While it seems like anyone can walk up to a random person on the street and ask them about the best seats for a Cubs game and get a good answer, it’s much harder to ask about a White Sox game.

Bridgeport, the area around Guaranteed Betting Field, is not as well known to most Chicago residents because it is not as commercialized and not considered an adult playground as Wrigleyville. Some people don’t even set foot in Bridgeport because the addresses are south of the Loop and they don’t know anything about it. However, this area is a truly thriving community, full of amazing and proud people from all walks of life.

One of the jewels in Bridgeport’s crown is its climate for small businesses. Most of the places featured in this article are small family businesses that are an integral part of the community in and around Bridgeport. What they have to offer is a comprehensive, tasty and affordable menu that reflects diverse ethnic backgrounds, recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

These places need your help more than ever to get on the other side of the pandemic. The next time you want to attend a White Sox game or try something new, head to one of these locations and enjoy!

While the restrictions are still in place, please do what is most convenient for you (lunch, reception, door-to-door, delivery, etc.).

Loading ramp in Lot B

Location: 329 В. 34th St. Chicago, Ill.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

You can find at least part of the Sox On Tap team at almost every White Sox home game, so be sure to visit the Tailgate when the weather permits. Everyone is welcome. Check out the flag or send a message to @SoxOnTap, @NonnieJonnie or @TonyOnTap on Twitter. It’s BYOB, but it’s not uncommon to find a new friend with an extra beer when you need one. There’s always plenty of beer. There will also be food at some games, so keep an eye on us by following Sox On Tap.

Location: 600W. 35. Chicago, IL 60616.

Notes: Chicago sports team apparel, Sox Station-35 Red Line

Photo: Tribune

Grandstand has been part of the Bridgeport community since 1989 and is still a local family business. Here you will find your Chicago White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and, yes, even Cubs apparel. Although not directly associated with a team or organization, each product is authentic and part of a great brand. Their selection is exceptional, so don’t miss out on the best in sporting goods in Chicago. Even if you can’t make it to a physical location, their revamped online store offers a premium virtual shopping experience.

Location: 3758 С. Union Avenue. Chicago, IL 60609

Notes: 21+, cash only, Sox-35 red line station.

Photo: Timeout.com.

Shinnick’s is a neighborhood bar in Bridgeport. This is one of the oldest Irish bars in Chicago and the country, built in 1890. The family-owned Shinnick’s is a favorite of On Tap before and after White Sox games, when there is no hut on the B-field. On a sunny summer day, White Sox fans flock to the sidewalk and park to enjoy the weather and hang out. And on some weekends, you can catch up in the alley in the spirit of a block party.

Location: 500W. 35. Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: American restaurants

Looking for a classic hot dog stand with all your Vienna Beef favorites? 35th Street Red Hots is a restaurant at 35th and Normal, in the shadow of the stadium. It’s a great place if you need a quick meal before or after the game.

Location: 252 W. 26. Chicago, IL 60616.

Notes: Kids, free parking, free shuttle to stadium, Cermak-Chinatown red line station.

Photo: NPR

Ricobin’s extensive menu has everything a group of picky eaters could want. Add in the free shuttle to the stadium and it doesn’t make sense. Ricobene’s offers one of the most underrated dishes in the metro area: the breaded steak sandwich. Their pizza doesn’t get the love it deserves either, but you can try it for yourself as it is sold by the piece.

Professional advice: There are two service lines. Order your main course, and while you wait, you can get in line for a slice of pizza as a quick snack.

Location: 3259 S. Princeton Ave. 60616

Notes: 21+, Red Line Station Sox-35

Photo: WGH 720

Cork and Kerry’s is a tavern located opposite Armour Square Park. There’s always fresh beer and great food here, from Irish classics to Chicago dishes. The bar also has sliding windows that give the place a patio feel on a hot summer day!

Location: 1102 W. 35. Street

Notes: Cash only, red line Sox-35 station.


Phil’s Pizza is one of the best thin crust pizzas in town. Stop and have a pie before the game. This is a Bridgeport favorite that is worth the trip on a day when there is no game.

