People are waiting for me to lose… Garcia’s ready to fight Campbell.

The panic attacks that once got Ryan Garcia into trouble are gone. Today, the eight million Instagram fans regularly watch the man climb the boxing ladder.

Beautiful eyes, fast cars, private jets and well-chosen kicks have come together to create an online character in which especially young people participate.

Criticism focuses on the style of the social media instead of on the content of the boxes. Garcia may silence some of his critics by defeating 2012 British Olympic champion Luke Campbell in Dallas on Saturday. The winner takes on WBC world champion Devin Haynie.

They say: I can’t wait until Saturday when Ryan finally loses, says Garcia Sports.

After the fight, I’ll tell you: Everyone wants to know what happens if I lose. – Well, I guess we’ll never know.

From panic to photo shoot

Private jet on Garcia's Instagram page Private jet on Garcia’s Instagram page

The confidence is cast over Garcia and why not after 20 victories in as many battles. Fighting legends Oscar de la Hoya and Bernard Hopkins promote it as he trains alongside Saul Canelo Alvarez, who is the number one fighter in the sport and has won world titles in four different weight categories.

Life hasn’t always been that easy. His mother Lisa, who helps him with his business, is very proud of the way her son, who is now posing for photo shoots, overcomes his fear when he is 17.

I guess I was always a hyperintelligent thinker when I was a kid, Garcia remembers. I didn’t realize that fear can also have physical effects, like panic attacks. I’ve been through some dark times.

But I learned my feelings, my triggers, the things I need to stay away from. Yeah, I can be sure I’m putting on a show, but deep down I’m as scared and doubtful a person as anyone else.

Once I knew what it was and started talking about it without keeping it inside, I felt better. You’re not alone. People think it’s fear, but it’s something deeper. There’s always something behind your fear.

I take everything for granted

Garcia’s Instagram page displays some of his training exercises and some of the luxury cars he usesGarcia’s Instagram page displays some of his training exercises and some of the luxury cars he usesGarcia’s Instagram page displays some of his training exercises and some of the luxury cars he uses

Garcia has been boxing since the age of seven and has collected 15 national amateur titles in the United States. He may have a pedigree, but his decision to shout out loud on social media has raised eyebrows in the old boxer.

He believes that many of these early dissidents are now trying to catch up. His quirky boxing videos have been widely distributed and their appeal to non boxing fans underscores how specific content can connect fighters to new audiences.

It’s all in the show, Garcia adds. People who randomly use social media do not want to see good technology. You don’t want me to put my hands up. They want to see speed or performance.

People who hate you say your hands aren’t up or your eyes are closed. Try guessing! He adds comments, we can talk more about it. All I do is post things that make people want to watch. Then you’ll see how good I am at fighting.

But some of them don’t have the courage to use a boxing machine, a Ferrari or the muscular abs they show during a photo shoot on the beach. They don’t even want to see a quick knockout. Instead, they want to see this agile operator dig deep.

What happens if I do? He said, before he added sarcastic: I don’t want people to take me seriously. I’m not going to work. I’m not pushing my body. I take everything for granted.

Is that what you think? Come and have a look. I don’t think there’s an athlete in the world who works harder than me. I know there are people waiting to knock me out.

Canelo, Charisma and Campbell

Garcia trains with one of the best boxers - Saul Canelo Alvarez Garcia trains with one of the best boxers – Saul Canelo Alvarez

Garcia glows when he talks about sharing his training base with Alvarez, the highest paid boxer.

His analysis of his identity is simple. He says if Alvarez knows he’s going to fight in the ring, the quiet Mexican will keep it to himself until it’s done. Garcia, on the other hand, please let the world know what’s going to happen.

I’d like him to come out and say – if you want to hit me, come and hit me, he says. If you do, you must be the worst person on the planet, because I know I can fight.

Canelo, man, I’ve seen his work ethic. If you think I’m not absorbing this knowledge, you must be crazy, because I’m not an ignorant person.

Many expect Campbell to lead Garcia through the tough night, but he thinks he’s stronger, faster and hungrier than his 33-year-old rival Hull.

And maybe the most important thing: He’s not just fighting for glitter, glamour, love or fidelity. At the age of 22, father of two children, he has the feeling that he has the motivation to be in a trial.

At a time when You Tube stars are in a hurry to put on boxing gloves and satisfy millions of subscribers in the name of entertainment, Garcia has a mix of pedigree and charisma to which the sport can cling.

I think after this fight, people will see that I will be in this game for a long, long time, he concluded.

A victory over Campbell would probably earn him the world title.

It could win an army of skeptics and a few new followers.

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