Never in a 35-year career as a financial planner.

Fred Dunbar

couldn’t send her clients holiday gifts. In recent years they could expect a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or a piece of fruit in foil. In 2019, Dunbar’s company shipped packages of steaks from Omaha.

But Dunbar told his customers that this year he is investing the budget for Christmas presents in another company and donating it to two local food banks. Everyone we spoke to said they were very happy we were doing this, said Dunbar, president and CEO of Common Cents Planning in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. There are so many wounded, and you just felt it.

At the end of an extremely difficult year, companies are rethinking the ritual of holiday gifts. For many Americans personally affected by the coronavirus pandemic, ordinary gifts may seem silly. Others who work at home can’t put on the brand name cake cups and trays that are so often washed on the beach at the end of the year.

For example, the bombardment of customers and A-list contacts with sweets has given way to a new form of remembering people whose business is most important that they are always on the front line. The budget for the celebration of the holidays has been freed up, and a year far away lived, the desire for reunion aroused, the gifts do not go away. They just need more attention and care.

It wouldn’t be practical to be generous now, he says.

Diana Gottsman,

Etiquette expert and founder of the Texas Protocol School in San Antonio. Our way of thinking has changed during this pandemic and we want to feel comfortable and not be flooded with trinkets and whistles.

Sample card from calligraphy studio Paperfinger, Brooklyn, NY, where he received more requests for more personalized messages from his company.


Jaime Hughes/Birch + Oliva

Handwritten messages

Mrs. Gottsman, who remembers receiving two brand name folding lawn chairs that have served her well during her time as a football mother, says that this is not the time to take up a lot of space or to make a self-portrait. She proposes to surprise the association with something more comfortable, such as a food delivery or a blanket with a label to eliminate any hygiene problems.

If one does not know where the contacts are, a handwritten message to the office is a thoughtful and unrelenting way of expressing gratitude, even if one has not seen him for months. A real and sincere card on which I used your name, and thank you for our relationship with the giant popcorn pool? Miss Gottsman asks. The card wins.

Bryn Chernov,

The owner and creative director of Paperfinger, a calligraphy studio in Brooklyn, New York, sees a return to one card. We always get orders for business vacations, but this year the focus is on personalizing things, she says.

Portland, Oregon, Lee Venistain, Public Affairs Manager, included in his Christmas gift artwork inspired by the local landscape and created by his daughter Sophie Olson.


Sophie Olson

Assistance to small or micro enterprises

After years of sending gift vouchers to important customers in restaurants, some of which are probably closed or only offer one outing,

Lily Nathan,

The CEO of Zinc Educational Services in New York wonders what people really want. Faced with her reluctance, she came up with the idea of ordering food baskets from first-class suppliers close to where the beneficiaries live.

I like the idea of supporting small businesses, many of which are in danger, she said.

The holiday cookie glasses for a small network of Italian cafes were designed by an interior designer in Brooklyn, New York.

Casey Lee Miller.

к… This year it has set itself the task of finding smaller and probably riskier companies and concentrating its purchasing power on suppliers I would like to keep.

It reached its peak in the Primary Essentials Home Store and Saipua, a farm in Esperanza, New York, which produces soap and olive oil. We wash our hands all the time, so it seems appropriate, she says.

To keep the small businesses she loves alive, interior designer Casey Lee Miller sends olive oil soap from Esperanza, New York, Saipua Farm and tea towels from Brooklyn, New York, to Primary Essentials Home Products.


Casey Lee Miller.

Sending 250 parcels with the nearest business contacts to Portland Coffee Roasters’ Holiday,

Lee Weinstein,

The chairman of a PR firm in Portland, Oregon, helps small businesses that turn out to be customers. His festive gift included a letter of thanks with a work of art made by his daughter.

Hadley Douglas,

The co-owner of the City Grapes, a Boston wine store, said orders for the company’s gifts were 65 percent higher than last year. In addition to meeting the desire to buy locally, people are also interested in supporting black companies, says Douglas, whose husband and business partner, TJ Douglas, is black. People think twice before buying fruit baskets. They say: Let’s work with the local supplier and send something that makes a lot of sense. ” Ms. Douglas says

Hadley and T.J. Douglas, co-owners of City Grapes, a Boston wine store, say they have seen business customers who have seen gifts from black companies, as well as a desire to support local businesses.


Philip Keith

Respect for the environment and comfort

I never want to see him again, executive coach.

Hetty Bollerman

talking about old sword columns. A former capital market expert and co-founder of Hatwell, a guidance group for financial services executives, recalls that her colleagues’ tables were filled with bottles of wine, orchids and cheese boards.

She admits that in the past she was also guilty of a bitter gift by sending her customers bottles of champagne and beautiful flowers. It’s disgusting when you think about it, says Miss Bollerman, who’s in Monmouth Beach, NJ.

Share your thoughts with

What do you think is the best way to send gifts to customers this year? Take part in the interview below.

According to her, a growing awareness of injustice and waste has brought a new perspective on chocolate and smoked salmon tricks. In recent years his company has sent articles to the British holding company London Undercover. This year’s model has an environmentally friendly packaging and folding format, which means it will be less likely to be abandoned and replaced.

Because many offices are empty, the displaced people have to think of a completely different holiday season.

Chris Mancini,

Executive Director of the non-profit organization Boston Save Harbor/Save Bay, who came home with all kinds of free stockings.

This year’s unwanted goose shortage is consistent with Mancini’s values as a professional ecologist, but his 7-year-old daughter May sees it differently. She asked me: Where’s all the fun stuff we used to get? ”

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