Thanks to the return of the Kazakh journalist Borat, the comedian Sasha Baron Cohen is once again stirring up controversy in the only way he knows how. Borat 2 finds several high-ranking political figures in highly compromising situations, including lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and leaves it up to Donald Trump to speak out against Cohen and claim that he is one of the few people who does not allow himself to be deceived by his deception. A few years ago Cohen gave an interview in which the actor played under the guise of Ali G, and although the president says he was not accepted, Cohen now offers his version of events.

I interviewed him as Ali G. The producer of the show was a very handsome and well spoken Englishman with a good tweed jacket. Donald Trump assumed he’d be the interviewer, and the producer said no, it’s an interview. His name is Ali G. And I remember Donald Trump looking at me and wearing a sweatshirt, I said: Oh, bad! What’s your name? How do you spell that? Is your name Donald? His face fell off. He immediately panicked because he had to talk to someone from a lower class, not this rather astute Sumerian producer.
POWERFUL: The plot to escape the Borat 2 Rally cannon, shared by Baron Sasha Cohen.

Well, according to Cohen, Trump still believed it was the real thing, and the actor insisted that it had caught Trump’s attention during their scheduled interview.

Actually, he was in the interview, we had about seven minutes. In public, he’ll say: I was the only one who could see through it. He never saw the rest of the interview. He answered all the questions perfectly. In fact, I asked him: How long have these people been in business? He said: Well, people have been doing business and selling bricks for millions of years. Apparently Homo sapiens didn’t exist anymore for millions of years and salt was traded. I believe the oldest data goes back 5,000 to 10,000 years. He was there a long time. Only, actually, when I asked him for money for a business venture that I… … I asked him for $50 million, which didn’t really interest him at the time. He apologized and left.

Since the release of Borat 2, Trump has nothing good to say about Cohen. Apparently he calls him a creep and says I don’t know what happened. But years ago he tried to frame me, and I was the only one who said anything. Finally, Cohen and Trump, despite their mutual aversion, said that he and Trump had one thing in common: I’m a professional liar like him, and I interviewed the president many years ago.

The return of Borat has not been so bad, although the people of Kazakhstan now accept the figure, even though his catchy expression is very beautiful! has been used as a new tourist slogan. Borat 2, also known as the sequel to Borat: The delivery of the bribe dictated to the Americans for the once glorious nation of Kazakhstan can now be seen on Prime Video. It came to us through The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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