JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Doug Marron, coach of the Jacksonville Jaguar, hopes the magic of round six will be repeated.

On Sunday, Marron starts the fight of rookie quarterback Jake Luton against Houston’s Texas instead of Gardner Minshaw, who is definitely out of the game with a broken ligament and damage to his right thumb. Marron leaves Oregon in the sixth round, although he is inactive in every game behind veteran Mike Glennon, who threw 36 touchdown passes in 22 career starts.

I didn’t think Jake would be ready to take him there right away, so Mike had that experience, so we took him there [to be number two in the QB every week], Marron said. And then Jake did a good job. I think Jake has a high ceiling, and that’s how I feel about him. Not to take anything from Mike, I have a lot of respect for him, and I told Mike that. I just want to see where this guy is.

Maybe we should take a look at it. Let’s see what we’ve got. Come on, play with him and let’s go.


Marron said he had no idea how long Mincho, who was eliminated by the Jaguars in the sixth round in 2019, would come out of the starting line-up – he said he hadn’t considered switching Mincho to infrared at this stage – but there was no guarantee he would go back to the starting line-up if Luton played well against Texas and beyond.

As a coach, you say: Yeah, as soon as Gardner’s done, he can come back. But I think if you record where we are at 1:6, we should see what this man is capable of, Marron said. If this kid gets all right and plays, what happens? Then why do you want to put him on the couch and play with another kid? I think it’s just common sense. The opportunity creates itself.

If he succeeds, we’ll see where we’re going and we’ll make a decision in due course.

Luton had 62.1 percent of his 5,227 passing yards and 42 touchdowns with 11 interceptions in 23 games against Oregon State from 2017-19. In his last season with the beavers he scored 28 touchdowns and only three steals.

Minshew got off to a flying start in 2020, scoring 75.4 per cent of his 512 assists and six touchdowns with two interceptions in Jaguar’s first two games, but then he got into trouble. He finished the season with 51.9 percent (14:27) at 173 meters and two touchdowns in his final game with the Jaguars and lost to the Los Angeles Chargers in 25th place. October at 39:29. In the first game he switched to the wide open DJ Chark and the Jaguar attackers started the match with four three and three consecutive outs. Minshaw went from 0 to 3 and was fired three times on these four properties.

After the match, Marrone said he had been told that Minshev had a thumb bone, but that he only knew the severity of the injury two days after seeing a craftsman and undergoing additional tests. A source told ESPN station Adam Shetfer that Minshue was arrested on the 11th. October against Houston, and didn’t tell the team until last week. Marron said Minsho would not be punished for not reporting an injury for two weeks.

This season, Minskhue scored 65.9% of his passes for 1855 yards and 13 touchdowns with five steals. He also lost three goals and finished second of all quarterbacks. However, according to ESPN’s statistics and information, Minshew ranks third in terms of the number of NFL passengers and fourth in terms of the percentage of work carried out.

Also on Monday, defender Bruce Miller, who the Jaguars just signed with coaching staff, was suspended by the NFL for six games. Jaguars cut Miller off on the 30th. October. He played seven games and had a trick two meters in front of him. The Jaguars have also signed a contract with striker Evan Boehm as part of the training team.

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