The voters of the electoral college will go to the polls on Monday to register the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Their voices will then be sent to Washington, where they will be heard on the 6th. January in Congress.

At 5:30 p.m., California voters cast their ballots for President-elect Joe Biden in 55 electoral colleges across the state, placing him above the 270 votes needed for the victory.

President Trump refused to give up the election, although his recent legitimate attempts to protest against the result were destroyed by the judge. On Friday, the Supreme Court dismissed a complaint from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who tried to prevent voters in four major states from voting on Monday.

Biden was supposed to give a speech Monday night after all the voters had cast their votes.

What happened before December 14?

Election day is legally fixed on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November, which in 2020 will be the third Monday of November. November has come and gone. When people vote, they are actually voting for a voter who is willing to support their choice of president and vice-president.

Once the votes are cast, the states count and finally confirm the votes. All states have confirmed their results. California was the last, the 11th. December.

U.S. law states that a state that has procedures for resolving disagreements with voters prior to election day and whose results are determined six days before the election is entitled to a safe haven. Congress should regard these results as convincing. This date is called the safe harbor period.

What exactly happens on Monday?

The federal law stipulates that voters meet on Monday in December, after the second Wednesday, which will be the 14th in 2020. December falls.

There are 538 voters. The population of each state is based on population size and is equal to the number of members of Congress and women in the House of Representatives and Senate, which means that the minimum number of members of Congress and women in each state can be three. The state with the largest number of voters is California, with 55 voters. There are three voters in Washington, although it’s not a state.

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The members of the New York City Electoral Commission, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton will vote on Monday 14 March. December 2020, in the Capitol meeting room in Albany, New York, for the president and vice president.

Hans Pennink / AP

All but two states, Maine and Nebraska, give their vote to the candidate with the most votes in the state. Maine assigns two of his four congressional districts to the state winner, but also distributes the votes to the referendum winners in each of his two congressional districts. Nebraska gives two of her five votes to the winning state and the other three to the winner in each of the three congressional districts.

After the November elections, 306 voters will vote for Mr Biden and 232 for Mr Trump.

Voters vote individually and on paper for the chairman and vice-chairman. The voters count the votes and then sign six documents called voting certificates. The certificates shall be attached to the performance certificates issued, signed, stamped and certified by the State Governors.

Six copies are then sent by registered mail to the President of the Senate (a.k.a. Vice President Mike Pence); two copies are sent to the Secretary of State of the State where the voters were collected; two to the Registrar of Registers and one to the judge of the American District Court for the district where the voters were collected.

The voting takes place at different times of the day, starting at 10 am. ET and ends at 7:00 in Hawaii. IT. In Michigan, the offices of the House of Representatives and the Senate have been closed due to credible threats of violence instead of expected protests. That is why the voters will be escorted by the police from their cars to the Capitol building, according to Mike Shirkey, spokesman for the majority leader of the state senate. Members of the Electoral Commission of the state of Michigan voted for President-elect Biden, who won the state despite Trump’s efforts to sue him.

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Lieutenant Garlin Gilchrist of the government of Michigan opens on the 14th. December 2020 the meeting of the State Voting Council in the state capital Lansing.


Voters are not legally obliged to vote in state elections, and there were 10 errors in 2016. But most states have laws that cancel out the voices of unbelievers, and in July the Supreme Court ruled that the states could punish them. FairWatch noted that there have been 167 disbelievers since the Electoral College was founded.

Who are the voters?

Between May and August, state parties and independent candidates nominate their voters for each party. The Constitution does not specify how states should elect their voters, so most candidates are nominated by state party commissions or at party conventions.

Voters cannot be U.S. senators, members of Congress, or individuals who have a trust or profit office in the United States.

Most voters are not known, but this year there are a few celebrities. Former President Bill Clinton, Democratic Party nominee for 2016 Hillary Clinton, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are democratic voters in New York, and South Dakota Governor Christie Noem is a Republican voter in her state.

Stacy Abrams, the candidate for Governor of the Democratic Party of Georgia 2018, is a Georgian voter. She was elected President of the Assembly, assisted by Mr. Biden, and Kamala Harris was elected Vice-Chairman.

The president of the House of Michigan, Lee Chatfield, issued a statement Monday that the State House would not vote for a new voter list. The GOP legislator said he was part of a group that supports the selection of new voters, according to the Detroit Free Press. Even Michigan’s representative, Gary Eisen, doesn’t rule out the possibility of violence.

Mr. Chatfield said he fought hard for Mr. Trump, but he didn’t see that he risked our standards, our traditions, to pass a resolution that retroactively changes the voters behind Mr. Trump, simply because some people think there may be widespread fraud to let him win.

Can Mr Trump challenge the results after the vote?

Congress can contest the results in a state that does not meet the March 8 deadline. December. Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama said he plans to challenge Biden’s vote in the March 6 Congress. January. A senator must join him and submit his objections in writing, after which both chambers of Congress discuss the objections and vote to uphold them, reports the Associated Press.

In a statement made last week, Trump’s lawyers cited a dissenting opinion in a 2000 Supreme Court ruling in Bush v. January is the most important date.

While the media desperately claims that the fight is over, we will continue to defend the integrity of the election until the legal vote is counted fairly and accurately, lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis said.

What are the following important data?

  • 23. December: All copies of the votes must be sent to the recipients.
  • 6. January: Congress will count the votes. The procedure provides for the opening of the pence of each State certificate – documents issued by the State after the counting of votes has been completed and the official results confirmed. He then hands over the certificate to four cashiers, who publish the results of the calculations. As soon as the candidate has obtained 270 votes in the electoral college, Pence will announce the winner.
  • 20. January: Mr. Biden will be inaugurated.

Grace Segers, Adam Brewster and Audrey McNamara contributed to this report.

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