Scientists have discovered a new 1600-foot high coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Its height exceeds that of many of the tallest buildings in the world.

These include iconic monuments such as the Empire State Building, the Sydney Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers.

Scientists involved in mapping the seabed of the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef discovered a separate reef.

It would be the first such discovery in over 120 years. The site is in the waters off north Queensland, and the crew were on an expedition aboard a research vessel. They used an underwater robot to explore the reefs and living details.

This discovery is important because there are cases where coral reefs have died due to global warming. The impact of such a high coral reef on the Australian Great Barrier Reef is a sign that these great natural wonders can survive in any situation.

CNN quotes experts who say that a coral reef resembles a leaf, is almost a kilometre wide and reaches an altitude of almost 1,600 feet. Some of the most isolated reefs in this region are known as the breeding ground of the green turtles on the Rhine Island.

Surprise of the world’s largest coral reef source

Robin Beamen led the expedition, and he was surprised by the discovery. According to him, not only the 3D map of the reef in detail, but also the visual vision of this discovery with Subastian is incredible. CNN adds that a member of the Schmidt Institute of Oceanography applauded the discovery.

The co-founder is Wendy Schmidt and she said: This unexpected discovery confirms that we are still finding unknown structures and new species in our ocean. She explains that new technologies have appeared and that this allows us to explore our environment. Today there is more knowledge about ecosystems and the great diversity of life forms that form an integral part of our lives.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest barrier reef in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is probably the largest coral reef in the world. It covers hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. They are home to numerous species of marine life, but are seriously threatened by climate change.

CNN mentions the fact that almost 50% of the coral stock has been lost in the last three decades. A recent report suggests that Australia’s coral reefs have faded the third mass in five years since global warming. It is a topical issue being discussed in international forums in connection with climate change. To reverse this trend, they propose to use renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels to reduce the greenhouse effect. Some countries are actively promoting electric cars to combat global warming. It is assumed that climate disturbances are life-threatening and need to be controlled in order to save the environment. Indeed, in December 2019, a report indicated that fish were returning to the area after sound therapy on dead coral reefs.

Underwater robot exploring a new coral reef

According to NBC News, the Schmidt Ocean Institute led an expedition to study Australia’s oceans and map the seabed around the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef. He found a 1,600-foot high coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef. The team used an underwater robot to explore a new reef. The base is almost a mile wide and the highest point is about 130 feet below the sea surface. The team went through a stream of robot divers who showed a close-up of the structure. Robin Beamen, a marine geologist, says: We’re surprised and excited by what we found. The team will continue to explore the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef until November.

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