Bladeless turbines produce less noise than existing models (Photo: Bladeless Vortex Turbines).

When you think of a wind turbine, you usually think of a Vintron plane high in the sky, but that could change.

Norway’s state-owned energy company, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, has named Vortex Bladeless, a Madrid-based factory for the production of bladder turbines, one of the most interesting in the world.

The six-person company makes windmills three meters long, without blades, which swing in the wind like a sandbag and generate electricity from the movement.

The unusual design has been compared to a giant sex toy, and internet commentators called it the Skybrator.

But behind the comparisons on the ground is an important concept: conventional wind turbines can kill birds and cause significant noise pollution, which Vortex Bladeless claims to be able to solve.

Our technology has other features that could help fill the gaps in traditional wind farms, Vortex founder David Yáñez told The Guardian newspaper.

The absence of vanes saves the lives of the birds (photo: vortex without vanes).

Because of high noise levels, wind farms often cannot be built near residential areas and are too expensive to install on a single house – difficult areas for Vortex to develop,

The more than 500,000 birds killed each year by conventional turbines would be an added bonus.

This is especially a problem at sea, as migratory birds do not like long distances at sea, and they like to have a place to land when the wind blows.

Janes believes his company’s technology can work alongside traditional wind farms.

They complement each other well, as solar panels produce electricity during the day, while wind speeds tend to be higher at night.

However, the main advantage of this technology is the reduction of the environmental impact, the visual impact and the operation and maintenance costs of the turbine.

The wind vortex swings back and forth (photo: vortex without blades).

Today the turbine is small and can only produce a small amount of electricity. But we are looking for an industrial partner to expand our projects to a 140 meter and 1 megawatt turbine.

The basic mechanism of the windless turbine is a phenomenon called vortex dumping, in which smooth air flows over an object and vibrates it, generating energy that can be harnessed.

Two repelling magnets under the 3 meter high tower cause the tower to oscillate in the opposite direction of the pull, making it suitable for low wind conditions.

So although it is called a turbine, it only shares the power source with wind turbines – it works completely differently.

However, this is an advantage because, without an internal motor, the pylon can operate longer and at lower temperatures without breaking down.

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frequently asked questions

How can a wind turbine reduce bird mortality?

Something as simple as black paint could be the key to reducing the number of birds killed by wind turbines each year.

Do wind turbines kill thousands of birds?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that 140,000 to 500,000 birds are killed by wind farms each year.

What percentage of birds die from wind turbines?

Adjusting 62.5% of the 681,000 annual mortality rates calculated above by 1.6 and 2.7 times the multiplier of the search dog study (and including the remaining 37.5% of birds) yields a total of 936,000 and 1.4 million birds, respectively, based on figures from two …


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