On Saturday, Michigan surprised the 13th place. Michigan 27-24 in Ann Arbor with the help of a true beginner, Ricky White’s Wide Receiver.

Marietta, Georgia, hit a 196-foot eight-shot touchdown to beat her Michigan rival.

In the first game of the season White had only a 5-yard lead over the Rutgers, but they dominated the Wolverines. It’s the first Spartan receiver with 190 yards or more in the game since R.D. Shelton had 190 yards against Northwestern in 2016, and it’s the largest on the Michigan state receiver since Mark Dell had 202 yards against Cal in 2008.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Receiver Ricky White (7) makes a catch while defending Michigan defender Jalen Perry. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

He did a good job in practice, said Coach Mel Tucker about the cue ball after the game. I remember him from high school. We saw him as a player and thought he was an excellent player. Guys who go on the field on game day go because they did it in practice.

We saw him playing, so we weren’t surprised.

Michigan quarterback Rocky Lombardi made only 17 of his 32 passing attempts but made 323 yards and three touchdowns without an interception. Lombardi makes two interceptions and loses to Rutgers, but takes the ball in the second round.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Michigan quarterback Rocky Lombardi threw 323 yards and 3 touchdowns against Michigan. Photo by Nick Antaya/Getty Photo’s

The Spartan defense held Michigan quarterback Joe Milton to a 300-yard draw, but the Wolverines failed to score a touchdown in the air. All three touchdowns came into play, but Michigan kept the 4.5 bearing yards and 152 common yards in play and tried to admit the ball in the middle of Michigan state defense.

The defense was led by linebacker Antjean Simmons, who had a touchdown in Michigan with 11 shared tanks and two passes, one of which was in the end zone. After the match Milton was asked about Simmons and his performance, to which Milton answered who Simmons was and said he wasn’t on the radar before the match.

Anyway, Paul B is back with us. I don’t know what these guys are doing here, but we’re studying our opponent, we know who we’re playing against, Simmons said after the game. So I don’t care if Joe Milton has me on his radar or not. He’s just the quarterback playing here in Michigan. I don’t care what he thinks or does.

Simmons played an important role in stopping Michigan’s attack, and Wolverine coach Jim Harbau praised the Spartans after the game, saying his team was unable to adopt a consistent attack rhythm.

It will belong to [our] team. Congratulations on the state of Michigan, but we have to acknowledge the loss and go back to where we can do better, Harbow said. They’re a first-class team, and I think they’ll do the same. Everyone looks at each other, at the player, at the coach, at all of us, and tries to get better. Try to find places where we can make improvements.

It was Tucker’s first game against his opponent in Michigan and the win set Harbau a 6-1 home record against Michigan and Ohio.

Tucker is Michigan’s only head coach, next to Nick Saban (1995) who beat Michigan against Wolverine in the first school game.

@MSU_Football It’s just starting! Congratulations!
Enjoy the return to MSU! And take Paul Bunyan with you!
Let’s go, Green!

– Mark Dantonio (@DantonioMark) 31. October 2020

Mark Dantonio, who resigned as coach of Spartanen after 13 seasons, wrote his former team congratulations on Twitter.

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