Emmerdale bosses reveal 2021 spoilers with death, stunt, kidnap and return

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2021 will be a year that the people of Emmerdale will never forget, that’s for sure.

With the start of the third national lockout, fans are probably wondering what this means for their favourite drama series, but you can be sure Emmerdale isn’t going anywhere.

Emmerdale opens and closes everything else, executive producer Jane Hudson told Metro.co.uk. We are here to entertain our fans and viewers, we have not closed our imagination for the next 12 months.

We’ll be back in May, and our strict procedures are safe – we have the social distance and the masks. Everyone’s excited to be on the set, so let’s go. It’s so important for people to have something familiar, and that’s escape.

Something you can count on. Soap is priceless. Anything. We’re all here to make sure the audience has a place to retreat to for the night. Let’s shoot, it’s on, hit wood!

The next twelve months will be eventful for the ITV soap series, because there is a lot of drama, a few deaths and disasters, not to mention a large return on investment.

We have a very popular character returning to the village, Jane said. They’re fantastic, they light up on the screen, the actor’s already filming, we’re really excited. Soon!

We have births, marriages, funerals, relationships that start and end. This is an important year – we’re going to have a lot of people. We will continue to distribute drip food throughout the year. We keep shooting – we retreated in March because there was no security.

We have two new characters, Charles and Ethan. They don’t come in silence, they come with an explosion that keeps exploding – a lot of things happen, of which they don’t even know where they stand. There’s a lot going on.

Mandy Dingle’s (Lisa Riley) relationship with player Paul Ashdale (Rhys Dinsdale) has been a big slow story for Emmerdale in recent months, and it looks like it will reach a big turning point in the next few episodes.

Producer Laura Shaw laughed: We didn’t hide the fact that Mandy/Vinny/Paul would stand out a lot, and Paul’s awful behavior gets even worse. It goes to extremes.

The better he hides it, the more Mandy falls in love and the proposal follows – Dingle’s big old wedding is planned. But will it bring them happiness? It goes in a very big direction, it is our most ambitious work since the success of Covid, it will be epic and rewarding.

Ultimately, this story will end in tragedy for the character, but for whom?

Mandy and Paul won’t be the only couple in the village to experience tragedy either, because Nicola and Jimmy King (Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles) are in shock about Carl’s disappearance.

Jimmy and Nicola are being watched by someone, and Carl’s missing, but who took him? There have been massive breaches of trust and life has changed forever. It starts small, but it’s the biggest challenge of their marriage.

Producer Sophie Roper also teased some interesting developments for Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), Nate Robinson (Jarrell Carter), Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

She said: Tracy and Nate’s expiration date is coming up. When they get used to being new parents, it will be a real challenge to push them to their limits, with Tracy taking the lion’s share.

It would also put Nate and Kane in the spotlight. Will they finally bury the hatchet? There are some very emotional things.

The little feet aren’t just Tracy’s – we have another newcomer when Jamie finds out he’s going to be a father for the second time after an evening with Gabby.

When Kim finds out the existence of the new heir to the throne, a power struggle erupts. Gabby is trapped in the middle – will she succumb to the temptations and manipulations of Home Farm?

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