PASO ROBLES – At a special meeting on Thursday, December 10, at 6:30 p.m., the Municipal Council of PASO ROBLES met to discuss the last order of the Governor’s News, which will be published on Sunday, December 6. December, took effect at midnight.

A special meeting of the board was convened to discuss the affairs and term of office of the new governor in his place of residence.

After calling Mayor Steve Martin to order, he handed the meeting over to Tom Frutchi, Paso Robles’ city councilman, who stated in advance that the situation was evolving rapidly and wanted to bring him back to the Council as soon as possible.

Mr Frutzi then explained that he would first give an overview of the problems, but that there are experts in the city who are willing to answer further questions, and they are all present.

Frutchey began ongoing business in the San Luis Obispo district (COVID-19) and hospitalization, which led to a regional order to stay in his homeland, which the governor released last week.

In regions with less than 15% intensive care units, regional rules for staying at home have been introduced that prohibit private meetings, regardless of size. In addition, Newsom announced that from the 3rd. In December, all non-essential intra-state travel will be limited until further notice.

Under the new rules, large companies such as grocery stores will be managed at 20%, bars, wineries, lounges and restaurants will be closed and hotels will only be opened to support essential infrastructure.

Schools can remain open if refused, and restaurants can continue to accept customers and provide delivery services.

The order must remain in force for at least three weeks and will be cancelled after that period if the expected capacity of the intensive care unit in the region is 15% or more. This assessment should be carried out on a weekly basis after an initial period of three weeks.

The State has published a map of five regions with their current potential and the expected dates by which they will fall below the 15% threshold. The district of San Luis Obispo was first placed in the Southern California region, of which Southern California was a part:

– Southern California: Imperial, Iño, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura.

Newsom also said at the time that the state would embezzle funds if the provinces ignored orders and did not follow protocols, but instead passed them on to more deserving provinces.

Frutci explained that the district of San Luis Obispo still has 40% of the beds in intensive care, while the three districts of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura have 26%.

In the context of the state of emergency, there are several irregularities concerning the grouping of districts.

Frutchi explained: In fact, in this system it is SLO County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County, and with a 26% ICU, we would not have an order of institutionalization, we would even go back to the purple level – the most restrictive level – but that is what the public was used to, and that is what they understood and felt, for the most part, they were able to adapt.

He moved on: The rest of Southern California has only 10% of emergency beds, so we came across other counties that have little in common. As a result, Mayor Martin contacted other mayors immediately after the governor’s order and asked all cities to send a letter to the governor requesting that we be removed from the Southern California region. In the presence of the mayor, all three district audit committees have proceeded in the same manner, with virtually all three districts now writing letters to the governor requesting that three districts be included in a new independent sub-region after this initial three-week period, with the decision to be taken at least three weeks, as determined by the governor.

Until yesterday evening the initiative of Mayor Martin was still being considered by other cities. San Luis Obispo is scheduled for last night, and Atasquadero is scheduled for Tuesday the 15th. December, for a special session.

Frutchi went on to say that the decision is still being reviewed to determine whether the letters from the seven district councils will affect the governor or a letter from the seven cities.

Referring to the Commission services’ report on two recommendations, Mr Frutchi stressed the second option, the first of which was described as the most direct:

Authorize the mayor to cooperate with other cities to send one or more joint letters to the governor in support of a letter from the Tri-County Supervisory Board requesting the removal of three Central Coast counties from the Southern California region.

Mr Frutchi said that they would open a discussion on this subject at the end of the meeting. He then addressed the question of how the rules for staying in one’s own country have affected small local businesses and some large companies, such as Park Cinemas, with which they are actively engaged in discussions.

He explained that especially small businesses were affected. Many pointed out that the new order would be devastating for their business, and some said they would not be able to reopen it if it were closed.

After the meeting, Mr. Frutchey discussed some important options that the Council should consider and approve, so that the City knows how to proceed.

He said that after all those months of working with the public in the fight against the pandemic, he felt that both entrepreneurs and individuals had indeed reacted well and taken personal responsibility and had for the most part done everything in their power to meet the challenge. He also noted that when he walked through the city, he saw almost everyone wearing masks and from a distance, if they could, which, in his opinion, was very different from the events of July.

Some of the main points brought to the council’s attention by city staff are

  1. What approach will the city take?
  2. What level of application do they want to achieve?
  3. How long do they have to maintain this approach?

As for the approach, Frutchey explained that some of the options could be to do nothing, continue as before, or follow the Solvang/Manhattan Beach approach.

On the 7th. On December 12th, the Solvang City Council held an emergency meeting to respond to the recent provisions concerning residence in one’s own country and their consequences for the community, and after careful consideration decided that the city would not implement these provisions.

As far as Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles is concerned, they oppose the ban on Sitting Outdoor Plan restaurants.

As Frutchi continued his presentation, they discussed what could be considered a blatant infringement, invoking and maintaining fairness between all companies.

This brought Fruci back to the first important policy question:

A balanced level of support for local businesses in their efforts to find a way to ensure the safety of their employees and customers, maintain the viability of their business and meet community health and safety needs.

