Neil Robertson wins in the exciting final (Photo: )

Neil Robertson won his third championship in Great Britain with a spectacular victory over Judd Trump (10-9) in the final of Milton Keynes.

At 12:55 the Australian regained his title after crossing the hour mark in the last frame when a mentally exhausted couple knocked him out.

Trump seemed confident in his ability to win his second championship, but he missed the usual pink that would have put him on black until the end and let Robertson come to the table to finish the frame.

Robertson’s victory cost £200,000, while Trump’s failure yielded £80,000 for second place.

Despite the drama of the final, the quality of the glasses left much to be desired and Robertson admits to having felt the pressure of chance.

Robertson won his third British Championship (Photo: )

It was amazing. What Judd said after this game, I’d be just as merciful, Robertson said.

It got so bad that in one phase it was so good. There have been many good things. We like to receive film material with large breaks during a visit.

Maybe because I lost the last two finals, I tried too hard and disappointed Judd a bit. But we’re both gladiators, trying to win.

Despite the fact that Trump was merciful in his defeat, he was angry about his play in the last frame and admitted that he had missed his chance.

It was an epic struggle that was hard to accept, and I really woke her up in a bottle. I was under a lot of pressure and I blew it in the end, Mr Trump said.

Normally I would never have missed a uniform there, but I have the full length of the frame and the pressure, and I tried too hard.

It would be nice to watch, but it’s awful for me.

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After the first session, the pair was 4-4, but Robertson pushed to take the lead 7-6 when the game resumed.

After the 51 minute frame – the longest of the remote races – Trump showed great mental strength until the score was 7-7 and came at a time when Robertson missed out on numerous chances in the next frame.

Surprisingly, Robertson regained his composure by scoring 115 points, breaking the record for the 100th British Championship – 13 points.

2020 Players' Championship - Day 7

Trump was angry at his play in the last picture (VCG/VCG picture via Getty Images).

The Australian eventually regained his momentum, but Robertson’s failed red gave Trump the chance to clear the table and Bristol gave himself two frames to win the championship.

Trump was on the right track after a 48-hour break, but the neglected red allowed the Robertsons to return to the negotiating table and reached third place in the world by a wide margin in the final round.

In the dramatic final, steeped in bad play, Trump had a golden opportunity to win, but it turned pink.

Robertson managed to regain his composure and sink the pink, although the Australian looked at the board to confirm that he had won the game – it was the emotional drain of the night.

MORE… Judd Trump is a snook tiger from the forest, Ronnie O’Sullivan says, but Neil Robertson wants to be Roger Federer.

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