Although there was little serious unrest in university football at the weekend, the Big Ten’s return brought with it extra intrigue.

Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan went on a cruise, but the biggest event was Indiana’s victory in the OT over Penn State.

How do you rank the teams in the Big Ten and other conferences? Our writers have weighed the pros and cons.

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The final SEC football team is discussing how to replace Jalen Waddle, perhaps Bam’s most productive player, for the coming season.

We’re approaching the middle of the SEC regular season, and good luck finding out where we’re going.

Is there anything other than Alabama that’s safe?

Georgia, Florida and Texas A&M are in second place, but they’re all in big trouble.

Georgia’s attack is inconsistent and Stetson Bennett cannot be the answer to the quarterback. Florida barely plays defense. And who really knows Texas A&M? Aggie – and quarterback Kellen Mouth – is hard to believe.

Arkansas, who should have been the worst team in the SEC, is in fifth place and would have been 3-1 if it hadn’t been for a bad challenge in the Auburn game.

It’s like anyone but Alabama can beat anyone. Ask the M.S.A., who went back to 500 after an unexplained loss in the state of Mississippi. Just ask the state of the Mississippi, which has fallen off a cliff since it defeated the LSU.

Last week in Knoxville, Kentucky beat Tennessee by 27 points for the first time since 1984. Then Kentucky went south of 500 Mizzo and lost 10.

Who knows what’s going to happen now? — Alex Scarborough

1. Alabama2. Georgia3. Texas A&M
4. Florida5. Arkansas6. Auburn
7. Missouri
8. LSU
9. South Carolina
10. Kentucky 11. Tennessee 12. Ole Miss 13. State of Mississippi14. Vanderbilt

The big ten

Fault! The file name is not specified. Hassan Haskins scored two touchdowns for Michigan on Saturday. Roy K. Miller/ Icon Sportswire on Getty Images

The Big Ten started their season last weekend and the conference was a big hit. Indiana won overtime against Penn State with a controversial two-point conversion, Rutgers ended his 21-game loss streak against Michigan in a conference game, and Wisconsin State quarterback Graham Mertz put on a national show with a stunning performance against Illinois.

It was hard to predict what would happen after this off-season or what to expect, but now we have a week to evaluate each team. Here are the results of the first week of the Big Ten evaluation. — Tom VanHaren

1. State of Ohio2. Wisconsin
3. Michigan4. Indiana5. Penn State6. Minnesota
7. Northwestern 8. Lost
9. Nebraska10. Iowa 11. Rutgers12. Maryland
13. Illinois
14, Michigan.

Large 12

Fault! The file name is not specified. Spencer Sanders wasn’t perfect, but he was strong enough to lead Oklahoma to another victory this season. Brian Bahr/Getty Pictures

As we approach the intermediate phase of the Big 12 season, there are still two teams with an impeccable conference record: The states of Kansas and Oklahoma.

It’s not what we expected most at the beginning of the season, but both teams have played a great ball so far. Oklahoma’s defense was excellent (a miserable 48 points were allowed in four games) and did a great job against Iowa. The state of Kansas quickly teamed up with its rival from Kansas on Saturday to win the fourth straight. Newcomer Will Howard showed an encouraging performance in his second start.

Oklahoma won twice in a row after a difficult start to the season and dominated the TCU on Saturday, while Texas, looking for a win, got one by closing Baylor for a big chunk on Saturday. Texas Tech, behind the resurgent QB Henry Colomby, beat West Virginia by a touchdown for a big win at the time of Matt Wells after the Red Raiders lost their last five games to FBS opponents who were decided by eight points or less. — Sam Khan Jr.

1. Oklahoma2. State of Kansas3. State of Iowa4. Oklahoma5. Texas
6. Texas
Technology 7. West Virginia
8. TCU
9. Baylor 10. Kansas


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Wake Forest: Walking security newcomer Nick Andersen receives three requests to help demonic deacons make Virginia Tech 23-16 angry.

The latest news: Clemson and Notre Dame remain clear favorites within the CCA. The Tigres held out three quarters against Syracuse, but still managed to eliminate the oranges, and Notre Dame destroyed Pitt’s team, perhaps the best performance of the Irish attack of the year. They’ll be here on the 7th. November with the numbers for the contest of the year.

If all this is clear, then the middle of the competition package is much more fascinating. Wake Forest looked like a loser after the 2-0 start, but he took three straight victories, including a stunning victory over the Virginia Tech No. 19 on Saturday. Boston College took on a whole new identity behind Phil Yurkovts and a passing game with rookie coach Jeff Haffley, making the Eagles one of the most explosive teams in the CCA. In North Carolina, Miami, Virginia Tech and the state of North Carolina there have been some big moments and some less big moments this season.

In other words: There are two clear contenders in the play-offs at the top of the league, but the depth of the league is the best there has been in many years. — David M. Hale.

1. Clemson2. Notre Dame3. North Carolina4. Miami 5. Boston College
6. Alert seven. Virginia Tech8. CN State
9. Virginia 10. Pitt11. Louisville
12. Georgia Tech13. Florida14. Prince 15. Syracuse

Group 5/independent

Cincinnati responded to his final challenge by strangling SMU in the second half of the 42-13 to consolidate its status as leader of the New Year’s Eve Group 5. Despite the fact that we wanted to broaden the range of possible candidates for the qualifying tournament for university football, we all saw how that story unfolded.

Any undefeated team not included in POWER 5 will see the National Championship race from the outside. Cincinnati, however, did well and their 29-point victory over SMU was the biggest advantage over the first-place team in the history of the program. We also welcome the recording of the state of Boise, which defeated Utah 42-13 in the season opener.

The hardest decision this week was to put Boise in the standings because everyone has played about half the seasons. So far we have the Broncos off the coast of Carolina. But if the Broncos manage to pass the BBC next Saturday, we can play the 6th round. November popcorn for their game against BYU. – Andrea Adelson

1. Cincinnati2. BYU
3. Carolina Coast4. State of Boise5. Memphis
6. Freedom7. Marshall 8. Army9. Louisiana
10. CMU

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