Mayor Martin regained control of the meeting and turned to the Council and the staff. He announced that he would open the meeting to questions and clarifications from the Council before public opinion expressed itself. At that time there were already about 18 people on the phone willing to talk to the Council.

Martin said: It’s nice to see the announcement of this meeting. Physical health is very important to our community, as is financial health. So we want to give it the time and attention it deserves and find a solution that is unique and appropriate for the Paso Robles community, not what anyone else has done or said we should do.

A number of issues raised by the members of the Council concerned mental health, the way in which the State organised the regions, the review of the various violations committed and the guidelines/mandates to be applied under the law.

In addition, Jonathan Stornetta explained how the decision was made to create a new region with Santa Barbara and Ventura instead of Monterey and Santa Barbara. He explained that if you look at the entire state of California, the Office of Emergency Preparedness marks the southern region of California, from San Luis Obispo County in the south to the border with San Diego, somewhere north of San Luis Obispo County, the northern region would be where there is no history of Monterey County involvement.

As soon as the audience spoke, 24 people lined up to address the Council. The Appellants’ comments related, inter alia, to the holidays, preference for the Solvang approach, enforcement priorities and the devastating impact on local economies.

One of the calls for support from local businesses was Marjorie Hill.

I do not agree with the closure of our shops in the city centre; I do not agree with the closure of hairdressing salons, nail studios and fitness centres. It’s a small business that forms the backbone of our community; not just the owners, but the employees, the people who come to bring materials for these businesses, and I think the governor is just trying to destroy the small business.

I’m absolutely against it. I don’t believe the law should be applied in a progressive way. I think people who complain don’t consider the impact of their complaint on these small businesses.

Why is Santa Claus receiving 11 complaints about his presence on the street? I don’t understand at all. I think the cure is worse than the disease. I agree with another speaker who commented on our district’s figures; it doesn’t make sense for us to be tied to Los Angeles, and I think the mayor should pursue the idea of writing a letter to the district governor to move our district. I think we should go back to the purple level…

The founder of Paso Robles’ main street, Norma Moyet, called and expressed her total disappointment.

I’m mad at Steve, the mayor of Martin, Moyet said. I live here, I eat here, I tell you, this town, everybody wears a mask, everybody gets your hands washed, everybody’s really complaining, I don’t understand, there’s no reason to close our case if there are no offenses I see.

What else can we do…tell them you own the company if you spend your whole life spending all your money, and now you have to close down and starve again. I want us to withdraw from Southern California… Everybody in Paso does what they have to do, and they’ve all worked very hard to fit in… I know it’s a terrible disease, but the flu, too, please let our dealers do their job.

If you’re scared, they really have our fear under control, and if you’re afraid to go in there, then… Don’t go in there… Bless these merchants, they’re all… I’m upset, Steve… Leave our company open, put yourself in their shoes.

Other appellants, shopkeepers, complained to them and other companies about the difficulties involved in the closure and the fear that there would not be enough micro-subsidies to save our small business.

Sally Reynold called and said that she had died of fright from the virus, that her immediate family was sick and that she didn’t think 45 deaths were something to sneeze at. It was someone’s favorite.

She did not accept that we are not connected with the southern region and supported the mayor who wrote the letter, but explained that Paso is connected and that no one obeys the rules.

After just over two hours and more than 50 telephone calls, the public agreed that Mr Solwan should be prosecuted and that he should not carry out his mandate and activities in a safe and open manner.

Paso Robles shouldn’t be like Solvang, I don’t want to be like any other city, said Councillor John Hamon, but I would support strong leadership from the council and staff to keep our Paso Robles purple with reasonable restrictions or at least until we see that the level of the ICU reaches a dangerous level or 15 percent or less.

I would also continue with the enforcement policy we talked about earlier, but I would not support administrative references to blatant violators who don’t want to follow the purple line; we need to follow those people, and I think Chief Lewis also agrees that we all need to be as safe as possible while we continue to work to preserve our ancestors.

We would like to continue working with our House and the Main Street Association to resolve issues related to providing the support needed to meet these violet demands. I think this is a very important partnership. We must also respect the civil responsibility of our municipal government to maintain our financial security by supporting our companies; if our companies fail, our city will fail, and that is just as simple.

After a further 30-minute discussion, in which the risks were understood, Mayor Martin’s proposal was put forward after all councillors had agreed on general support for Council President Hamon’s proposal.

I propose that we maintain the purple level of restrictions in the city of Paso Robles and support the reclassification of our district by removing it from the static area of Los Angeles for the purpose of KOVID assessment, Martin said. We continue our compassion and education course, using our partners in the House of Representatives and local businesses to help our District Health President identify what is truly outrageous or unworthy, and notify us of these incidents.

I don’t think we need our staff on the ground to make such decisions and, finally, in terms of time and approach, I think this will continue to apply until a review based on local developments or new government mandates is needed.

Second, it’s perfect, Councillor Gregory said.

It was also decided that Mayor Martin, along with all local mayors, would sign a letter to remove San Luis County from Los Angeles County.

The votes were chosen from the 5 members of the Council and the proposal was approved 5-0.

The city council meetings are broadcast live and can be viewed on YouTube at

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