LOS ANGELES, CBSLA – The first doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine arrived at Los Angeles International Airport in southern California on Sunday evening, and officials say local health workers will start vaccinating as early as Monday.

LAX reported on social media that the first shipment of the vaccine arrived at the airport Sunday night on a FedEx flight.

The boxes containing the first shipments of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine will be delivered on the 13th. December 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky, discharging air freight containers at UPS Worldport. (Getty Images)

Los Angeles County expects to receive nearly 83,000 doses of the vaccine this week, with the first doses distributed to the 83 acute care hospitals for administration to critical care workers. Orange County should get an extra 25,000 boxes.

Government. Gavin Newsom was supposed to be on the scene early Monday morning when medical staff were among the first in the area to receive the vaccine at an anonymous Los Angeles County hospital.

The vaccine can only arrive in the South as quickly as possible. Dimanche, more than 4 000 people have been hospitalised with COVID-19 for the first time during the Pandémie in the city of Los Angeles. Dimanche, 1,236 patients from the comté d’Orange have been hospitalized with the coronavirus.

The UCLA health authorities have stated that they are attentive to receiving lundi or mardi vaccines, injections must be administered mercredi.

UCLA Health with the implementation of complete and detailed plans for the procurement, storage and administration of COVID-19 vaccine. We are waiting for a number of boîtes to arrive at the lendemain or the surlendemain, and for other expositions to follow. We have been designated as a regional distribution centre for the other soins aigus hotels, a declaration of the UCLA Health Care Authority in a communiqué.

Responsible persons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have stated that they do not have any more precise information on the date at which they will receive the vaccine.

An introduction to New York’s intensive soins has become the first person in the United States to receive the matinee vaccine.

Grady Williams, director of soins infirmiers at St. St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, told the CBSLA that the introduction of the vaccine will not immediately relieve pressure from hospitals.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, Williams said. We know the vaccine will help. But it is difficult for us to look so far into the future if we only try to fight for the staff and care for our current patients.

St. Joseph’s Hospital accepts vials for the regional hospitals in his network. They have special freezers and transport boxes to facilitate distribution.

This won’t happen overnight, he added. It takes time. We need people to give us the vaccine and we need people to come and get it.

Pfizer’s vaccine was developed in collaboration with its German partner BioNTech. It must be stored at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Each box is shipped with 50 pounds of dry ice and 20 pounds of vaccine, as well as GPS plotters and temperature controls.

Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said last week that the county hopes to receive a second tranche of the Moderna-produced vaccine – about 250,000 doses – pending FDA approval around the 20th hour. December.

Workers and occupants of health and fitness facilities shall be among the first persons to hold the supernumerary substance. With the change of boxes directly to a qualified health service register, it is possible to make the material available for sale at the Bundesvereinbarung mit CVS und Walgreens, which can be used for the 28. The December herum will begin.

Ferrer said that the health authorities had started to blame qualifiably qualified staff on the freitag, as they noted that these workers were already producing grip material, so that this was not a new experience.

The rural district agreed to keep an additional 150,000 doses of raw materials until the end of December and then to distribute 250,000 doses as of January.

In particular, the most important workers and then those with the greatest risk of a severe attack by the virus, such as those at risk, will be given priority. B. ältere mensen oder personen met Grunderkrankungen des Virus, geimpft.

The Food and Drug Administration took part in the Freitag Notfallverwendung des Impfstoffs von Pfizer. Then on the Sonntag, the Leader of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the same thing will happen, i.e. that the Impfstoff will be established throughout the country. The first trolley with 184,000 fläschchen was taken out of service on the Sonntag aus dem Pfizer-Werk in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Operation Speed Army General Gustave Perna told reporters Saturday that UPS and FedEx will deliver the vaccine to nearly 150 distribution centers across the country.

(© Copyright 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. City News Service contributed to this report).

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