Hakim Ziech Hakim Ziech did not score a goal in 2020 when he injured himself before going to third place in Krasnodar.

Hakeem Ziech scored his first goal against Chelsea when Frank Lampard’s team scored three points in a persistent Champions League victory in Russia.

27-year-old Ziech came to the club for his first start and joined the goals of Callum Hudson-Odoi, Timo Werner and Christian Pulis who then returned Chelsea in style.

The back-to-back draws showed that Lampard was able to defend his team and although they are more resilient than the new Russian team from Krasnodar, the manager will be pleased that his offensive bravery was also reflected in the pass after midfielder Jorginho missed a penalty early on.

Four points from two games is a good start to the Champions League campaign and despite the draw Chelsea has only lost once in ten games this year.

There’s still some left.

Look forward to last Wednesday’s reactions and contests.

HelpHow to play

Use of 10 players during or after the game. The last whistle sounds 30 minutes after the last whistle.

Depreciation area key1 = enter10 = pure perfection

Krasnodar FK

  1. Team number39 Name of the player of the teamLute
  2. Team number28Player nameSmolnikov
  3. Team number4Player Martynovich’s game
  4. Team number31Name of the Cayo player
  5. Squadron number 18Player’s nameChern.
  6. Team number 8 Player nameGazinsky
  7. Team number52 Name of playerVienna
  8. Team number14 Name of playerOlsson
  9. Team number47Player name Utkin
  10. Team number6 Name of playerRamires
  11. Team number33 Player nameBerg
  12. Team number74 Player nameSperb
  13. Team number81 Name of playerSabua
  14. Team number93Player nameShapi Suleymanov


  1. Team number16 Name of the playerMendi
  2. Team number28 Player nameAzpilikueta
  3. Team number15 Name of playerZouma
  4. Team number 2 Player nameRudiger
  5. Team number 21 Player name Chilwell
  6. Team number17Player name Kovacic
  7. Team number5Player’s name Yorginho
  8. Team number29 Player nameeHavertz
  9. Team number 22 player nameZijeć
  10. Team number11 Name of playerWerner
  11. Player number 20 of the team is Hudson-Odoi.
  12. Team number 7 Player nameEdge
  13. Team number9 Player name Abraham
  14. Team number10Player nameePulpistik
  15. Team number 19 Name of playerMoft.
  16. Team number33Person’s name.


Krasnodar FK

  • 39Safonov
  • 28Smolnikov
  • 4Martynovich Ready in 75 minutes.
  • 31da Silva Pantaleão
  • Chernov 18
  • 8 Gazinsky
  • 52Vienna
  • 14OlssonExchange for 22 minutesExchange for Spercianate 82 minutes
  • 47UtkinReplaced by Suleymanovat 74’minutes
  • 6Ramirez
  • 33MountainSubstituted by Sabuaat 87’minutes


  • 1c cities
  • 67Kuta
  • 74Spercyanus
  • 81Sabua
  • 84Litvinov
  • 88Sinitsyn
  • 93Suleymanov


  • 16Mendi
  • 28Azpilikueta
  • 15Zuma
  • 2Men
  • 21 Chilwell was replaced by Emerson for 81 minutes.
  • 17KovacsSwap by Pulisikat 71 minutes
  • 5 GiorgioReplaced by Canteat 71 minutes
  • 29Ward
  • 22ЗиехЗаменено на на Абрахамат 80 минут
  • 11 Werner
  • 20Hudson-OdoiS exchanged for 71 minutes assembly time


  • 4Cristens
  • 7Sludge
  • 9Abraham
  • 10Pulis
  • 13Caballero
  • 14Tomori
  • 18Gyrude
  • 19Mount
  • 24 James
  • 33Emerson
  • 40Ziger

Real-time text

  1. End of match, FC Krasnodar 0, Chelsea 4.
  2. The second half is over, FC Krasnodar 0, Chelsea 4.
  3. I missed a shot. Shapi Suleymanov (FC Krasnodar) scored a left turn shot just outside the penalty area, but missed from the right side of the penalty area.
  4. Mason Mount (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  5. Shapi Suleymanov (Krasnodar) wins with a penalty in the middle of the attack.
  6. Corner, Chelsea. Admission of Igor Smolnikov.
  7. Aim! FC Krasnodar 0, Chelsea 4. Christian Pulisik (Chelsea) takes a rectangular shot from a tight angle in the lower right corner. With the help of Tammy Abraham.
  8. Deputy, Krasnodar FC. Leon Sabua replaces Marcus Berg.
  9. Emerson (Chelsea) will be punished after committing an offence.
  10. Shapi Suleymanov (FC Krasnodar) won in midfield with a penalty kick.
  11. Attempted rescue. In the lower left corner of the box you’ll see Christian Ramirez (FC Krasnodar)’s right booklet. With the support of Yuri Gazinsky.
  12. Mason Mount (Chelsea) is punished after committing an offence.
  13. Shapi Suleymanov (Krasnodar) wins with a penalty in the middle of the attack.
  14. The attempt is blocked. Christian Pulisik (Chelsea), who was hit in the left leg on the right side of the box, is hanged. With the help of Kai Havertz.
  15. Kai Havertz (Chelsea) will be punished after he has committed an offence.
  16. Tonny Vilena (FC Krasnodar) won with a penalty in the attacking half.
  17. Deputy, Krasnodar FC. Eduard Spertzian replaces Christopher Olsson.
  18. Substitution, Chelsea. Emerson replaces Ben Chilwell.
  19. Substitution, Chelsea. Tammy Abraham replaces Hakeem Zieh.
  20. Aim! FC Krasnodar 0, Chelsea 3. Hakeem Ziech (Chelsea) shoots from the center of the box in the lower right corner. With the support of Timo Werner.

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