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INSTRUCTION CARDIN CABLE FORM Describe a person you admire!

I must say:

  • who is this man
  • How do you know this guy
  • what you like to do together.
  • why you admire this man

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We could meet more people during our lifetime, but people pass and life goes on as before. But some have a profound impact on our lives and ideology.

The person I admire most.

The person I admire the most is my mother. I have great appreciation for her because she possesses most of the qualities we need to remember to succeed in life.

My Mother: Essay, speech, paragraph, composition, IELTS logo.

One of the most endearing qualities it retains is its authenticity. When you meet a real person, he will probably look you straight in the eye, and touch you often to create a bond. This is how she shares her thoughts with others. She doesn’t have the typical walls that many other people have. She seems to connect with each person in a way that you can instantly identify with. She overcomes all obstacles and has the ability to connect and show great compassion for others. It’s more or less like she has an extra sense (a sixth sense) that all mothers have. She never imitates to be impeccable, but everything she tells you comes straight from her heart.

Why is a mother a lover? (mother talk)

My mother is someone who has always been there for me, someone I can count on, someone who will never turn her back on me. Someone who supports me, helps me, hugs me, kisses me, trusts me, listens to me, makes me laugh, cheers me up and wipes away my tears when I’m depressed. She will definitely be the one I always admire and adore the most.

She has been very tolerant of me and supportive of all the decisions I have made in my life. It has done a lot to build my confidence and self-esteem. She doesn’t scold me when I fail; instead, she comforts me and makes me feel positive by telling me about her own failures, as well as the successes she’s had in her life, to motivate me to do better. She makes all kinds of sacrifices for the happiness of her children. She’s always been a support and companion to me.

Composition about my mother

Without a doubt, my mother is the most important person in my life because she would never let us down. I would like to be as beautiful as her one day and possess all her virtues: gentle, kind, caring and loving. My mother is the reason I look forward instead of backward.

A mother is a wonderful gift to man. It represents warmth and love. My mother lives a life of service and sacrifice for others. It has served me since I was born. So I owe him a lot. A mother’s debt can never be repaid.


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