The return of Brett Hart to WWE television in 2010 was one of the most shocking moments in the history of the sport. Although Bret returned to work with the company in 2005 on a DVD project and then performed at a WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2006, he has always stayed away from wrestling matches. When he was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 2006, he even refused to perform the next night at WrestleMania 22.

His return to the owner of Raw in 2010 and the action and match against Vince McMayon in WrestleMania that year was therefore not expected. Hart talked about this return in a recent episode of the Hitman Confession series. Surprisingly, Hart was inspired by the speeches of outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump at WWE in recent years, of which he was not a fan.

Of course, in 2010 Hart was only a few years away from his wrestling career and he was over 50 years old.

It’s funny, because I saw Vince fighting Donald Trump – I’m sure it was Vince – and I remember it! I can fight Vince. I could do something, at least what Trump’s doing here. I remember thinking about it, and my knee was replaced, and I remember walking down the stairs of a house in Hawaii, and the phone rang, and I remember thinking on the way up: I just ran up the stairs! That’s amazing. That in itself is a miracle, Hart said.

Hart explained how Kevin Dunn of the WWE made history.

I remember seeing WrestleMania somewhere that week or that day, and finally I called the WWE, remember Hart. And I ended up with a guy named Kevin Dunn who looks like one of Vince’s right hands. And I said: I’d like to go back. I’d like to go back and tell Vince a story. I want to bury the hatchet.

He went on, I said: I’m tired. Everywhere I go I hear nothing but screwdrivers and what happened to my brother Owen. It’s all starting to weigh on you. I mean, this is really starting to hit you. He really started carrying me all the time. It’s like I’ve never heard of anything else: Vince McMahon and The Screwjob, and what are you gonna do now? Anyway, he got to the point. I think it was the solution to all my problems at the time. The best way for me to get over it, to get rid of him so he doesn’t bother me anymore, is to come back and make it up to him, really make it up to him. And I practically put Kevin Dunn on the table to write a story.

Bret also spoke about his willingness to make peace with Sean Michaels, and they hugged each other during the return of Hart’s crude oil.

I said: It would be nice if I could bury the hatchet with Sean. I’ve seen Sean play. Maybe he got into a fight with a junior. I don’t know if this WrestleMania was with Trumpf or not, but it was a game I saw with Sean and Undertaker. I was so proud of her. I really liked the game, I thought it was a great five-star game and I was proud of Sean. And I remember thinking: Sean and I were such good friends, and I felt bad about what happened between us. Sean had a drug problem, and I had… Of course, I stabbed him in the eye often enough to realize that I was not absolutely innocent in all [areas]. It’s partly my fault. I don’t know if I was the biggest instigator, but I can explain that we can be friends. Hart said I’d like to make friends if Sean did.

It is clear that WWE was not interested in going back to the beginning.

Anyway, I threw all that stuff away for Kevin Dunn at the WWE, says Hart. He said he was very excited and in a day or two he would talk to Vince and call me back. Anyway, I haven’t heard from him in four or five months. It was in March, I think, right around that time. I hadn’t heard from him until August, and then I thought: Okay, that idea didn’t go far, and it was a little… At least I tried. I got rid of all that stuff anyway.

Then came the plan.

They called me in August, remember Hart. Vince called me and wanted to meet me in San Jose. [California] For example, I went through San Francisco and last week I remember there was a RAO in San Jose on Monday evening, somewhere in August. And we met and he was very honest and we had a very positive meeting. We’ve talked, and I’ll be honest – have I mapped out all possible actions or, here’s an idea, maybe I can get in touch with somebody and win, or what do we do? Or I can direct Natalia or Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith. They fought there. What if I did something about it? Maybe I’m just his spokesperson or his manager or something.

I could meet someone, five on the side, in the Survivor series or the SummerSlam. And we talked about my coming back and my fight with Vince. I remember a conversation: I can’t because of the concussion problems and the lawsuit I won against Lloyd’s of London. My contract stated that I could make sketches and sports drawings, but not fully contact wrestling. That’s how it’s worded, and I said I could make a little fuss. I can do things, but I can’t resist falling. I can’t be knocked over, I can’t be hit in the back by a chair. I can’t get stuck in the body. I can’t even make a move that puts my life in danger… like a blow to the head or the neck. I said: I would come up with my limits because I have limits to what I can do, but if you want to make up a story, I think I can do as much as Donald Trump or more, and we could come up with something.

At least Hart was proud of what he did to McMahon at WrestleMania 26 in 2010, because it showed that both parties could make peace.

I’ve always been proud of it, Hart said. I know it wasn’t my best wrestling match and I didn’t look so good, but I was much older and I had at least one knee replacement and I wanted another. And for me it was a way to make peace and say goodbye to all the bad feelings and all that. I can be part of the WWE family again, and I am very happy about that. It was the best I could do. It freed me from all the trouble we’d been through and exhausted me.

H/T from Wrestling Inc. to transcribe the transcript.

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