From his first appearance in MLB 2020 to his last regular season performance, Cleveland ace Shane Bieber, who was unanimously honoured by Sai Yung in the American League on Wednesday night, dominated the field. Take a look at the statistics and performance that made the right hand the best AL launcher and the unanimous choice of Sai Yang.

The number that best indicates.


One. Like the first number on the MLB rankings. The Bieber record of 8-1, 1.63 ERA, 122 strikeouts and OPS .494 led this year not only in the American League, but in baseball as a whole.

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According to ESPN Stats & Information, after Johan Santana, Bieber was the first pitcher to lead the Majors in terms of victories, ERA’s and strikes in 2006. Before that, we should have gone back more than twenty years, to the time when Dwight Gooden made the winning trio in 1985. Sandy Koufax (1963, 65, 66) is the only other pitcher who has done so since receiving the Sy Young awards in 1956.

Historical background

Bieber’s 14.2 nineset miss is the highest score ever recorded by the MLB in a single season, bringing Gerrit Cole to 13.8 a season ago. And before you celebrate that for the shortened 2020 season, you should take into account that according to ESPN’s statistics and information, Bieber’s score is also the highest in the team’s first 60 games of the season in the history of MLB.

Execution of signature

How do you choose one? In 2020, Bieber has achieved double-digit scores in eight of his twelve races and has completed at least six races without missing five, but as you say …

30. July against the Minnesota twins. With 14 striped heels, a six-time season opener against the Kansas City Royals, Bieber surpassed himself six days later by holding the Gemini in just three shots in eight straight sets and eliminating 13 without missing a step.

Where’s Trevor Bauer going to sign? Will the Mets spend a lot of money? This can be done before the opening day. Jeff Pasan

The dominant back-to-back performance put Bieber in the role of rider for AL Cy Young from the start, especially in light of this fact: He broke the American League-record that Nolan Ryan had set in the first two starts of the season with 42 goals.

It’s a great company, even in a sentence with, said Bieber after the launch. I’m gonna really like it.

The throw that made him the dominant.

Bieber was known for his Erase Slider, which entered the 2020 season, but it was the folds of his bent ball that took him to a new level this year when he adjusted the court so the kickers would have more difficulty distinguishing the ball.

Opponent Bitter managed to average 0.095 points against his bent ball. This is the lowest score of the 53 MLB pitchers who threw at least 150 curve balls in 2020 while swinging and missed 52% of the high MLB curve balls.

Ask your manager.

Let’s talk about how we’re on the right track. He has the ability to throw anywhere and at any result, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen another thrower with a curvy and a slider that have almost the same speed with different pauses. — Indian manager Terry Francona.

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