Rotherham Rotherham did not win from the first day until the victory over Sheffield’s neighbours on Wednesday.

In Wednesday’s Rotherham derby, Sheffield defeated 10 people in a game briefly interrupted by an unauthorized drone flying over the stadium.

The race was interrupted about 10 minutes earlier due to a ruckus, and the hosts took the lead shortly after the restart when Jamie Lindsay took the fastest route home after Freddy Ladapo’s blocked shot flew into the air.

Owl defender Tom Fox was sent to Michael Miller after playing goaltender Cameron Dawson and Daniel Barleyser, and Lindsay retired and bounced back 3-0 before the break.

After the break, the Millers had a chance to increase their lead, but Dawson avoided Michael Smith and George Hearst.

Wednesday, who started the season with a 12-point cushion, lost nine points at the end of the championship and lost the last three games.

After the fox was eliminated in the 39th minute, they left the race completely and although they were stronger after the break, the race ended.

Harry the Monk’s men left Saturday for the Wycombe drone and will soon start collecting points.

Rotherham hadn’t won since the opening, but Wednesday’s victory moved them to 17th place in the standings.

Rotherham manager Paul Warn told Radio Sheffield…

I don’t think we were at the top. There were playbags we were good at, and there were things we had to work on.

I thought we had more news tonight, and there were some really impressive performances.

That’s a relief. I’m not gonna lie. Three points in this competition are like nuggets of gold.

We’ve had a very long preseason, but I think we get along very well and I think that’s an advantage for us.

That’s what Sheffield manager Harry Monk said on Sheffield Radio Wednesday:

Everything that could have gone wrong in the first half went wrong.

We’ve seen mistakes, costly mistakes, penetrate our game. In the last two games it was suicide.

These are individual mistakes for which no law can be made.

It’s not enough, and we know that, but it’s hard to do because the preparation was good.



  • 27BlackmanBlackmanReserved for 26mins
  • 19 Hardening
  • 20Ihiekwe
  • 6Houten
  • 3Matox
  • 16Lindsey
  • 26Laser transit bar for Smith 65′ minutes
  • 8Wiles
  • 28Josephzun
  • 10LadapoSwapped for Hearstat 72′ minutesBocking in 75 minutes
  • 14MillerSubstituted after 82 minutes at McDonald’s.


  • 1Johansson
  • 2 Jones
  • 4MacDonald
  • 9 In the first instance
  • 17Saddles
  • 24Smith
  • 25Crocodiles

Marriage of a chef

  • 25Doson
  • 6FlintSwap vs Palmerate 17’minLock in 19 minutes
  • 15ReadingReserved at 39mins
  • 13born
  • 22 Odubajo Bocking at 73min.
  • 17Dele-Bashiru
  • 8Beloupy
  • 10Bannan
  • 7K Harris
  • 5 personsReplacement by wind assat 57’minutes
  • 9MarriottSubstituted on Reachat 71’minutes


  • 2Palm
  • 11Rich
  • 18Windsass
  • 20Rhodes
  • 28 Wild mites
  • 29 Hunting
  • 45Kachunga

Real-time text

  1. Game over, Rotherham United 3, Sheffield Wednesday 0.
  2. End of the second half, Rotherham United 3, Sheffield Wednesday 0.
  3. Offside, Rotherham United. Jamal Blackman tries to hit the ball, but Michael Smith is blocked in the offside position.
  4. Offside, Wednesday in Sheffield. Barry Bannan shoots through, but Fizayo Dele Bashiru is on the side.
  5. Ben Wiles (Rotherham United) hits a free kick in the far half.
  6. Moses Odubayo will be punished after committing an offence (Sheffield Wednesday).
  7. Corner, Rotherham United. Admission of Julian Burner.
  8. Corner, Rotherham United. Confession of Moses Odubayo.
  9. Alternative, Rotherham United. Sean McDonald is replacing Michael Miller.
  10. Attempted rescue. Rotherham United’s George Hirst is missing from outside the penalty area. With Michael Miller’s support.
  11. Corner, Rotherham United. Cameron Dawson’s confession.
  12. Attempted rescue. A right shot from Michael Smith (Rotherham United) continued from a very short distance to the centre of the goal. Supported by Joe Mattock with a cross.
  13. Joe Mattok (Rotham United) successfully puts a free kick in the defense.
  14. Fizayo Dele Bashiru will be punished after committing an offence (Wednesday in Sheffield).
  15. George Hearst (Rotherham United) has been booked for an offense.
  16. George Hearst (Rotherham United) is punished after he has committed an offence.
  17. Moses Odubayo (Sheffield Wednesday) successfully converted a free kick in midfield.
  18. George Hearst (Rotherham United) is punished after he has committed an offence.
  19. Julian Börner (Sheffield, Wednesday) successfully converted a free kick in midfield.
  20. Corner, Rotherham United. Liam Palmer’s confession.

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