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Thomas Ravenel may not be in South Charm anymore, but he still provides drama in Charleston. A former reality TV star makes waves when an actor learns he’s having another baby, not with his ex-girlfriend Katherine Dennis.

In the summer, Ravenel had a boy, and when he was 6 years old… In August he introduced the world via Twitter. He added a picture of the boy with the inscription: Meet Jonathan Jackson Ravenel. Fifteen weeks. Ravenel had a baby with his current girlfriend, Heather Mascoe. Masco is a 38-year-old registered nurse and former politician.

Ravenel and Dennis met for several years, starting with the first season of Southern Charm. Even though they’re not together anymore, they still have two children: Kenzi (6 ) and Saint (4 ). Since then, Dennis and Ravenel have both turned their attention to new love interests.

In the last episode of Southern Charmers, a new child is introduced. In the Season 7 preview, Southair Charm Dennis talks to his friend Danny Baird when he receives a message on his phone. With a shocking expression on his face Dennis turns to Baird and says: Thomas got pregnant with a girl, and she’s having a baby. In another preview Dennis asks about Bird: What do you want me to do? According to the Daily Mail, Dennis got the information from Ravenel’s lawyer.

Ravenel discovered the parental relationship of triplets

Two weeks after welcoming her new baby, Ravenel made her announcement on the 13th day of the baby’s birth. July of the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail was told this by the reality TV star and former 58-year-old politician: We’re both very happy. Heather’s a phenomenal mother, and they’re both doing very well.

Ravenel stated in a press release at the time that he and Masco were just very good friends. But three months later, ex-star Bravo twittered about his current status in the relationship. Did anyone know I was getting married? Tuesday the 13th. October, Ravenel tweeted us weekly.

Despite the fact that he tweeted, he confirmed his wedding plans. Ravenel answered a Twitter user’s question as to whether he would ignore the mating Twitter. Not at all, Ravenel replied on the 13th. October. I’m getting engaged to marry Heather Masco. I’m a lucky man!

As for his relationship with Dennis, he temporarily lived with him during the opening night of the Southern Charm season, while their house was being renovated. She admitted that they didn’t get along, but added later: Actually, we slept together once, but it’s only been a few months.

When Ravenel told the Daily Mail about his new child, he also talked about how his other children looked at him. It’s hard to explain to them, you know, he’s your half-brother – different mothers, same father, Ravenel told the Daily Mail. They were a little confused. In the end, I just told them: You’ll understand when you’re older. But they did FaceTimed with a kid and are very happy to meet him. They’re preparing to spend a week with their mother, so we hope they’ll meet him afterwards.

Ravenel & Dennis may fight another surveillance fight

In November 2019, Dennis and Ravenel reached a joint guardianship agreement, says People. Dennis tweeted at 12. November 2019: I just want my fans to officially hear from me that Thomas and I have solved all our children’s problems. I think this joint custody is in the best interest of our children. I can’t wait to move on. I thank you all for your patience, support and love -kd.

Unfortunately, the agreement may not have lasted long. According to, Ravenel now only wants to have custody of his two children as a result of a series of disturbing events involving his children.

Ravenel insists that his children live full-time with him in Aiken, South Carolina. stated that it has received copies of the proposed changes to the existing holding provisions. The document states that one of the witnesses allegedly snorted cocaine in the presence of his children and made drugs available to his children.

According to, Ravenel also sent a message to Dennis, threatening to accept the deal. If you just agree that this is best for the children and that we can avoid an extremely unpleasant dispute for the public, I will increase the monthly child benefit from 3 to 5,000, – reports

The office went on with Ravenel’s texts, they said: Otherwise, and you never listen to me, the lawyers will win. I’m gonna win too. Your public image will be in Tartaras. Let me take him to Aiken for a few years. I’m older and I’m not looking for fame or parties anymore. Please, for his sake and yours, don’t argue with me about this.

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