More than 30 years after its first release, just before Christmas, Die Hard is back in the top 10 rental companies. The 1988 Action Classics have recently been re-released in cinemas and have proven to be a relatively popular option for moviegoers because the box office is hanging by a thread. Anyway, the click of Bruce Willis, who introduced me to John McClain, brings back the dough.

De Hard raised about $189,000 over the weekend at the local fundraiser. That puts him just above Tenet ($180,000) to be in the top ten. Directed by John McTiernan, the film initially raised $141 million worldwide after its first release and was running on a budget of just $28 million. Compared to the old days, this can be a drop in the ocean. But it’s a drop that Disney, who last year bought the entire Fox company and received the franchise rights, could use now, and the money for the whole of 2020, roughly.

POWERFUL: Bruce Willis returns as John McClane in the short film Blast Nut.

It can also be used to rub salt into the wounds of those who argue about Die Hard – it’s a Christmas movie. Yeah, the movie’s really set around Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be about Christmas. For many, it’s a stumbling block. This conflict lasted for years and years to infinity. But the fact that the studio decided to re-release it during the holidays and that it works well, suggests that some people associate it with Christmas at least. This is nowhere near enough to end the debate definitively. It is only used to add fuel to the fire.

Die Hard helped Bruce Willis make a real movie star. As New York City police officer John McClain, Willis took him on the air with Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber and his gang of deadly terrorists, with amusing results. On Christmas Eve, John visits his estranged wife Holly and his two daughters, who are attending his company party at Nakatomi Plaza. But the party is interrupted by these terrorists taking the building hostage. With the exception of McClain, who eventually became the only army to save the situation.

Series continue Die Hard 2, Die Hard 2: With revenge, live free or die hard and a good day to die hard followed in the years to come. To date, the franchise has generated more than $1.4 billion in cash worldwide. The franchise has been closed since 2013. Bruce Willis recently rehearsed his role as John McClain in a DieHard drum commercial. The new film, which at some point should at least be a prequel, has been developed over the years, but has not yet got out of hand. His fate is now in the hands of Disney. These numbers come in through the Mojo box.

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