Rev. Elizabeth Rowley is a freelance columnist for The and Paso Robles Press; you can email her at [email protected]

On the spiritual path of becoming who we are, of becoming more and more ourselves, we experience many transformations. Even if you are not on a spiritual path, you have been transformed many times and you will be transformed many times more.

Some people kick and scream to get to transformation, deny the need for change, resist transformation when confronted with it, and continue on the path of denial even when change happens! There is already something new, but they cling to the old way and refuse to let go. A holiday offers endless possibilities and unlimited potential.

Human life is currently impermanent, which means that all our bodies are passing away like clouds in the sky. I believe our souls are eternal. However, the body can only resist for a limited time. When the body can no longer receive the soul, it leaves the body and returns to the light. When the time is right, the soul takes the form to which it has been called.

As we humans become more and more ourselves, change is inevitable. Instead of resisting change, we should embrace it and welcome it with enthusiasm and curiosity.

People are often afraid of change because they have to let go of the known and familiar or comfortable to take a leap into the unknown with confidence. It is not the change that worries them, but the fear of the unknown and the identification with that fear. We forget that the unknown is the great mystery, the thing itself, the spirit, the divine. Let us bow before the Spirit with quiet confidence and let Him lead us. When you look at this, you drop your identification with fear and embrace the unlimited possibilities and infinite potential.

Fear of the unknown comes with the mindset that if it doesn’t work, if it goes wrong, I can’t see how it will work and I can’t do it. Ultimately, it is the lack of trust in God that you understand. That’s what I’m saying: Bring a greater God, please. Then see the good in your life flowing in great abundance and the blessings abundant.

There are over seventy different types of wind on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. With little wind, the sailors search the calm water for swell. When the skipper is in the right place, he changes direction and heads towards the point of disturbance in the water. The sails fill up and the boat gets the energy it needs to move forward. Those who manage to find a water movement reach the finish line and finish the race. They embraced the changing winds. Imagine approaching the changes in your life with the same desire and determination.

Let’s be like those sailors and brave the changing winds. Trust in the God of your mind for comfort, strength and courage to act. What if it was easy?

And it is.


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