Judoon Sancho small range Judoon Sancho small range was a target choice

England was about to defeat the Irish Republic in a friendly international tournament at Wembley.

Manager Gareth Southgate gave his first-round player a chance by leaving England’s main players for the UEFA National League game in Belgium on Sunday – but the Republicans, who caught up with the Republicans, went too far.

Jude Bellingham, who replaced his second half debut, became the third full international in England in 17 years and 137 days.

And Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson also won his first big hat to replace Burnley’s Nick Pope.

After receiving an armband from the captain, Harry Maguire unleashed some of the setbacks of his last performance in England – when he was sent back from Denmark to the League of Nations and 18 minutes later he went to the flank of Harry Winx.

Judon Sancho doubled England’s lead before the break, and their total control was underlined when Dominic Calvert-Lewin took the lead in the 56th minute. Cyrus Christie scored a decisive goal in the second minute after a penalty shot by Bucayo Saca. This was England’s first victory over the Republic since 1985.

Graylish leads theexhibition

All statements about England should be placed in the context of the mediocre speech of the Irish Republic, but it was a very impressive evening for Aston Villa’s Jack Grilish.

The 25-year-old, who actually played for the Republican team before moving to England, has been the subject of much debate and many have wondered why Southgate doesn’t use its mercenary talents more regularly.

Here Grealish was in a confident mood for the role of hobo, as he loved real estate and was one of England’s most important creative forces before being replaced, and after a subtle performance he received a warm hug from his manager.

It is not yet clear whether Grilish has done enough to take a more prominent place in Southgate’s deliberations on the most important Belgian conflict, but there is no doubt that he has once again made a great impression, albeit in a game that occasionally resembled a practice session.

Best night for Maguire

Maguire made a disco figure in his last performance at Wembley in England and ended a 31 minute horror show against Denmark with a second yellow card.

That night, he looked at the world as the one who was left out of the team – after his defeat on the field in the Manchester United defense, which allowed six home goals to Tottenham Hotspur, and the injury he suffered outside the field in his high-profile trial in Greece.

Here Southgate showed his great confidence in Maguire by calling him captain – and the midback had such a pleasant night that he could postpone any small defensive task to score a goal and get the chance to score more.

I had a difficult summer – everyone knows what happened, Maguire said live on Radio 5.

At the beginning of the season, I may not have focused on that. In the first international camp I was sent [against Denmark], and I felt I was the one who had abandoned the boys the most. I’m not the guys.

We lost the game, and that was disappointing. Gareth showed great confidence in me and gave me the Captain’s Band-Aid. I feel fit again and hopefully I can start now.

England’s second team benefited from the contributions of fellow goalkeepers Calvert Lewin and Sancho, while Henderson made a smart save in his 45-minute debut,

It was difficult to judge seriously in such a moderately friendly match, but Southgate will be pleased that England has almost always been able to show such a dominant position.

We are set up to play soccer.

British manager Gareth Southgate was live on Radio 5: We were very happy. We had a good base with three defenders who were our most experienced players in the team.

Physically we weren’t as strong in midfield as usual, but we played smart.

Jack Grilish was very good. He is in very good condition and plays in the areas where we want him to play without going too far and he influences the game in the last period.

We wanted to give Jude Bellingham about 20 minutes to feel it. He was nervous from the start, which is a great reason to come with a team at his age and be as mature as he was with us.

You saw him go upstairs and get into the game. That’s the experience we wanted to give him.

The actors of the game

Jack fries

Republic of Ireland

  1. Team number 6 Name of Hurigan player
  2. Team number 2 Players named Doherty
  3. Team number21Player nameCurtis
  4. Squadron number20 player nameO’Shea
  5. Team number13 Player nameHendrick
  6. Team number17 Player nameeHorgan
  7. Team number9 Name of the playerIda
  8. Team number15 Player nameO’Doodle player
  9. Team number 7 Player nameBrown
  10. Team number23 Player nameRandolph
  11. Team number22Name of Molomba player
  12. Team number 4 player NameDuffy
  13. Team number5 Player nameEgan
  14. Team number 14 Name of playerLong.
  15. Team number 10 is called Radi.
  16. Squadron number 12Tittle player Christis.
  17. Team number11 Player nameMcClane

