’s statistics and information. On Sunday, they meet the new quarterback Jake Luton, who has decided to play in the sixth round and has been in the first division for 23 years. In November 2019, when Oregon played in Washington State, there was no break in the game. — Mike DiRocco

A bold prophecy: David Johnson of the Houston RB will run over 100 meters for the first time this season. When these two teams played week five, Johnson walked 96 yards on 17 porters. And the Jaguars, who are in 28th place in the NFL based on the number of allowed seats per race, are in a hurry. — Sarah Barshop

Find out now: Last season Luton had 28 assistants and three interceptions in Oregon. In the FBS this ratio was 9.3 fifth after Justin Fields, Tua Tagovayloa, Joe Burrow and Dustin Krum.

Injuries: Texas | Jaguars

What a fantasy to know: The Houston Wide Brandin Cooks is very quietly one of only three wide receivers with at least seven stages in each of the last three games. On a game basis, the WR5 is in this segment (21.6 fantasy points per game). See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: These two teams have been combined this season with 3-12 ATS. Details.

Barshop’s choice: Texas 27, Jaguar 17
DiRocco: Texas 24, Jaguars 13
FPI Forecast : CWP, 68.8% (average 6.6 points)

The equation should be read: Watt doesn’t seek peace when a Texan stumbles… Jaguars throw a Luton Buy More recruit against the Texans… The Texans closed the facility after Martin tested positive for the coronavirus… What kind of brown madness would he try? Here are some ideas… The Texans have included McCown’s 41-year-old quarterback in their roster of active players.

16:05 ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 36,9 | Distribution : LAC -1 (51.5)

What you should see: It’s always a battle, but this year’s game brings something extra: QB newcomer Justin Herbert against seven-year veteran Derek Carr, who showed some impressive numbers. The two attacking lines are in motion, but on Sunday each of them must return to full strength or get closer. But the chargers will miss Joey Bos’s defense, which should make Carr feel more comfortable in his bag. — Shelly Smith

– McShane early 2021. Design of step
First Scores: Kiper | McShay
– Discover the KB | Lawrence vs Burrow
– The last seasons of the KB | Cancellation
Read more about the NFL project | Full Rating

A bold prophecy: The Raiders’ patchwork was closed against the Chargers’ awkward pass a week after the obviously awkward Miles Garrett disappeared into the Cleveland ice. And Carr, who can expand the game, will get along at least a little at the beginning. — Paul Gutierrez.

Find out now: The Raiders are 3-1 on the track this season, after the combined 3-13 movement on the track in the previous two seasons. And they’ll only try to win three street games in a row for the third time in fifteen seasons.

Injuries: Scavengers | Chargers

What a fantasy to know: Herbert has four straight games with a minimum of 21 fantasy points, connecting Deshawn Watson for the longest streak as the starting quarterback among the active players. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: Six of the Raiders’ seven games have been played this season. Details.

Gutierrez’s election: Chaser 23, Chargers 21
Smith selection : Chargers 24, Hunters 17
FPI Forecast : LV, 53.9% (average 1.4 points)

The equation should be read: The robbers enter a potentially seasonal area by … Will Williams Broadband Loaders have everything in place after switching it on and off? … When will the giant and expensive O-line of Raiders be reunited? … Lynn in Chargers has another double-digit clue: We have to find out.

16:25 ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 54,9 | Distribution : ARI -4.5 (49)

What you should see: Although the Cardinals play well as they have lately, they will be at the bottom of Byron Murphy Jr. and perhaps Dr. Kirkpatrick in the corner compartment. When Kirkpatrick takes to the streets, make sure QB Tua Tagovailoa, a newcomer in Miami, takes a big walk, because the one guarded by Arizona’s Patrick Peterson Corner will be gone all day. — Josh Weinfuss.

