The world wants to know more about the red planet Mars. With robots that work according to a plan, NASA has an advantage over others. Your goal is certain areas, namely the top of the surface, the bottom of the surface and the top of the surface. Curiosity first arrived in 2012 and began exploring the mountainous terrain. It has been around for almost nine years and continues to return images. Then, in 2018, InSight was created. His mission was to dig beneath the surface. The third is Volharding, the final finish. He has a helicopter to take aerial photographs. NASA is working on a plan. He wants to explore every aspect of it before there’s a human mission.

In April 2019, the US space agency announced its interim program to land on the moon by 2024 and send astronauts to Mars by 2033.

The New York Times writes that Perseverance’s trip to Mars extends the American record to six safe landings on the planet. The goal of this NASA mission is to investigate the possibility of life forms on Mars. Persistence is a $2.7 billion research robot. It is equipped with various devices that help in the search for life outside our planet.

Mars is a dream destination for NASA.

The topography of Mars, as seen in images from various sources, looks like dried-up riverbeds. It could be a planet where life forms have lived. There are huge canyons, winding riverbeds and signs of dry lakes.

Scientists have concluded that there is water on the Red Planet, but that it is now cold and dry. NASA’s Persistence, by the way, is the third to arrive on Mars, following Hope from the United Arab Emirates and Tianwen-1 from China. The UAE and China are in orbit around the Red Planet. All three have one thing in common: they focus on artificial intelligence, robotics and renewable energy.

The New York Times explains why Jezero crater was chosen as NASA’s target. The program of this robot is the exploration of the delta area. Scientists think it’s a river delta. It once flowed into the lake that filled the crater. There’s a lot of sediment there, and they keep their promises. The team behind the mission hopes to find evidence of life on Mars.

They could be fossil chemical signatures of ancient Martian microbes.

Curiosity and perseverance will be valuable for a mission to Mars.

The design of Perseverance is more or less the same as that of the Curiosity rover. This robot landed on Mars in 2012 and is currently studying Gale Crater. The New York Times adds that Perseverance has a different set of tools. This is understandable, as more sophisticated tools are available today. The current robot is equipped with sophisticated cameras. With his lasers, the chemical composition of rocks can be analysed. There’s also ground-penetrating radar. They’ve been tested for Earth. The other part of the mission is to collect rock and mud samples for study on Earth. Curiosity takes pictures of Mars, and Perseverance records the sound.

Persistence has arrived safely on Mars.

Perseverance reported that Perseverance landed safely on Mars in the designated landing area. The place looks like the delta of a possibly dried up ancient river. NASA is awaiting the release of images of the rover and its surroundings. This is a commendable achievement for those involved in this mission. A staff member said: For the first time we will see ourselves landing in high definition on another planet. Swati Mohan has confirmed to the media that we are on Mars. This is not a training run. That’s the real deal. It manages, controls and monitors the operation of CNG from a project perspective. NASA is planning a helicopter experiment. Stamina has a mini jumper. He is about to make his first flight to another world.

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What about endurance on Mars?

Persistence will study the habitability of Mars, search for evidence of microbial life in the past, collect and store selected rock and soil samples, and prepare for future manned missions.

What is the persistence of the NASA rover to Mars?


What does NASA say about Mars?

Baby Red Mars because of the rusty iron on the bottom. Mars, like Earth, has seasons, ice caps, volcanoes, canyons and weather. It has a very fine atmosphere consisting of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon. There is evidence of flooding in ancient times on Mars, but the water now exists mostly in icy mud and thin clouds.

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