It wasn’t long before Daryl Maury was back on her feet. The former architect of Houston Rockets will oversee the basketball department of the Philadelphia 76ers. The deal is expected to be closed in the next few days, giving Morey plenty of time to think about what to do with the worst Sixers deal, Al Horford.

During the free agency period in 2019, Syxers signed a lucrative $109 million deal with Horford, taking it away from its rival, the Boston Celtics. Everyone in Philadelphia was convinced that Joel Ambiad and Horford would dominate first place together and lead the six in a very tight post-season race.

Not only did Ambiid and Horford not get along at all, but Horford was always courting Sixers fans in the home games and eventually lost to former head coach Brett Brown.

Worse, two Sixers fans told Adam Aaronson about the Ricky Sanchez rights podcast that their ticket agents cited the contribution to the mass contract payment as the reason why prices for those rights had risen significantly in 2019-20.

Horford played 67 games for the Sixers in 2019-20. On average he scored 11.9 points, 6.8 rebounds and 4 assists, shooting 45.0% of the field, 35.0% behind the bow and 76.3% of the free throw line. Philadelphia has paid Horford $28 million over the period 2019-20, but the team has received figures from the former All-Star that guarantee far from such a salary.

For the future, Horford is expected to reach USD 27,500,000 in 2020-21, USD 27,000,000 in 2021-22 and USD 26,500,000 in 2022-23. However, Maury, one of the most aggressive basketball players in the history of the NBA, is forced to deal with Horford in the off-season because his contract is terrible and the six do not have space between the floors on the field when Horford, Ambiad and Ben Simmons play together.

With this in mind, three business directions for Al Horford are listed here for Daryl Morey, Sixers GM Elton Brand and head of the coach Doc Rivers to consider when the 2020 trading period begins.

1. New York Knicks

Al Horford Syxers.

According to Ian Begley of the SNY, the New York Knicks would be open to unsolicited contracts for the acquisition of assets. This off-season in New York City could be worth over $60 million.

Horford will play a greater role in the attack if he is traded to the Knicks, as there are no All Stars on the team in New York. The Knicks are trying to build a winning culture with the new team chairman Leon Rose and head coach Tom Thibodo. Although he’s no longer the star player he was when he started with the Atlanta Hawks, Horford is still a great man for your dressing room because he’s a professional and has played in the playoffs several times.

There is no consensus as to whether the Knicks will participate in the next season or play in the 2021 draft. However, a change of scenery for Horford is very necessary because he cannot work with the Sixers while Simmons and Ambide are there.

2. Minnesota Forest wolves

Carl-Anthony Towns, Timberwolves, D'Angelo Russell.


The protagonists of The Minnesota Timberwolves are Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell. Maury should try to trade Horford for the wolves in exchange for a deal that might involve Malik Beesley, who to some extent acts as a free agent in this off-season.

Sixers needs more archers around Simmons and Embiid and Beasley; it’s a 38.8% archer career because of the bow. He is also a good defender and a strong playmaker.

Maury and Timberwolves, the chairman of the basketball company Gersson Rosas, worked together at the Rockets, so perhaps the two can come to a mutually beneficial agreement with Horford.

3. Golden State Warriors

Krieger, Clay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr.


Next season the Golden State Warriors will return to the cover with Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Dramond Greene and Andrew Wiggins. If Golden State buys Horford from the Six and puts them in the starting line, they will be even more deadly at both ends of the floor.

Nothing concrete, but from the outside it seems that Maury and the Rockets didn’t have a good relationship in the end, because he worked quietly on the exit deal and quickly joined the Sixers. In recent years, Maury has admitted to building missiles to destroy the Warriors.

If Maury’s upset about the rocket, what better way to help the Warriors? Horford may not be an All-Star anymore, but he’s still a quality veteran who knows how to pass, shoot and bounce.

It’ll be interesting to see if Daryl Mory wants to do business with Al Horford. But since he’s a smart basketball player, there’s a good chance Maury will do it. After all, it is clear that Horford is not suitable for the Sixers, except for Simmons and Embiid.

Paceurs, Nate Bjorkgren, Danny Manning.

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