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Prince William revealed that he talks to his children every day about the sacrifices NHS staff make in treating coronavirus patients.

The Duke of Cambridge thanked the doctors for their hard work, sleepless nights, lack of sleep, fear, exhaustion and everything else. He spoke with staff at Homerton University Hospital in East London in a video call this week.

Royal has been warned that things are worse than the first wave of phone calls, as there are still cases and deaths throughout the UK.

A senior nurse said queues at the hospital for immunisation were encouraging, but the solution to the health crisis was for people to stay at home during their isolation.

In a speech on Thursday, the Duke, who co-sponsored NHS Charities Together, said, ‘Thank you for all the work, the sleepless nights, the restlessness, the exhaustion and everything you do, we are very grateful. You’re all in my thoughts.

Catherine, me and all the children talk about you every day so that the children understand the sacrifices you all make, we are very grateful. Good luck. We’re all thinking about you.

Last week, Homerton University Hospital admitted the largest number of patients since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 200 patients with Covida’s disease have been treated and staff have been transferred to new positions within the hospital to address the ongoing pressure on frontline staff to control the pandemic.

During the appeal, William heard the staff talk about the problems they face, while experts warn that the NHS will soon be overwhelmed.

Dr. Carlo Prina, advisor and clinical director of the emergency department, told him: So it’s worse than the first wave. I think that’s the first thing we want to say.

(Matt Porteous/Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/Kensington Chamber via AP)

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, with their children, Prince George, left, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, centre (Photo: AP) 'everyday.jpg

Medical staff transfer a patient from the acute care unit to the intensive care unit of St George’s Hospital in Tooting, Southwest London (Photo: PA).

Dr. Prina gave a detailed overview of the increase in patient admissions in 2020 and how the medical staff – from experienced advisors to residents – are now helping.

The specialist added: It sounds pretty grim, and I don’t want it to sound that grim, but the horror of the situation has been met with incredible effort by the people who have come together.

He moved on: Our medical and nursing staff have never been more in demand, but also never been so consistent.

I think people are tired. People knew it was going to happen, but we were still tired, and there was so much work between the two waves to prepare us, but also to try and get things back on track to get back to where they were.

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Head Nurse Catherine Pelly told William that they have tried to support staff with various initiatives, including a wobble room where staff can relax, which was set up with funding from NHS Charities Together.

She went on to say: For us this week one of the most important consequences for the population was the start of the vaccinations and people were very encouraged by the queues at the door where the vaccines were administered.

But the support we need is to stay home and help us – because that’s going to take us out of our role, whatever it is, and we’re going to bring it back to the community.

After hearing the support of the staff, William said it’s good that you and your team are in a good mood, and I still think it’s very important to have a sense of humour about everything, otherwise we all go crazy.

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