David Fincher Recent comments about the Todd Phillip Joker have caused some controversy in the social media. He also said the film gave him memories of his work at Fight Club. Fincher had a hard time getting a 1999 film into the studio, which he talked about more than once. The film was about mental illness in a way that most people aren’t used to seeing on the big screen, and for many studios it was too much play. The Joker and Warner Bros. did not understand that the film, which also covered mental illness, ended up in theaters despite the reaction of the audience.

David Fincher thinks the Joker movie doesn’t look like a home run on paper. I don’t think anyone would look at this stuff and think: Yeah, let’s take [taxi driver] Travis Bickle and [comedy king] Rupert Papkin and lock him in this crazy betrayal and get him out for a billion dollars, Fincher said. The Director’s comments on the image of mental illness led to a debate on what he meant. Fincher adds that no one would have thought he had a chance to give the Joker a massive blow if the Black Knight wasn’t as massive as he was.

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Some social media users think that David Fincher in The Joker talks about how Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix deal with mental illness. For people who have already had problems with the film, Fincher’s comments seem crystal clear. But, like many others, the director’s remarks were taken out of context. Below you can read what someone said on social networking sites.

I think David Fincher’s quote was taken out of context. He seems to be talking about the betrayal of the mentally ill society, not about the betrayal of the film.

David Fincher seems more impressed by the fact that the Joker has earned more than $1 billion in cash than by the way he has dealt with mental illness. His view of history is not unique. The studio knew the film could have some success, but no one thought it would break the billion-dollar barrier. And for Fincher this is all within reach after his experience with the Fight Club foundation, which saw only one fight with the studio. But Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have brought one of the most iconic villains from the comic book to give their opinion. Fincher didn’t have that advantage when he adapted Chuck Palanyuk’s Fight Club for the big screen.

David Fincher says that watching the Joker gave him memories of the first reaction of Fight Club. Referring to the first screenings of the film in 1999, Fincher stated that the general opinion after the screening was that of the types of studios: Our careers are over. The fact that we made this film in 1999 is still a miracle in my opinion. This contrasts sharply with the way Warner Brothers adopted the Joker 20 years later and the look of Fight Club today.

The Joker has been criticized by many for representing mental illness since his release last year. Some claim that the film is full of delusions, while others say that it does not harm mental illness and is just entertainment. In any case, David Fincher is very surprised by all the success achieved by the Joker, despite the reaction of the public. Fincher recently directed a film called Munk, which now plays in a number of theatres. You can read the rest of David Fincher’s interview in The Telegraph U.K.

I think David Fincher’s quote was taken out of context. He seems to be talking about the betrayal of a crazy society, not about the betrayal of the film: pic.twitter.com/U7tZsxNQf6.

– Stephanie (@GeekPride5) 14. November 2020

Yeah, I’m the first one to cast a shadow on the Joker, but as soon as I’ve read everything, I’ll put the brakes on. It’s not entirely clear, but the fact that Fincher offers a hypothetical insider quote makes me think that he almost certainly doesn’t mean that everyone thinks what he thinks.

– Dee Reev (@deegeeriv) 14. November 2020

the funny thing is, David Fincher drove the taxi https://t.co/NRWJ0mbSRjpic.twitter.com/tj3XxbYq4v.

– gwen (@phqntomthrd) 14. November 2020

David Fincher. Bad baboon.

I: pic.twitter.com/R3N9IA8KLY

– mia (@DUNENSATION) 14. November 2020.

What David Fincher actually said about the Joker…

– Assigned drops only (@FilmGob) 14. November 2020.

You know, Fincher could’ve just said the Joker was a lousy movie, like a lot of us.

– The tired ‘Tude’ (@DerMudeTude) 14. November 2020

The fact that David Fincher doesn’t like the Joker proves he has taste.

I mean, we probably knew that already, but still. Picture.twitter.com/TWb0ND04gF

– Matthew Buck (@FB_BMB) 14. November 2020.

David Fincher’s right about the Joker. They will not make political statements about the institutional authorities that will be MILLENNIUM CITIES IN HUMANITY! The Joker says that politics in America is left versus right when the center is right. The movie is based on an error! pic.twitter.com/pJTytHQwAi

– SpecificityArchives (@ SpecificityA) 14 November 2020

I don’t care what Fincher thinks about the Joker or cancelling the culture. As long as he’s not talking about running Mind Hunter again, I don’t care.

– Angus (@AnghusH) 14. November 2020

As far as the severity of a woman’s mental illness is concerned, I totally disagree with David Fincher about the Joker.

– pietro maximoff’s y/n (@daaeleira) 14. November 2020

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