A new year holds the promise of hope, change and new beginnings. Cliché? Yes. But here’s the thing: The clichés are true. Come on, we’re all looking forward to the new year with positivity.

Sticking to this solution for a year sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it?

If your obsessive side makes you wait until the beginning of the week, month or year to make changes, STOP!

What I am proposing to you now is the perfect solution! A 30-day challenge! This 30-day challenge will help you complete all your projects and even make room for new ones!


Why 30? Because it is possible! It’s pretty long, but not too long. It also makes it possible to meet the need for orders.


Here’s how the 30-day challenge works: You choose a task that you set yourself for 30 consecutive days, for example. B. Run, eat healthy, read a book, program, etc.

It’s not necessarily a matter of habitual teaching. It could also be something you want to learn. Promise yourself to spend some time studying every day!


To make a challenge work, you have to make it your own. Here’s a list I put together so you can add a personal touch to your challenge.


Name it and own it!

Give your personal challenge a cool name (#30NoBread or #30ToShred) that makes you want to do it. Make it your own. Make it your own. Something you do only for yourself and don’t want to prove or show to anyone else.


Most importantly, take responsibility for yourself. There are several ways to do this:

  • Choose a person
    Choose someone who will make you work and not melt with your puppy dog eyes. Someone who is strict and can motivate you. Choose wisely and ask them to track your progress.
  • Social media
    Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Choose your platform and make it a hashtag. Report your progress daily. This will keep you moving and provide massive motivation.
  • Register it
    Create your own blog and track and document your progress on your challenge! Blogs can be particularly useful when you are trying to learn something new. For example, if it’s something like coding, this is a great GitHub profile to use later. In this article, you will find simple websites to keep track of your claims.
  • Community Building
    Chances are, what you are trying to accomplish, someone else is already doing. So why not take advantage of it? You can always form a team with your friends and promise to encourage each other. Or even bet on it and see who wins? Everything that floats your boat.
  • Tell everyone
    Telling everyone what you want to achieve is a good way to keep reminding yourself to stick to it. People may not take it seriously or reject you, but it’s the memory of your goal that counts, not people’s reaction. This challenge is for you, and you don’t have to worry about what others say!


Raise the bar every time!

To feel the thrill of the challenge, you can also try increasing the intensity as you go along. This means gradually increasing the number of hours you spend on your work.


It is important to stick to your goals, but it is equally important to take human nature into account. There will probably be days when you have to finish them. Whether it’s due to work pressures, family vacations or personal interruptions.

So, instead of stopping altogether, let’s limit ourselves to 5 days (or a number of your choice) during the contest! It’s okay to cheat for a few days.

Good luck for the next 30 days! Tell us your challenge in the comments below and find partners to solve it!

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