Jose Mourinho said earlier this week that Gareth Bale is closer to something closer to his former identity. He came in… …but not the way we imagined. The 31-year-old’s first goal on his second visit to Tottenham ended a match that would otherwise have been dominated by a series of VAR conflicts, which aroused a lot of resentment on both sides.

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Mourinho tried to point out that Bale is not the player who urged fans to fall in love with before moving to Real Madrid in 2013 with a record of 85.3 million pounds at the time, and perhaps nothing better than the sight of him coming home 73 minutes ahead of Brighton goalkeeper Robert Sanchez in the 73rd minute of the match. According to, only six of Bale’s 56 goals made the headlines of the Spurs, and the immortal memory of the Welsh international at that time is a charming winged defense with the ball at his feet, not a strong presence from the air.

The threatening signal from Bale came in a 70th minute substitution when Welsh fired the corner at the far post where Harry Kane, who had been catching the ball with flat feet for some time, was unable to level behind the line and barely missed the area of the pitch.

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Bale didn’t have to wait long to walk better on his own, and it was imported directly from Madrid. Sergio Regulon, who joined Real Spurs with a £25 million contract, announced on the same day in September that Bale had returned from the Spanish capital. He picked up the ball in a dangerous position on the left, but decided to cut off his right leg. The change took Brighton by surprise and gave Bale the chance to fly into space, where he came across a dotted cross on Regulon’s right leg with an impressive title in the lower corner.

On Sunday, Mourinho spoke lightly about the influence of Bale and even threw a thorn in the side of the former club Bale Real Madrid. But today, a great personality, a great influence, is a very important goal for us. I’m especially happy for him, because he deserves it. When I have five minutes, I go on safari and look at the websites of Madrid to see what’s there.

Mourinho took note of Bale’s progress behind the scenes in view of his stunning Europa League defeat at Royal Antwerp on Thursday with a 1-0 victory. He failed to take over their collective illness in Belgium, which lasted only 58 minutes before he sat on the bench in one of the nine changes in the starting line-up, including Delais Alli, Stephen Bergwein, Carlos Vinisius, Davinson Sanchez and Serge Arieux, all of whom had left the line-up.

On Sunday, however, the Welsh language provided the content to support Mourinho’s remarks. The play on the right, with Kane in the middle and Sung Heung Min on the opposite flank, also provided an exciting flash of light on the triumvirate that seemed to have so much to offer – with Bale’s ability to drift into the middle areas and create problems that were as useful as they were useful.

For about a week I’ve been saying he’s getting better, Mourinho said. And I said it’s not just about monitoring, we have data that supports the training process. We already knew that. And it’s a good thing Gareth knows, too. We share ideas and feelings.

He has less than 90 minutes of Premier League game in his legs, so we use the Europa League to complete his training process. We use a number of Premier League games when we decide to play with him, and of course the normal tendency for him is to get better and better.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Gareth Bale’s first goal after his return to Spurs was decisive and brought Tottenham Hotspur to second place in the Premier League standings. Photo of FC Tottenham Hotspur / FC Tottenham Hotspur on Getty Images.

It’s not exactly the general reaction that Mourinho demanded, as Brighton has long been the best team in the game, but Bale’s spectacular intervention has allowed Spurs to move up to second place in the lineup, and victories like this only contribute to the belief that a top-four finish should be the club’s minimum goal for this season.

However, they will certainly have to improve in general, as they made some puzzling calls to the RVA in the first half of the tour. Kane looked at Adam Lallana at least twice before the ball left Brighton’s penalty area and hit his former English teammate, creating a contact worthy of a penalty from referee Graham Scott. VAR spokesman John Moss then checked that Kane was in the penalty area and asked Scott to reconsider his decision on the penalty, which Kane had generally scored impressively for the 11th goal of the season in all leagues and the club’s 199th.

The remaining 45 minutes of our debut in Brighton we spent combining persistent complaints against the referees with the gradual confirmation of control of the game. While Kane was being hit, Leandro Trossard was also hit when Matt Doherty brought him back into the penalty area in an attempt to hit the right flank in the 23rd minute. Much to Brighton’s disappointment the VAR did not roll the call on the field this time and took no penalty.

However, the visitors received the most incomprehensible phone call of the night when Solly Marsh appeared to have a blackout from Pierre-Emile Hoybierg in anticipation of Tariq Lampi’s excellent equalizer to regain possession of the ball, but after seeing the incident, Scott kept his original look to reward the ball.

There are solutions I think they should explain and not let us stand in front of you [the media], and we explain things we often can’t explain, Mourinho said. I’d rather not talk about it. I see Scott as a good judge. He had the ability to go to the screen and look at the same thing we saw on the couch on our iPad. He has to explain it himself, but I know that won’t happen. Let’s go on and talk about a very difficult game we won.

Despite this, the Spurs were lucky to be on the winning side as they fought for greater offensive confidence, while Brighton worked effectively to avoid positions in midfield, Tottenham’s best performance in the first weeks of the campaign.

Yet tonight the tracks are in second place, and Bale is on the front page. As Mourinho said.

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