Location: 238 В. 33rd Street, Chicago, IL 60616.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Zomato

The Turtle is a cozy little bar across from Bronnaya Square Park, just north of the stadium. You can sit inside and out and enjoy a variety of drinks and a great menu of chicken, burgers and sandwiches.

Location: 2373 С. Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616.

Notes: Parking for children, free parking, free shuttle to stadium, Halsted orange line station, Cermak-Chinatown red line station.

Photo: Chicago Food Journal

Connie’s was a must for any Chicagoan or visitor. Connie’s Family Restaurant has some of the best pizza in town and just about every kind you can think of. It also offers a medley of other Italian dishes to satisfy everyone’s hunger. The spacious dining room and terrace make it an ideal pre-game meeting place. Fun fact: Connie was serving pizza in the park.

Location: 3434 С. Halstead Street, Chicago, IL 60608.

Remarks: shuttle service, parking, children, sox-35th red line station

Photo: Lunch break Chicago

Buffalo Wings and Rings is a great place for a large team because it has menu options for everyone in your group. They are known for their variety of wings, killer burgers and queso. Their shuttle service is also a good asset, as it takes you directly to the stadium.

Location: 3920 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Notes: Parking, Cermak-Chinatown Red Line Station.

Photo: Fish and Crabs / Lawrence’s Common Food

St. Lawrence’s is located just north of Bridgeport on the south branch of the Chicago River on Canal Street. This family restaurant, which has been around for over 70 years, is the perfect place for a quick treat of seafood before the game. They have incredible shrimp! Use Lawrence if you’re looking for something you can’t find in the park.

Location: 2520 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608

Notes: Halstead Orange Line Station

Photo: nickd/twitter

Big Boss is a really cool dive in the shadow of Stevenson Speedway. A graffiti artist friend of mine is outside the building. These guys keep it simple and serve up one of the best hot chicken sandwiches in town with delicious side dishes. This is the place to be if you like spicy food. Be careful: When they say hot, they mean very hot! Their intermediate version is described as feeling the burn and they don’t do a half-assed job. So don’t be afraid to order a lower setting than you think you can handle in terms of heat. Their coolest version has the same level of spice as Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, without the sauce. Sandwich filling. You get enough chicken for 1.5 sandwiches, easy.

Location: 411 В. 31st St. Chicago, Ill.

Notes: Open 24 hours, cash only, Sox 35 Red Line station.

Photo: Timeout.com.

The Maxwell Street Depot is a great place to meet all your grilling needs. Burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, polish, fries… What else do you need? This place is perfect for a snack and a drink after a long day in the park.

Location: 2600 С. Wallace Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Halstead Orange Line Station

Photo: punkyspizza.com

Pankis is another neighborhood co-op that offers Italian specialties. On the menu are panzerotti, which look like a calzone, and Punky’s makes them stand out. They also offer delicious pizzas and a variety of pasta dishes. You can’t go wrong with Punky.

Location: 1000W. 35. Street Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Jacob’s hand/the shot

Antique is a taco stand that offers an a la carte menu with an emphasis on handmade tortillas and homemade recipes. Stop in front of the stall and get something to eat in the parking lot. It’s a nice atmosphere and environment.

Location: 3356 С. Halstead Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: 21+, Red Line Station Sox-35

Photo: Timeout.com.

Mitchell’s Tap has one of the best beer lists in town. With multiple TVs and an outdoor patio, it’s perfect for any summer day before or after a Sox game.

Location: 701 В. 31-й. Street Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Urbanmatter.com.

Freddy’s is another family restaurant in Bridgeport. They offer a variety of homemade dishes that are quick and easy to prepare. With pizza, Italian sandwiches, desserts…. Freddy has something everyone will love.

Location: 3630 С. Iron Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Barry Brehuizen/Ether Chicago

A few minutes away from the park is the Marz Brewery, which offers delicious beers. You can read a report about one of their offerings here. Not only do they serve great beer, but great food as well.