A bold prophecy: The dolphins will keep the cardinals within 50 yards of DeAndre Hopkins. In games where Javier Howard and Byron Jones are both in good health, the Dolphins allow only 5.5 yards per attempt and 13.8 points per game. They are number one in the NFL on defense, and the main reason is that they have a lot of money on their hands. However, this dolphin conservation game is a tent and the neutralization of Hopkins, which currently averages over 100 meters per game, would be a great achievement. — Cameron Wolf

Find out now: Tagovayloa and Kailer Murray completed the vote for the Heisman Award 2018 at 1 or 2 o’clock. This is only the fifth time that the quarterback, who finished 2-1 at Heisman in the same year, competes in the NFL. (Lamar Jackson and Deshawn Watson are the last couple to meet at the beginning of this season).

Injuries: Dolphins | Cardinals

What a fantasy to know: In five of this season’s seven games, Hopkins has climbed into the top 10 wide receivers, and in the defense of the Dolphins, who are in 21st place this season against the Fantasy wide receivers, he is threatened. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: This season Miami scored 11.5 points for the Super Bowl era. (The current record is 11.1, Auckland Raiders 1967.) Read more.

The choice of the wolf: Dolphins 23, Cardinals 20
Weinfus : Cardinals 31, Dolphins 24
FPI Prognosis : ARI, 69.7% (average 7.0 points)

The equation should be read: A visit from Tagovayloa: Four days, three states, two victories and a weekend you’ll never forget… Cardinal Baker cools off until he turns on the game switch Flores and says the Dolphins are not auditioning for Tua. Kingsbury confirmed that both cardinals reacted positively to the coronavirus.

16:25 ET | CBS
Conformity assessment: 40.5 | Distribution : PIT-14(42)

What you should see: The Cowboys have had more than 25,000 fans at each of their last three games at AT&T Stadium, and a similar crowd is expected on Sunday. How many of them will Steelers be fans? The Cowboys play the wild pass with a fourth quarterback. And Pittsburgh has a balanced offense, scoring at least 26 points in every match. When the steel producers visited the AT&T Stadium in 2012, they were taken by the Terribles Serviettes amidst a crowd of 95,595 people. The crowd will be smaller on Sunday, but the percentage of Steelers fans might be higher. — Todd Archer Everything you need this week
– Complete chart | Football Power Index
– Depth charts for each team
– Transactions | Injuries
– Football Power Index
Other NFL coverage

A bold prophecy: Dallas, the replacement for Ezekiel Elliott, will play his first 100-yard game. Last week the Stalers tried to prevent the Ravens from retreating 265 metres, 113 of which were for newcomer J.K. Dobbins. And it’s likely they’re on the run without defender Tyson Aloyaloo, linebacker Devin Bush and defender Mike Hilton. However, Pittsburgh has gone through a lot of tough trials and this week won’t be any easier, as the Cowboys are likely to attack soon when the quarterback situation is about to get up. — Brooke Pryor

Find out now: The Steelers accelerate with 1.9 turns per game and are second in the NFL behind the Seahawks (2.0). Meanwhile, the Cowboys do 2.3 championship rounds per race.

Injuries: Steel producers | Cowboys

What a fantasy to know: Elliott gets an average of 8.8 fantasy points per game (RB25) within three weeks of Duck Prescott’s injury. Five weeks earlier he was RB4 with an average of 22.3 points. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: This season Dallas has not been able to beat the games with an average of 10.1 points in one fight. That would be the second worst thing in the Super Bowl era. (Baltimore foals were at minus 10.7 in 1981.) Read more.

Pryor’s choice: 35 steel, Cowboys 20 archer : Steel Machinery 37, Cowboys 17
FPI Forecast : PIT, 78.0% (average 10.4 points).

The equation should be read: The return of the Rothlisberg backyard is also good news for the steel producers … Cowboys throwing Gilbert or going after the Steelers at QB… Steel producers are changing their habits with the continuation of off-season trading. Once this position group was very impressed by the power of the cowboys. Dalton’s news is proof that the Cowboys could get worse.

