SEEWALD, sick. — …for 12 years, Lance Briggs led the Soldiers’ Field like a superhero.

The former Chicago Bears lineman made unusual games a routine. He stopped running with his back and the ends tight in their footsteps and chased the quarterback at lightning speed. Today Briggs brings this heroism to his graphic science fiction novel.

Briggs’ inspiration for this story comes from his childhood in the Southern District of Sacramento, California, where living conditions for Briggs’ mother and hardworking siblings are often less than ideal. Everything you need this week
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The starting point of Briggs’ comic strip is a sad reality that he desperately tried to avoid.

The fall represents communities that I believe our governing bodies have failed, Briggs said. Every child should have the right to succeed. They must have a legitimate chance of success, and if they don’t, we’re doing all our children an injustice.

Briggs’ passion for comics preceded his love of football. When Briggs was forced to stay home as a teenager, he retreated to the safety of the comics.

Fault! The file name is not specified. For 12 years, linebacker Lance Briggs (55) was one of the greatest superheroes of the Soldiers’ Field. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Pictures

I’ve read comic books since I was six years old, Briggs said. That was before I even started playing soccer. Comics were cheap, so mom never had a problem buying comics when I asked her for three, four, five or six. It was economical. Comic books allow you to use your imagination.

If you live in certain areas and feel limited by certain things, if you have to be at home at a certain time, if you can’t get to certain places, and if you’ve been sporting to stay out of trouble and on track, comics can get you where you want to go. It was fantastic for me. My mother was always on duty and working all the time, so when my mother was at work and we had to be at home, I could open a comic book that would take me anywhere.

After starring at Elk Grove High School, Briggs returned home and played student football at the University of Arizona, where he twice selected the first team All-Pac 10. In 2003, Briggs had a sensational run in Chicago, where he played together with Hall of Fame defenders Brian Urlacher, Julius Peppers and Charles Tillman.

Thanks to all this, Briggs’ love of comic books has survived – so much so that more than ten years ago Briggs launched a website called Lance’univers de la bande dessinée, where he and other comic book lovers could discuss characters, stories – you could call it that.

When Briggs’ passion for comics became known, the professional linebacker started thinking about the future of post football in comics.

In 2010, Briggs approached Top Cow Productions, Inc. with an idea that led to the creation of the comic book of the same name, Seraph.

Briggs’ first trip into the comic world caught the attention of Kyle Higgins, the bestselling author of the New York Times and bear fan, who has worked on DC Comics, Marvel and Image’s Mighty Morphine Power Rangers, Eternal Batman and Night Wing Wing, among others.

So I wrote in this profile about Lance [in the Chicago Tribune] what I do for a living and that I am a big Bearsfan. I felt the need to postpone it until a later date, Higgins said. Lance and I tweeted all the locations for the first time. We finally met in Chicago and then I showed him around the DC Comics offices in Los Angeles.

After the departure of Briggs from the NFL in 2014, the two men came up with the idea for a future collaboration. About 18 months ago, the meetings got serious.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Thanks to Danilo Beirut and Tamra Bonvillian.

Our first meeting at a coffee shop in Los Angeles lasted several hours, Higgins said. Lance brought these notebooks full of character ideas, and there was something interesting about them, but I didn’t quite understand how to make a book for each of them. So when we started talking about our past and where we came from, Lance started telling me about his story and what it was like to grow up in Sacramento.

When Lance started talking about Sacramento, things got back to normal. We have begun to develop concepts for what has now become a trap, focusing on presenting a version of the future in which Earth has joined this interstellar coalition of planets, but which, for various reasons we explore in this story, has been neglected for decades and is also a valuable commodity in the highly illegal interstellar drug market. In fact, it creates a scenario and an environment in which the problems of today’s oppressed groups and communities are the problems of our entire planet.

Briggs and Higgins (Courier and Hahn) put together a team including artist and Hahn Danilo Beirut, colorist Tamra Bonvillian, salad maker Hassan Otsman Elhau and designer Sasha E. Hoofd.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Thanks to Danilo Beirut and Tamra Bonvillian.

The process of writing a graphic novel is long and tedious, as Briggs quickly learned.

It’s a weird job, Briggs said. In front of Kyle… You know he’s an expert in this field. When my ideas go left and right, you have to be hard. It’s a good thing I spent most of my adult life in the locker room.

The group supplied a 120-page comic book to Kickstarter, whose goal was to raise $50,000 to $60,000 to cover all shipping and project costs.

The reason we were at Kickstarter is the nature of the story. The format and structure we really fell in love with was an original graphic novel, according to Higgins. The difference between a comic strip and a comic book is that although a comic strip is published monthly, it can have the same content as all five comic books, but it is always published in one book.

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So it is quite difficult to build the material because it is not rolled step by step. The preparation takes much more time and there is much more work to be done because you have to fill in 100-125 pages before you publish it. From the point of view of the financial model, the only way to create a comic strip and retain ownership is to give an impulse.

The fall is the first arch of what Briggs and Higgins want to create together.

We built a world, Briggs said. When this first part is finished and we hope it will be well received, we hope there will be three or four more parts that we would like to open. I’ve always been attracted to adventure stories. It contains very current and topical issues. It’s a great adventure story and a great trip, and I think all readers will enjoy walking with me.

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