Location: 954-960 W 31st St. Chicago, Ill.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: kimskichicago.com

This place is unique. Kim’s serves a mixture of Polish and Korean dishes. If you are looking for a unique experience before or after a baseball game, this may be the place for you. They also offer craft beer and wine, which you can enjoy on the patio in the afternoon sun.

Location: 218 В. 33rd Street, Chicago, Ill.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Tripadvisor.com

This is the first location on the Sox-35th red line if you take the less busy 33rd Street instead of 35th Street. Pizza is the common thread in this list, but Stix ‘n Brix makes pizza over a wood fire, setting it apart from other pizzerias in the area. They also offer sandwiches, salads, pasta, coffee, cocktails, beer, wine and more.

Location: 514W. Pershing Rd. Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: DNAinfo.com.

The name speaks for itself: a local pub dedicated to the stadium and everything to do with the White Sox. This place offers a wide range of dishes, including affordable and tasty burgers and chicken. You can’t go wrong here.

Location: 330W. 26. Chicago, IL.

Notes: Red Line Cermak-Chinatown Station

Photo: carbonmex.com

Carbon offers delicious authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. The dishes are served in large portions and offer value for money. It’s always nice to have leftovers after a day at the park.

Location: 300W. 31st Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Franco Restaurant / Open Space

Although it’s a sit-down restaurant and a bit more expensive than others, it’s a great place to go for a game or for a special occasion, date night, birthday party, etc. The authentic Italian food is to die for, and among the main dishes are delicious pasta dishes, as well as veal, chicken, etc.

Location: 2105 State Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Free shuttle service, Cermak-Chinatown Red line station location, Cermak-McCormick Green line station location.

Photo: Timeout.com.

Reggie’s not only offers great beer and food, but it’s also a great venue for great concerts and shows. Book a play for the day, then hop on the shuttle for the evening performance. Beer, music and baseball… you can’t go wrong.

Location: 3238 С. Halstead Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Bernice Taverne/Jelp

Bernice’s is another local pub that offers food, beer and, most importantly, live music and open mics in a friendly atmosphere. It’s certainly a goal that would be ideal on both game days and non-game days.

Location: 700 В. 31. Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Restaurants in the USA

Pancho Pistolas is another family restaurant known for its traditional Mexican cuisine and fantastic margaritas, making it a great spot for hot summer days. You can also enjoy an outdoor terrace.

Location: 2701 С. Eleanor Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Halstead Orange Line Station

Photo: theduckinnchicago.com

The Duck Inn is another luxury option on this list, but it’s always good to have a variety of options across the board. It’s a retro-style restaurant serving creative duck and other American dishes, as well as cocktails and local beers. It also has an outdoor terrace.

Location: 3501 С. Union Avenue. Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

photo: Timeout.com.

This joint is a member of the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame. Morrie O’Malley’s offers sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, as well as some of the favorite summer treats like ice cream and Italian ice cream. It’s a quick and easy spot with outdoor seating.

Location: 960 В. 31. Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Maria’s/Zomato

Here’s another good place to get a drink before the game. Maria’s offers cocktails and wine, as well as local and regional dishes. It also serves as a store if you want to buy something to take with you.

Location: 1141 S. Jefferson St. Chicago, IL.

Notes: Roosevelt station on the red line

Photo: mannysdeli.com

Manny’s is a Chicago experience that everyone should try at least once. It offers a cafeteria-style restaurant where you can stand at the counter and choose from the selection of delicacies. Manny’s is known for its corned beef sandwiches, but also offers soups, salads, many other sandwiches, meatloaf, fish and other side dishes. He even provides breakfast for the first few games. This location is a convenient option if you are coming to the stadium from the north via the 90/94 routes.

Location: 3500 S Halstead Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Notes: Sox-35. Red line station

Photo: Ariel Cheung/Chicago Block Club

This is a restaurant that has the atmosphere of a diner. It is the perfect place for a good breakfast and there is also everything you need for lunch and dinner.

As you can see, there are many great restaurants and bars within walking distance of the Guarantee Price Field. If you want to catch the White Sox game, you won’t be disappointed if you include one or more of these establishments in your plans.


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*Certainly valid for players 21 years of age and older in Illinois and Iowa.

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