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Former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal arrives at the Super Bowl LIV.

Monis Slaughter says retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal isn’t happy with her. Last October, the Hollywood star of Love & Hip Hop opened up about his former relationship with O’Neil and explained why things didn’t work out between the two. She said that they had met again recently and that the former Los Angeles Laker, whom she called an incredible giant, didn’t have much fun to say to her.

You know what’s crazy? I hadn’t spoken to him in ages and he texted me to tell me to kill myself, said the Massacre in an interview with Domenic Nati for the Domenic Nati Show. I think what happened was that a lot of his whores, the current whores, his harem, were upset and he was trying to prove [something].

Massacre also showed messages that she claims to have received from O’Neil after he read what she said about their relationship and noted that she was dating other men.

First of all, he’s like a snot in my phone. That’s the nickname I gave him. Luckily, he wrote me on the 25th. October an SMS because our interview was conducted by MediaTakeOut. And I said: I don’t know why you keep listening to MediaTakeOut. So he said to me: Watch your tongue. You’re the one who gave him my ****. That’s my p**** and you keep entertaining the bum n*****. I said: He’s not my idiot. Well, then maybe you should start providing it. Maybe you want to keep an eye on me. Nobody told you s*** when you were on the boat with b**** on the blogs.

Look what she said below.

Shaq revealed how LHH committed suicide after talking to him about sex [email protected]:45:27Z.

Monis Slaughter accused Shaquille O’Neal of infidelity during their relationship

In her first interview with Domenic Nati on Instagram Live in October, she talked about her time with O’Neil, whom she described as a fun time in her life. In spite of the good times, she says, O’Neill’s infidelity led to the dissolution of their association. She said O’Neil pretended to be tired of being a player, but he wasn’t.

She says he doesn’t want to be questioned. He doesn’t like being cornered, and I’m the kind of guy who says I don’t care who you are. If it bothers me, I express those concerns and you respond. The customer is always right. Did you take the d***? That makes me a customer. I am the host. I’m always right.

Although they didn’t get along romantically, the 33-year-old man says the two are still on good terms with each other.

We’re still good friends. We haven’t talked for a minute about everything that’s going on in the world…., but I know that if he ever really, really needed to, he’d be there, she said. I think he and I are better off as friends, too.

While you’re in love and hip-hop: In Hollywood, her co-star Jason Lee claimed that she had had an affair with O’Neill when he was married and that she was pregnant at one point. She denied these claims on social media. In a tweet, she wrote:

Let me say a few words about condoms. Jewish. And a vasectomy makes pregnancy impossible, tweet them. Meeting him in 2012 makes it impossible at the wedding. SO STOP ASKING ME.

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