27. October 2020


MLB insiders

After performances with the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres in the National League division and the Atlanta Dodgers and Braves at NLCS, Globe Life Field, the new home of the Texas Rangers, will be the setting for the 2020 World Series between the Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rangers.

Only a few weeks ago fans were not allowed into the stadium because of the coronavirus pandemic. Participation is already limited to about a quarter.

Three of our reporters – Alden Gonzalez, Jeff Pasan and Jesse Rogers – have covered the fall classics from the brand new MLB baseball stadium. We were curious about the stadium, which only a few people had seen in person, so we asked them a few questions.

What is your overall impression of the Globe Life Field?

Alden Gonzalez: It is a modern version, larger, more comfortable, but less charming – and in my opinion useless – of the old place.

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Jeff Pasan: That’s good. Retractable roofs are never cool, and knowing that the fans don’t cook in the sun during the hot summer months, they are an obvious replacement. From an aesthetic point of view, there is nothing particularly inspiring about it. As they are used at a quarter of their capacity, the full range of equipment is unclear.

Jesse Rogers: It’s both intimate and vast. This assessment has both positive and negative aspects. It’s comfortable, especially when you’re in the lower bowl, but the compromise went straight up. If you’re afraid of heights, this isn’t a park for you. Five steps up, we have a nice view of a hockey game, but no baseball. The video scoreboard screams Texas and is easier to see at high altitude than live.

What do you prefer in the stadium? Is this the least favorite thing?

Gonzalez: What I like best is the height of the fence: 8 feet – perfect. What I hate least is that she doesn’t feel intimate. A local reporter pointed it out to me, and it’s true: Where are the places where children can get close enough to the field to ask for autographs during baseball practice? They don’t seem to exist.

Passana: Darling: It’s pretty cool to walk from the field entrance to the Texas Entertainment District. You land on the playing field and you get a clear picture of this massive structure. I heard some people walk through the door for the first time and say that a derivative is so big! It’s the least popular: Here it looks like Kostko and the barn had a baby.

Copy this: Darling: Play big. Or at least more normal than the old ranger park. The least popular is the dome itself. Okay, it’s cool when it opens and closes, but this is Texas. Apart from the occasional storm, why do you need a dome? I like conditions that play a role in the action.

Most of us have only seen the Globe Life Field on television. What can’t we understand when watching game programs?

Gonzalez: I’ve noticed some things. One of them is that the contours are very wide and the brick arches on the inside have a very nice appearance. Another thing is that the roof is undoubtedly impressive, both in the way it opens and closes carefully and in the fact that transparent material is used, so that it does not necessarily look like a dome. I would like to enjoy the food to the fullest, but because of the pandemic the supply seems limited.

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Playback round, calendar and other

Passana: The payment per video in the right field is incredibly impressive, both in terms of size and information. The vertical and horizontal rotation of each ball thrown and the output speed of each ball thrown are immediately displayed. I also dig a fence with different angles and cracks. One of my favourite elements – although the Rangers’ rockets may disagree – is the size of the field and the fact that, unlike its predecessor, it makes the balls easier to play and swing.

Copy this: After watching the games on TV and coming for the World Series, I think it looks bigger on TV. I know it sounds weird, but before I came here, I felt a little more elaborate.

Does it really look like an open-air department store?

Gonzalez: I’ve come to the conclusion that it looks like an enlarged version of Lowe’s garden service, and I stand by it.

Passana: No, not really. The images of the airship have not been preserved. But from the ground up… It’s just like any other park. There are large brick pillars and glass fireplaces. While most of them have a circular orbit, the globe of life is rectangular.

Copy this: Only if that’s indicated. That’s not the first thing that came to mind.

What makes it better and what is worse than an old baseball stadium (the Globe Life Park, where the Rangers were housed from 1994 to 2019) across the street?

Gonzalez: He’d better have a roof over his head. Isn’t that the point? Believe me – as a former editor of an American league team in the West, I spent many hot summer days in Arlington, thinking about my existence in this world. I’m happy with the opportunity to use the air conditioning. But I really liked the old place – arched windows, covered porch for home runs on the right, lawn in the middle, where the fans would fight for the home run balls. The old place had a retro look, which was unique. This new place is just, uh, business.

Passana: Climate control. I’m sure when the world gets back to normal, the diet will be better. Since this is a new stadium, the luxury spaces should also be higher. But just go to the park, buy a hot dog and a beer and watch the game? Ah.

Copy this: I mean, first of all, not every ball that hits the right center doesn’t leave the park. Plays more faithful and, well documented, plays much more with a closed roof. Here’s the best part. Worse, the height in relation to the old park.

Where would you put it in your personal baseball stadium ranking?

Gonzalez: Globe Life Field is the 32nd. The baseball stadium I visited (the only active stadium I missed was the new Brave Place). It’s impressive in terms of architecture, but I don’t think it has the charm or the qualities to conquer a place at the top. My A’s are in descending order no one asked for: T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Oracle Park in San Francisco, Fenway Park in Boston, Target Field in Minneapolis and Petco Park in San Diego. The Globe of Life is probably somewhere in the middle. Dodgers, Royal, Pirates, Cubs, Orioles, Mets and Marlins have better results than these. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Passana: Alden’s here. It’s a mid-level park – probably in the range of 15 to 20. And there’s no shame in that. Since Alden was in the top five, I could have done the same: Oracle Park, PNA Park, Camden Yards, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. (I still haven’t been to T-Mobile – please play better and give me a reason, Mariners – and Truist Park in Atlanta)

Copy this: Except the top 10, but not the bottom 10. The video panel alone makes sure you don’t miss the action. Next to Wrigley Field, Kaufman Stadium is my favourite, followed by the Oracle.

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