America is in the grip of a cold snap due to a winter storm that has brought life to a standstill. Texas is one of the hardest hit states, and the frost has affected not only human lives, but also marine life. Thousands of turtles were stranded in bays and on beaches. They suffered from cold stupor. This condition made them immobile. As a result, they became stranded. Volunteers and wildlife went to work and brought many endangered turtles to safety. Sea Turtle Inc – a non-profit organization that cares for these animals. The volunteers rescued these turtles from South Padre Island and arranged for them to be housed in a hospital and other places.

The numbers have continued to rise since the temperatures have dropped. An employee of Sea Turtle said, “We were so happy that the community accepted this. But all this effort will be for naught if we don’t restore power to our facility soon.” That’s Wendy Knight, the general manager.

CNN confirms that power outages are a serious problem in the region. Therefore, the companies are struggling with the situation. They have to deal with a large number of sea turtles. Dolphins and manatees can regulate their body temperature indoors. This allows them to survive despite low temperatures. However, sea turtles’ body temperature depends on the temperature of the water around them. This winter storm has put an end to life in Texas and parts of the United States.

Winter storm and power outages

The Texas Game Wardens and a team from Sea Turtle Inc. teamed up to rescue animals from an area near South Padre Island. The team used a rescue boat to retrieve the turtles and transport them to nearby facilities. The rescuers were aware that these turtles cannot survive in extremely low temperatures because they become dizzy from the cold.

CNN adds that the National Park Service explains that they then become listless, lose their sense of direction and swim to the surface or wash up on shore. They could die from shock, become easy prey for predators or die from a collision with a boat. New York City recently experienced a winter storm and up to 15 inches of snow.

SpaceX helps overcome winter storm

Sea Turtle Inc. describes this winter storm as the largest cold weather event for sea turtles in south Texas. CNN mentions SpaceX. It provided a generator that could meet the organization’s needs. Wendy Knight confirmed. The generator helped the turtles stay warm. Prolonged power outages caused flickering of many equipment in the facility. These include expensive heaters and coolers. SpaceX saved the day. Elon Musk owns SpaceX, and he helped Puerto Rico get solar power in 2017 during Hurricane Maria. Many other animals were also threatened by the hurricane. Some of them, mostly primates, had died at a sanctuary in San Antonio. He had to evacuate many animals to other places.

Sea turtles are threatened by winter storms and sub-zero temperatures.

According to ABC News, the conservation group that rescues sea turtles along the Gulf Coast struggled when a winter storm hit. Sea Turtle Inc. is used to the situation, but their numbers have increased this year. It is estimated that volunteers in Texas are holding about 5,000 sea turtles stunned by the cold. They rescue them from the freezing temperatures caused by winter storms. The group handles these cases every fall, but this time they have exceeded expectations. Sea turtles are a federally protected endangered species. South Padre Island, Texas, is their nesting site and habitat. So the conservation group is aware of the need, but this storm combined with a power outage has exacerbated the problems.

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