8:20. ET | NBC
Conformity assessment: 83,6 | Distribution : TB -4.5 (50.5)

What you should see: Antonio Brown’s wide receiver makes his debut for the Buccaneers, who hope to take revenge for the first week lost in New Orleans and retain control of the NFC in the south. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said they were light years away from where they attacked the first week and Todd Bowles’ defense was one of the best in the league. However, in the last two weeks D has shown some vulnerability to robbers and giants, so they have to overcome a slow start and rely on the second half of the interception to be the seal of approval. Against Drew Bree, the start will be much faster. — Jenna Lane

A bold prophecy: Quarterback Tom Brady burns the Saints with a 50-yard TD pass. Well, this isn’t very brave, because the Saints have missed an incredible seven passes of over 48 meters in the last five races. High school in New Orleans has gradually improved, but who better than Brady to find and emphasize a lack of light – especially now that he has to work with so many different players, including Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, Brown and maybe Chris Godwyn (if he’s healthy?). — Mike Triplet

Find out now: For the return of the Saints, Alvin Camara played six consecutive 100-yard games, the longest active streak in the NFL and the longest streak for the Saints’ player since the record-breaking nine-player-per-team Deuce McAllister series in 2003. Camara’s 27 career games, consisting of 100-meter-long storylines, are the third most successful in the history of the franchise, with Joe Horne at the head.

Injuries: Holy Biscuits

What a fantasy to know: In his last three games against Saint Evans, he has only five traps on 119 routes. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: All seven New Orleans games have been played this season. Details.

Triplet’s choice: Buccaneers 27, Saints 23
Choice of Wools : Buccaneers 29, Saints 26
REIT Prognosis : Tuberculosis, 64.9% (average 5.2 points)

The equation should be read: NFL Safety Officer Scars KB: How did Bris, Brady and others survive their injuries… Brown says he’s grateful to be back in football… Holy 5-2, because Camara makes NFL history… What can the hackers expect from Brown’s receiver?

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Mike Clay is not sitting on the bench of Michael Thomas but is worried about his game against Carlton Davis Bucs CB.

Monday, 8:15. ET | ESPN
Appropriate rating: 22.5 | Distribution : NE -7.5 (42.5)

What you should see: The Patriots have lost four in a row. The jets lost eight in a row. Each team passed three times in a row without touching the ball. The two quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Sam Darnold, are fighting. A long time ago, say 10 years ago, it was a nice rivalry. Then it became one-sided. Now it seems painless. — Rich Chimini

A bold prophecy: Rookie Josh Uche, who played 13 Dreams in his debut, will play a big role and will strive for a rotation that will help the Patriots win. Uche, Michigan’s runoff election, is the kind of fast, physical line of defense the Patriots desperately need to be at the center of their defense. — Mike Travel

Find out now: In the last three games, Newton has not scored a touchdown, stolen five times, missed 21% of the goal and had a total of 25.3 QBRs. Part of the problem may lie in its spread. This season the group has a TD (the smallest in the NFL), and Pats missed eight peaks when he focused on the wide receiver (one less than the biggest in the NFL).

Injuries: Patriots | jets

What a fantasy to know: Does New England pay enough attention to Damien Harris? On average he tends towards the 1100-yard season, and last week in Buffalo he finally reached the end zone. Its role depends on the scenario of the game, but even the fighting patriots are favored by 7.5 points on the road above the Jets. See the ninth week evaluation.

The nugget bet: Bill Belichik 6-1 ATS in his career in New England when he meets a team 0-3 or worse. Details.

The choice of rice: Patriots 26, Jets 17Chimini: Patriots 20, plane 10
FPI prediction: NE, 72.6% (average 8.1 points)

The equation should be read: Dolphins trading in the WR Ford for patriots… Optimistic Darnold will play Monday night despite a shoulder injury… After decades of dominance, the Patriots are far from winning the AFC East… General Motors Douglas Jets blames Darnold’s support, Gaza… Proposed bill 2021. NFL: Who has the number one choice?

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