Destiny 2’s infamous seed finder, Cheese, is back in action as he stumbles upon what he believes is a glitch in the Marauder in Space snatch-and-grab game. A recently discovered achievement gives players infinite invisibility with the new exotic Omnioculus armor.

Omniocular tip

For the uninitiated: The Hunter’s Chest has this Beyond the Veil bonus where players get a second charge of Smoke Bomb, as well as resistance to damage while invisible. If you make one of your teammates invisible, they take resistance damage, even in this state, and you gain melee energy.

However, no melee energy is generated when the player drops his own bombs.

However, Cheese has revealed that there is a small window for Destiny 2 players to take advantage of. In the video, he says he throws a smoke grenade and detonates it. Running towards him after the explosion to become invisible. That would give the players half the energy in the scrum.

probable cause

He explains that the reason for this is that you didn’t immediately become invisible, so the bounty made you believe you were an ally, hence the melee energy. Cheese added that players playing this round with a teammate can get all the energy out of their partner and themselves in the scrum. Destiny 2 players working alone need not worry, as he said that they only need high mobility (at least 100) and Gambler’s Dodge to replicate the achievement.

Players regenerate their dodge every 11 seconds, while invisibility takes about seven seconds. Cheese said that for every two smoke grenades, players get one back, and if they get close to an enemy, they get the second one. This meant that players were using and reloading their smoke grenades every 11 seconds alone.

Mr Cheese pointed out that it takes a bit of practice.

According to him, this achievement can be broken when you try to get an ally powerful enough to overtake the opposing team while keeping your smoke bombs at bay.

Whispers of torture now in fate 2.

Another trick he discovered by chance this season in Destiny 2 is obtaining instant PvP grenades using the newly added Whisper of Agony fragment.

The co-creator of the content, Fallout Plays, was one of the first to discover the game and show how it can be implemented in game mode.

In another video, Cheese said that the most useful trick for instant grenades is to just stand in enemy barricades (preferably taking out the player who placed them). If you stay there, the player takes a lot of damage. Since these barricades can’t disable players, they can get grenades this way. He also said that this round would work much faster if the player had a higher level of discipline.

Bungie, on the other hand, has not yet addressed these new features in Destiny 2. Until then, the Guardians must test them for themselves.

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