Republic of target drought remains – Statistics

  • England defeated the Republic of Ireland for the first time since March 1985, ending with a winless run of seven games.
  • In the last five matches of all leagues, the Republic has not scored a single goal, the longest period without a goal from November 1995 to May 1996.
  • Harry Maguire was 33 years old. Manchester United player who scored a goal for England’s national team – no other club has scored so many different goals for the Three Lions (although Tottenham also scored 33).
  • Jack Grialisch has been involved in backbox games for England. This season he scored 12 goals in 11 appearances in all tournaments for club and country (five goals, seven assists).
  • Judon Sancho was the first player to score a goal for England at Wembley. He has been playing for the club’s non-English speaking team since Steve McManaman played in Luxembourg in September 1999.
  • Each of the last four penalty points in England were scored by different players (Harry Cain, Rahim Sterling, Markus Rashford and Dominic Calvert-Lewin). This is the longest series of penalty shots scored between 1980 and 1990 (excluding penalty shots) by Terry McDermott, Kevin Keegan, Phil Neil, Brian Robson and Gary Lynecker.



  • 1Replaced by Hendersonat 45’min.
  • 4Kin
  • 5Maguire
  • 6MingsSubstituted forMaitland-Nilesat 61’minutes
  • 2 James
  • 7MountSubstituted forBellinghamat 73’minutes
  • 8 Wink
  • 3 axes
  • 10Sancho
  • 9 Calvert LewinReplaced by Abrahamat 63 minutes
  • 11GrealishSubstituted on Fodenate 61’min.


  • 13 Henderson
  • 14Pis
  • 15Abraham
  • 16MytelandNiles
  • 17Bellingham
  • 18 floors
  • 19Cain
  • 20Animal
  • 21Chiliwell
  • 22Pikford
  • 23 Henderson

P. Ireland

  • 23Randolph
  • 12ChristSubstituted for long 61′ minutes
  • 4Duffy
  • 5Egan went to O’Shiat 14’min.
  • 2oherty
  • 13 Hendrick
  • 6HourihaneReplaced by Molumbaiat 71’min.
  • 17GorganSubstituted for bradyate 60’minutes
  • 7Brown
  • 15O’DowdaSubstituted by McCleanat 61’minutes
  • 9IdaSubstituted by Kurtisat 71 min.


  • 1beams
  • 10Brada
  • 11McClean
  • 14Long
  • 16Troweler
  • 18 Collins
  • 19Magin thread
  • 20O’Shea
  • 21Curtis
  • 22 Mollumbies

The arbitrator: Carlos del Cerro Grande

Real-time text

  1. Final of the competition, England 3, Republic of Ireland 0.
  2. End of second half, England 3, Republic of Ireland 0.
  3. Wrong about Tammy Abraham, England.
  4. Matt Daugherty (Republic of Ireland) hits a free kick in the middle of the box.
  5. I missed a shot. Shane Duffy, Republic of Ireland, the midfield title is too high. Supported by James McClean with a cross around the corner.
  6. Corner, Republic of Ireland. Confession of Rhys James.
  7. Offside, England. Bukayo Saka tries to score, but Phil Foden is offside.
  8. I missed a shot. The title of Harry Maguire (England) in the middle of the box is close by, but the left side is missing. With his support Rhys James follows with a cross in the corner.
  9. Corner, England. Kevin Long’s dealer.
  10. Attempted rescue. Ronan Curtis (Republic of Ireland) keeps the picture on the right side of the box in the lower right corner.
  11. Handball Bucayo Saka (England).
  12. A violation by Jude Bellingham, England.
  13. Jeff Hendrick (Republic of Ireland) hits his free kick on the left wing.
  14. Phil Foden (England) hits his free kick in the far half.
  15. Alan Brown (Republic of Ireland) shall be punished after committing an offence.
  16. Substitution, England. Jude Bellingham to replace Mason Mount.
  17. Harry Winx (England) wins the free kick in the defensive half.
  18. Dara O’Shea (Republic of Ireland) shall be penalised following the commission of an offence.
  19. Corner, Republic of Ireland. Confession of Rhys James.
  20. Attempted rescue. Alan Browne (Ireland) clicks right on the middle of the goal Supported by Robbie Brady.

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