PASO ROBLES – Santa Claus was almost brought to tears by two 8-year-olds in the holiday home Paso Robles in the center of town.

Thursday afternoon, 10:00. In December, cousins Kezia Lizarraga and Aron Silva approached Santa Claus with two plastic bags full of presents. Keziah’s mother, Miriam Lizarraga, came after her.

With a big smile and bouncing on the stairs, the two children stopped in front of Santa Claus and handed him the bags.

We want you to take it and give it to the kids, the couple said.

Thank you, said Charles Timens, who dresses as Santa Claus for the Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association and sits at the Holiday House from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. until Christmas.

The men talked to the children and took pictures with them before they crossed the city park to the playground.

We bought some small toys and came to the park to give them to the children. To add the Christmas spirit, Miriam Lizarraga said. Then we saw Santa Claus and we gave them to him to give.

This white-green painted holiday home is located in the city park, near the main entrance of the park, at the corner of 12th and Park Street, opposite the iconic Acorn building.

Tamens, who lives in Camp Nelson, has been Santa Claus on Main Street since 2019. For three weeks he was visited by hundreds of children in the holiday home who shared their Christmas wishes with him.

Magical, satisfying and moving, the Timens said they were Santa Claus. These children come to bring these gifts to other children without warning. Especially in the year 2020 these children need hope, and I think Santa Claus, although I know that God and Christ are more about hope, but for the incarnate God who walks this earth, I could be Santa Claus to bring some hope into the hearts and minds of the children.

Last year they wore Santa’s outfit for the first time and grew his first beard.

It was an accident that happened at the Paso Robles Downtown Main Street board meeting, and Norma (Moya) needed Santa Claus because Santa Claus we’d had for years was dead, Timens said. I said: You know what, I’ve never grown a beard before. I’m gonna grow a beard from now on. I grew them last June. Now I’ve been growing it for six months and I haven’t grown it for six months.

His Santa Claus costume is reminiscent of Kurt Russell’s in The Christmas Chronicles with accents of brown fur instead of traditional white.

When I said I’d be Santa Claus, I wanted to be something else, the themes said. I saw Kurt Russell’s movie, The Christmas Chronicles. I typed the Christmas Chronicle and the company contacted me and asked me to take my measurements and build it for me. I ordered two more. With this outfit I hope to show my presence and add a little variety.

Saturday, the 12th and 19th. In December they play Santa Claus on the Victorian Vine Street Show. The annual event will be a driving event on both Saturdays from 18.00 to 20.00 hours.

The downtown Paso Robles association has changed its customary celebration as a result of the restrictions imposed by the COWID-19 pandemic.

The community is invited to stay in their car and drive down Vine Street to see the decorated houses between 8th and 21st street.

Santa Claus is held by Mrs. Claus, an elf, and the Snow King and Queen accompany him. They’re going on a Santa Claus cruise down Vine Street.

They said he’d be Santa for as long as he could.

No doubt about it. I’ll probably do this until I die, he said. I like it. I love kids and parents. I like coming here and bringing joy to the children.

Charles Timens says he likes to play Santa for Paso Robles Downtown Main Street. Photo by Brian Williams


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